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  1. Primarily the grass one but I presume they could use both
  2. I think that was Frogpool because Titans were not excepted on the night but excepted after they joined Fal / Hel. League
  3. Good news for the other teams to be voted in if that’s the case
  4. Pretty certain it will be club assistants same as combo and eclp
  5. Miss my mate and his stupid fundraising ideas. Top bloke still think about the 3 screens in the changing room.
  6. BIG Al you say “if Falmouth was more supporter friendly” all I ever read from you is negative comments about the club, numerous times last season you had invites to come to a game and even offers to pay your admission. Do not see how they could be more supporter friendly than that, surely you could meet them half way. I am in no way connected to Falmouth just don’t understand why someone purports to support a club but will not except and olive branch when extended.
  7. One observation I will make is that normally this time of year the forum is very quiet but not this year, it’s seems to be busier than during the season when games are being played.
  8. Definitely not shop, would go and suffer at Argyle
  9. Postman Pat. think I did it originally but my name is Martin Eddy involved with Redruth United and long time retired footballer but I still sign on every season just in case,you never know. Keep fit by running the line even though I keep trying to retire from it.
  10. I blame Dave Deacon Justin for putting your photo on the cover of the soccer mag 🤓
  11. Some of them played for pendeen last season
  12. Yes mike though last time I was there I think the poles were still up
  13. No never compared Ralph pascoe to rappo but he has been around a while and loves to promote the mining/ fal.hel leagues. Bit of a combative player and a character in the changing room
  14. John they change behind the Coppice pub and walk up the hill to their ground about a quarter of a mile. I know they have been working on the ground. Good luck to them always great to see ambition.
  15. Sijames that’s because most people know Ralph. Been around a while
  16. I was thinking the same about Newquay. I agree with Dave Deacon I believe the Combination League have done a good job in such a short time. It will be interesting to see how the Trelawny clubs progress as there has been much discussion on the standard of both leagues. One thing is for certain next season in Cornwall will be very different and hopefully exciting as many clubs start a new adventure, cannot wait for the season to begin.
  17. We at Redruth United play on a council pitch and people will tell you it had a bad reputation but we as a club rolled our sleeves up and are continuing each season to make things better
  18. Should not have been forced before, apparently Pitty
  19. Interesting article and almost sums up the feeling today, not that clubs are being rebel’s, just the uncertainty of a new league
  20. I thought that promotion will be automatic from this season coming,that is why the leagues have been restructured
  21. Dave I think that Peggy thinks that as a group of mates who have gone from bottom to top of the trelawney league quite literally,and the manager is leaving then perhaps they will all go.
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