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  1. Haha
    cornishteddyboy reacted to Bruegel the Elder in PPG TABLE COMBINING LOCKDOWN SEASONS   
    An interesting piece of irrelevant trivia. Why am I not surprised that it was assembled by an Illogan associate rather than say, Wendron, Perranwell or Redruth?!
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    cornishteddyboy reacted to Way Of The Park in RESULTS - Boxing Day - Saturday, 26 December 2019   
    Not the Goldsworthy we expected to see grabbing the headlines on Boxing Day.
    Excellent point for Penzance, a club I have a soft spot for (one of the great old Cornish grounds, and also one of the best away trips).
  3. Haha
    cornishteddyboy reacted to Asterix in Trelawny League - Saturday 12 December 2020   
    So this is a match report that isn't self fabricated, or made up, just to Keep @Pitty happy, cause none of us at New Inn Titans are educated and can barely string 2 words together or read.
    Blaythorne Social club :-
    Holmans Reserves 1 (1) - (0) 2 New Inn Titans 
    Attendance Approx 25, including 3 dogs. 
    Holmans had the kick off - 
    Within a couple minutes New Inn had a break, to which the holmans right back, cleared a ball, which landed in space, about 25/30 yards out which a NI (Short for New Inn, Neil just incase you didn't grasp that) midfielder struck a shot which had the Keeper stuck on the spot and it rattled the crossbar.
    Now the first half was fairly uneventful, with Holmans having at least 65% possession but not creating any chances, except a couple long distance free kicks, and a penalty which was awarded to Holmans by the consistent and superb referee Callum Gilman.  To which the player who won it, Ross Williams who in my opinion should be playing a lot higher than he is, converted it. And New Inn playing alot of balls down the flanks, mainly the right hand side, which caused major problems for the holmans left back, to which I believe New Inn hit the cross bar a further couple of times that first half. 
    Now the 2nd half was a completely different story, as after a few motivational words from Danny Devito, The New Inn manager, they were pumped up, for the restart.
    It started with holmans playing a bit higher but eventually after about 10 minutes of New Inn hitting on the break, they managed to get a equaliser through a shot from Kaylum Philp, which hit a defender whilst on target and that wrong footed, the Holmans Keeper Knurek (?)  I think he's called. 
    1-1 with 35 minutes to go. GAME ON
    Then New Inn started to gain momentum, after 2 big tackles in the middle of the park between Holmans resident veteran, Neil Pitt and New Inn titans Ralph Pascoe in the space of 5 minutes, (one of them Pitty was about 3 years to Late on Pascoe) to which Pitt was left on the floor, on both Occasions and Pascoe emerging with the ball to then create attacks. New Inn, had a free kick from the right hand side, where the Referee Gilman had spotted an infringement as the ball was delivered, and awarded a penalty to New Inn. 
    Some may say it was a soft decision (Well actually everyone in a Green shirt (Holmans) think so)
    I (Pascoe) tucked away the penalty sending the keeper the wrong way. 
    2-1 New Inn 25 to go.
    Now understandably Holmans then who were searching for a equaliser had to pile the pressure on Titans. 
    Pinning them back for the majority of the remainder with New Inn hitting on the counter attack and creating a further 3/4 chances to find a 3rd but couldn't hit the net. 
    Woodward and Mushy (Andrew Symons) who have played a lot of football in their careers Marshall the defence superbly and kept holmans out, with Leigh Isaacs in goal calling the line and commanding what he wanted and the full backs, Ginge and Manuell defending strong, holmans yet again didn't create much with Top goal scorer Sam King being kept at bay, but he still put in a big shift for holmans fc. 
    1 last throw of the dice for holmans did create a effort by Jake Rowe for a back post header which was cleared off the line by Matt Woodward.
    Some great shifts, by both sides especially, Holmans Centre half Hamblin and the effort threatful Ross Williams in midfield.
    Some great games by some seasoned players like Neal Anthony too. 
    Well reffed by Callum Gilman, and superb surface to play on after some hard work by the groundsman and superb club man, Ray. 
    Good luck to Holmans and Martyn Ivey,  2 cracking local Derby games in the space of 6 weeks with titans taking away 4/6 points off 2nd place in the league holmans.
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    cornishteddyboy reacted to andy howes in LWC Drinks Cornwall Combination League Results - Saturday 12th December 2020   
    Goal scorers for ludgvan on Saturday were jacob trudgeon,glen Carew and joe davis.
  5. Haha
    cornishteddyboy reacted to mattelot in VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS - HELSTON ATHLETIC V FAREHAM TOWN   
    What was the crowd , seemed to be more cars than people .Were Tesco,s using the ground as an overspill car park ?
  6. Confused
    cornishteddyboy reacted to peggy78 in Trelawny League Results - Saturday 5th December 2020   
    As I'm sure you are aware David, we were well out of our depth in the Premier Division after several unwarranted promotions and then a raft of players leaving. I thought you would remember playing for us last season alongside Peter Norfolk but imagine that's best ignored as it wouldn't fit the Dropship not taking players from any other teams rhetoric along with a few others......
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    cornishteddyboy reacted to SSB1 in Charity Cup info needed   
    13/14 Callington beat Dobwalls in extra time at Saltash Utd
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    cornishteddyboy reacted to Mike Odgers in Charity Cup info needed   
    Here is some bed time reading for you Rocky LOL

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    cornishteddyboy reacted to David Bray in Charity Cup info needed   
    Maybe all previous winners (minus the scorelines) could well be inscribed on the plinth holding the Trophy, unfortunately present circumstances means that visits to the County Office are on hold, but I will look next time I'm over at Callywith. 
  10. Haha
    cornishteddyboy reacted to Tom Trust in Grassroots Suspended till 2 December   
    Warwick should have a capital letter (Proper noun); we knew you were old, Isaac, but your dates supposedly at Warwick show up your fraud: Warwick Uni was only established in 1964, or 875 years before you claim to have begun your Post grad course there - which must be about the longest research project ever!
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    cornishteddyboy reacted to BIG AL in SUNDAY INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER   
    Even better was the Saturday night Football Herald. There would always be a queue waiting outside the Kings Hotel in Falmouth at 8.30pm for it to be dropped off from Plymouth. The whole paper was devoted to local football with all the afternoons matches reported on.
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    cornishteddyboy reacted to Way Of The Park in Young Magpies start to fledge.....Sticker 4 Penzance 5   
    Good to see the green shoots of revival starting to happen at Penzance. 
  13. Haha
    cornishteddyboy reacted to kevin richards in RESULTS - Wednesday 30 September 2020   
    Really, that never happens !!!  🤥🤥🤥
  14. Sad
    cornishteddyboy reacted to topcat82 in LWC Drinks Combination League Result - Tuesday 15th September 2020   
    About 4 in attendance 
    That was the 3rd team playing with a couple of 4th team players on the bench. 
    I believe the 2nd team had 3 first team players, 1 of them being the goalie due to injuries.
  15. Haha
    cornishteddyboy reacted to Paul Collings in Trelawny club folded!   
    do they come with the studs already nailed on Martin ?
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    cornishteddyboy reacted to claret&blue in ECPL AGM   
    Leagues can be called recreational by the FA if that is the current wording but surely nothing has changed much over the years, Except perhaps maybe the standard but that will always be discussed mainly by us older ex players !
    I and I would think many others still see the leagues within Cornwall as 
    1 Peninsula League ( Old South Western League )
    2 St Pirans League ( Top teams from old  East Cornwall and Combo equivalent )
    3 East Cornwall / Combo  Leagues ( remaining East Cornwall and Combo sides )
    4 Duchy and Trelawney Leagues .
    Still four levels regardless of what new names are dreamt up by the FA.
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    cornishteddyboy reacted to Goldeneye in NEWS FROM MOUSEHOLE AFC   
    Haven't seen anything about the signings on Sky Sports!  
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    cornishteddyboy reacted to Bantona in LWC Drinks Cornwall Combination League AGM 2019-20   
    Sorry CTB. I was wrongly informed. However, a stalwart club all the same if hope you agree. 🙂
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    cornishteddyboy reacted to fenman in CornwallFootballForum.com Crowdfunder 2020   
    If this is still open on my next pension day 15th June I'll donate another £25  , we must keep it going , once it's gone , that's it forever .
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    cornishteddyboy reacted to fenman in CornwallFootballForum.com Crowdfunder 2020   
    I think I've managed it  Richard , not as complicated as I thought .
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    cornishteddyboy reacted to Bobjfh in CornwallFootballForum.com Crowdfunder 2020   
    Dave / Richard - just put £25 in the pot, keep up the great work, without you guys local football would have no ‘voice’
  22. Haha
    cornishteddyboy reacted to Jeff's Telling in Daily Laugh   
    I was accused of being a plagiarist. Their words, not mine.
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    cornishteddyboy reacted to We Two in Season 2019-20 expunged!   
    Why not? surely that would be a way of creating goodwill within a community, there's no harm in letting people know that you care about them.
    All too often we complain that local interest in football is on the wane and Joe Bloggs does everything or the club would fold, well now could be the time when those who have helped their community have an opportunity to show their worth.
    If you've done something to improve the lives of others lets celebrate that, there no shame in not being able to help in the present climate, but if you are able, and you have done so, spread the good news, we could do with some ! !
    See the reaction that greeted Helstons gesture and you will see that a club who have taken a lot of criticism on this forum, have won over at least some of their critics, us included, and certainly the people of Helston.
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    cornishteddyboy reacted to TheolderIgetthebetterIwas in Grassroots cancelled ??   
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    cornishteddyboy reacted to John Mead in Grassroots cancelled ??   
    Yes, a subtle difference between advise and advice
    Ah, St Just would win the league - I get it now!
    Perhaps "points per game" would be a fairer method to decide the champions!
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