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  1. Why were there better "standards" of football 40, 50, 60 years ago? 


    Nowadays, as soon as players, both male or female are old enough they move away to study at colleges and universities. Years ago there were some oppertunities but not as now, and a lot of players stayed local for jobs, getting married, puuting down roots. They became loyal to their local area. Nowadays every Tom, Dick and small town seems to have some form of university. They seem to be springing up everywhere.

    Nowadays you have lost that local loyalty. Some ex-students come back, but we, and it is happening to all the far flung outer country areas, ask Fenman about East Anglia, are losing the 19-24 year olds to the cities.

    How many times have you stood on the touchline watching a lad, you saying what a great player he is, only to be told he is off to university. Many times.  

  2. No relegation for my team Hereford after an indifferent set of results. Playing weekly, we had the money from big crowds to pay for the better players so seemed on a continuous climb, but due to Covid we have had to swap almost the entire team, front and back office. As happened to Truro we have been knocked back. Also being a fans owned club there is no sugar daddy in the back ground waiting to snap us up for just a few quid. Wait till Covid is over and watch how many clubs, grounds change hands on the cheap.


  3. The time for a league to have their best time is to have no one team dominate for periods of time such as Falmouth from the mid-60's to mid-70's or St Blazey in the 2000's. It shows that money can kill off the competition and the league is weaker for it.

    The sytongest league would be for a new leading team each season showing there is strength in depth. 

    You could say having one strong team makes others step up to the mark but is that right. The other sides have to inflate the amount they are offering to tempt the smaller and smaller pool of  lower standard players to try to keep up. This happened to sides like mine, Penzance or others such as Newquay, wasting tens and tens of thousands of pounds over the years chasing past glories. People call theses teams the sleeping giants of Cornish football. If only that money was spent on facilities instead of both their home grounds looking "tired".

    Clubs like Millbrook came in, had a couple of good seasons then fall foul of the player's gravy train, struggling season after season.

    Sides like Holsworthy, Launceston, Bugle and Tavistock spending most of their league tenure looking over their shoulders at relegation does not show the league had stregnth in depth, just long periods where two or three teams, with cash, dominate the rest, because a tenner or twenty quid extra a week per player made the difference between top and bottom of the league. Some of the stupid money offered local individual players to put on a teams colours, could, in an ideal world pay the cost of putting out a non-paying club each week. 

    The Premier League has gone the same way, over priced and boring, destroyed the lower leagues, over-paying average British players, game controlled by 6-8 clubs. It's taken 30 years to kill off football in this country but we are nearly there.

    Clubs filled with local players, playing for local pride and honour, not filled with players with deep empty pockets promised away by teams that know they could never sustain climbing the local football pyramid if they keep paying out what they presently do.

    And that is why people have stopped watching it live, Premiership/Championship football and are slowing turning back to non league football. Our problem is they are starting to watch down and increase support to the Southern League level and not beyond to the deep depths where we reside and play.

  4. Why did they leave the SWL anyway? That season, 1991-92, the finished third.

    Was it lack of funds, players, officials or another reason?

    1 FALMOUTH TOWN 34 26 5 3 91 20 71 57
    2 NEWQUAY 34 23 5 6 88 31 57 51
    3 BUGLE 34 16 9 9 65 46 19 41
    4 TRURO CITY 34 14 11 9 74 49 25 39
    5 BODMIN TOWN 34 15 9 10 53 51 2 39
    6 CLYST ROVERS 34 15 8 11 59 60 -1 38
    7 APPLEDORE-BAAC 34 16 5 13 78 56 22 37
    8 PORTHLEVEN 34 14 8 12 77 69 8 36
    9 ST BLAZEY 34 15 6 13 72 67 5 36
    10 TORPOINT ATHLETIC 34 14 7 13 49 50 -1 35
    11 HOLSWORTHY 34 9 16 9 37 46 -9 34
    12 WADEBRIDGE TOWN 34 12 7 15 45 52 -7 31
    13 ST AUSTELL 34 10 8 16 45 63 -18 28
    14 MILLBROOK 34 9 9 16 45 70 -25 27
    15 LAUNCESTON 34 8 6 20 45 73 -28 22
    16 DEVON and CORNWALL POLICE 34 7 8 19 43 78 -35 22
    17 TAVISTOCK 34 8 5 21 53 79 -26 21
    18 PENZANCE 34 7 4 23 35 94 -59 18

    Past Leagues

    Amor Shield

    Bodmin and District Football League

    Cornwall Senior Cup (pre 1951)

    Cornwall Senior League

    Falmouth and District Football League

    Falmouth and Helston League

    Helston and District Football League

    Launceston and District League

    Liskeard and District League

    Mining League

    National League South

    South Western League

    St Austell and District League

    Truro and District League

    Truro and District Sunday League

    West Cornwall Sunday League

    West Penwith


    Current Leagues

    Cornwall Combination League

    Cornwall Sunday League

    Duchy League

    East Cornwall League

    South West Peninsula League

    Southern League

    St Piran League

    Trelawny League

    Western League

  6. As mentioned in another posting Lester Thomas of illogan has been given some items relating to football, with all money raised going to the club. 

    He has sent me a letter listing the items, which I have repeated below. 

    Please contact him, not me, and offer a reasonable price for anything you want.

    I am going to bid for Item no 22.

    Lester Thomas

    37 Roseland Gardens


    TR15 1PX

    01209 219239



    1. 1967 FA Cup Final Souvenir of Players Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur

    2. 1968 Publication of Players for Reaching the FA Cup Final (WBA)

    3. 1968 FA Cup Final Programme, Everton v West Bromich Albion (2 available)

    4. 1970 World Cup Programme of Teams and Players (x2)

    5. 1970 FA Cup Final Programme Chelsea v Leeds United

    6. 1971 FA Cup Final Programme Arsenal v Liverpool

    7. 1972 European Championship Quarter-Final England v West Germany

    8. 1972 FA Cup Final Programme Arsenal v Leeds United (x2)

    9. 1973 FA Cup Final Programme Leeds United v Sunderland

    10. 1974 FA Cup Final Programme Liverpool v Newcastle United

    11. 1975 FA Cup Final Programme Fulham v West Ham United

    12. 1977 FA Cup Final Programme Liverpool v Manchester United

    13. 1978 FA Cup Final Programme Arsenal v Ipswich Town

    14. 1980 FA Cup Final Programme Arsenal v West Ham United (x2)

    15. 1981 FA Cup Final Programme Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur (x2)

    16. 1982 FA Cup Final Programme QPR v Tottenham Hotspur

    17. 1988 FA Cup Final Extended Programme Liverpool v Wimbledon

    18. 1944 Booklet “Football Thrills” Notes on different clubs

    19. 1966 and 1967 “Tiger” Roy of the Rovers Annuals (x2)

    20. 1971-72 and 1972-73 Football Encyclopaedias (x2)

    21. 1954 Book by Gil Merrick (Birmingham City goal keeper)

    22. 1934 Book “the Football Encyclopaedias” History of the Game

    23. 1971 Autographs of the WBA players (x2)

    24. 1964 Book of Soccer Who's Who

    25. 1967 Book on the International Way of Various Players

    26. 1968-69 Topical Times Football Book

    27. 1970 Clipper Annual on Who's Who in Football

    28. 1970-71 Brook Bond Book of Football

    29. 1971-72 Goal Football Annual

    30. 1973 Shoot Quiz and 1973 Shoot Annual (x2)

    31. 1973 Question and answer Book on Football

    32. 1974 Shoot Quiz, Shoot Annual and Who's Who in Football (x3)

    33. 1975 Shoot Quiz, Shoot Annual (x2)

    34. 1976 Shoot Annual

    35. 1977 Shoot Quiz, Shoot Annual (x2)

    36. 1978 Shoot Quiz, Shoot Annual (x2)

    37. 1979 Shoot Quiz, Shoot Annual (x2)

    38. Football and Sports Annual, unknown age

    39. 1960's All Stars and Football Book

    40. 1984 Guiness's Soccer Who's Who

    41. The Big Book of football Champions (x2)

    42. The World Book of Football Champions

    43. Redruth County Grammar School Magazines 1963-64, 64-65, 65-66, 66-67 (x4)

  7. I also enjoyed the piece regarding the whole year month by month. Jogged a few brain cells. I didn't realise how much goes on thinking that was a light trawl through seasons. Thanks Dave. By the way, is my subscription up for renewal yet? 

  8. I am hoping to add a section to the Combo website showing tables from other leagues from Cornwall. With the help of Duchy League Secretary, Mike Newcombe,  we have all we can get of the duchy League starting at it's first season

    Duchy League

    Season 1965-66


    1 POLRUAN 14 12 1 1 69 16 53 25
    2 STRATTON 13 9 0 4 41 25 16 18
    3 REAL SAINTS 12 8 1 3 45 28 18 17
    4 DOBWALLS 13 8 0 5 46 32 14 16
    5 LOSTWITHIEL 12 5 2 5 33 37 -4 12
    6 LISKEARD 14 3 1 10 28 51 -23 7
    7 PELYNT-POLPERRO 14 1 3 10 23 72 -49 5
    8 ALTARNUN 14 1 2 8 16 41 -25 4



    1 CORNWALL MILLS 18 18 0 0 162 20 142 36
    2 FOXHOLE 17 14 1 2 90 23 67 29
    3 ST COLUMB 18 13 2 3 80 41 39 28
    4 TREGONEY 19 11 2 6 67 60 7 24
    5 MEVAGISSEY 17 8 1 8 53 52 1 17
    6 ST STEPHEN 17 8 1 8 72 73 -1 17
    7 GRAMPOUND 20 7 1 12 44 85 -41 15
    8 PROBUS 18 4 3 11 47 55 -8 11
    9 GERRANS 17 2 4 11 31 79 -48 8
    10 ST AGNES 18 2 4 12 33 81 -48 8
    11 CARTHEW 19 1 3 15 36 144 -108 5



  9. If you are interested please email Lester Thomas, not me.
    Recieved this message re some footballing items, so thought I would pass it on.
    "Paul: I have acquired approx.. 50 souvenir items of football interest including cup final programmes from the late 60`s 70`s & 80`s---world cup items---football encyclopaedia`s—and various football books of interest including shoot quiz & shoot annuals. I was wondering if you knew of anybody that might be interested in any of these items ( they are in good condition). I have made a printout of everything in this collection and could send you a copy if you wish. These were handed to me via a illogan r.b.l. football connection and any money raised would be donated to the club. Lester."
    Lester can be contacted lesterthomas1710@hotmail.com>
  10. 45 minutes ago, Postman Pat said:

    Could you not go to the duchy league of league below and see what new teams are in the league. 

    This is the reason I want to do an all leagues section of final tables, cup winners but not scores or goal scorers like the Combo site. Where can I find, on-line a copy of the Duchy League Tables from 1989-90!!!?

  11. Out of sheer boredom I am going to start upgrading the Combo website by putting in a new section for the season by season end tables that I can find for local leagues. 

    By cheating I have gone onto Richard Rundle's site to help try and make up some ECPL tables. By scrolling through the teams I can make up tables from 1990-91 onwards until the present day apart one fly in the ointment.

    Looking through the hundreds of team entries I can complete these tables apart from 1990-91 to 1995-96 where I am missing one entry from each of those seasons. I think it is one team missing.

    Once out of lockdown I will go to the local records office to find other missing tables for other leagues before uploading onto the website. I have all the SWL tables from 1952 onwards plus of course the combo but it would be good to have as many tables listed just for the sake of having a historic record.

    Listed below are the placings for that missing ECPL team(s) which will perhaps jog someone's memory. it may be a team from Devon. 

    1990-91 it finished 9th, 91-92 15th, 92-93, 15th again, 93-94 17th out of 18 sides, 94-95 17th again, 95-96, 19th and last which must have seen them leave the league.

  12. One of those games you remember once or twice a season.

    Bugle v Penzance, mid-winer, late 80's or early 90's. I don't remember if it was a league or cup match.

    Before the game, clear when we left West Cornwall, then it started snowing, badly, with the snow coming down so hard, it was almost horizontal.

    About 10 people there, roughly half and half supporting either side. I remember we parked alongside the pitch but still stood out in the snow. Daft in those days!

    Game kicks off with Penzance facing into the snow. 6-0 down at half time. We were shouting for the referee to call it off as we needed to get home. Not a blade of grass to be seen, everything is white. Blizard conditions but the ref plays on.

    Well done ref, Penzance score 7 without reply to win the game! It's in the records somewhere, League, Senior Cup or Charity Cup.  

    We left as soon as the game finished taking ages to get home. God knows when the team got back as it was some rough and getting worse.

    Don't much remember the ground apart from you drove into Bugle, over the rail bridge, turn left, then left again. Turn down right beside a house then along-side the ground to park at the back of the pitch. Opposite was a tall but small stand. Can;t remember so no idea where the clubhouse, if any was on the site.


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