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  1. Dave, do you know the name of the Helston keeper.

    Need it for Dave Gardner final's programme.

    Charlie Young of Porthleven says it is Barry ???


  2. Hi Dave

    The reason I hid the posts on the SWPL results thread is because John Dent asked if I could. Not cos I support Pz but for the following reason. When Pz were home to Bude the other day there were accusations of racial abuse, which way I am not 100% sure but Denty reacted against it and got sent off. The CFA then got involved, got statements from people there and he was given no bans, etc by the CFA as he was the aggrieved party, he was trying to stop it.

    Last night the Liskeard manager plus others were saying things like he was racist, etc. 

    Pz were one goal up last night when our keeper was punched in the face and was knocked out cold. Denty and our trainer ran on as people were shouting come now. The ref said get off as I haven't blown the whistle to which Denty replied why not it was a head wound. Ref said player never put his hand to his head, but then John said he couldn't as he was knocked out.

    Somehow this winds up Liskeard. Denty goes back in our technical area and the Liskeard manager walks into it and pushes Denty chest to chest. Denty put his hands up to push him away and the Liskeard manager says he was hit or was going to be hit by Denty. Ref sees it and sends both off.

    Liskeard second team manager Graham Blake, spends rest of the game shouting that Pz are out of control, manager sent off two games in a row, etc.

    The knub is Pz are at Bude this Sunday so the club don't want any trouble preceding them, etc so asked if posts could be hidden. 


  3. It's not true is it Adam?

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