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  1. Said this before le boss. Not fair on all the other clubs who may have ambitions
  2. Redruth United are always looking to add to their squad. Just go to the Facebook page and ask for Guy Johnson
  3. Surely this is what football is all about, if teams come up to the peninsula league and build on it what’s to stop them from progressing up the leagues. This should of happened years ago then perhaps clubs down the leagues will have more ambition off the pitch to move up
  4. I think this is all posturing, the tv rights for Europe are up in 2024. What players are not going to want to play competitive football. If they join this circus they will only play the teams in that league which at present would be 11 other teams. No amount of money would compensate that. People say that players are greedy but deep down they love to play the game and compete. Yes they get paid silly money at present but that is not their fault. I think in the end the players may have the final say against these greedy owners. If enough say no and I think they will because of the public outcry
  5. When the super league is set up in Cornwall, will smokie be chairman or president😎
  6. On the St.Pirans site it’s saying that the FA has agreed with the government that no football will be played between 14.45- 16.16pm. Steve received this at 6pm tonight
  7. Countryman they cannot drink around the pitch in public places because of FA laws. The club is still responsible for pitch side.
  8. Think Redruth United were looking as well
  9. Great to hear some good news for a change. Nice to know that you can get noticed in little old Cornwall. Good luck Jude hope it all works out for you
  10. Lots of work for the ground staff I should imagine. Hope it does not end up like Newport County’s ground, that’s like a mud bath
  11. Playing devils advocate. If 2 team get promoted from peninsula, st. Pirans, and combo. Which is feasible surely there would be promotion from Trelawney. Then possibly no relegation unless a club wishes as happened last season. Obviously it could only happen if clubs pass ground grading, but that could also be a logistical nightmare for people like John Mead
  12. Even if the combo amalgamated with the Trelawney league which is what I think you are alluding to, you would still need the same amount of officials
  13. Like Keith I take an interest, when time permits in woman’s football. If I can stay awake I try to watch the football league show. Like the men’s game money talks, there is a big divide but feel it will change as more teams become involved.
  14. Out of interest and excuse my ignorance but how many adult female teams are there and what is the league structure. interesting that I think? there have been no female participation so far.
  15. Great post I agree with your sentiments.Just think of the var situation. They take half an hour now to decide if his elbow is offside. Another one is “if only he’d gone down that would have been a penalty, he was too honest?
  16. The firm is called Earthbound electrical and they are hoping to run a festival over a weekend in July. I have asked him to advertise it on here. His name is Nigel Pidwell
  17. There is a company in the Camborne/ Redruth area that have advertised it on Facebook will try and find it and get back.
  18. Do all the woman’s teams know about a local company organising a football tournament. Looks promising
  19. Yes agree Ralph as long as you don’t share your ground. But I was thinking about organised games.
  20. Don’t think we will be starting in April because of the conflicts with cricket
  21. Thanks Steve I know these have been trying times for you and the committee. First 2 seasons of a new league not completed must be very frustrating but the right decisions have been made
  22. Redruth United do not have a signing on fee and until this season charged subs for both teams. This is difficult with our first team in St. Pirans league so decided not to collect subs from them but, the understanding was they had to fund raise to replace subs. It’s hard but we keep our heads above water and all through lockdown have been raising money every month. That said at present we don’t have the outgoings of clubs that own there grounds. But are working towards it hopefully in the future to get a long lease.
  23. Speaking for Redruth United. When the tin is taken around for contributions it’s amazing how many people say sorry I don’t have any money on me. Also do fewer people carry cash now since COVID started. And yes we do have a card machine. personally feel season should be null and void. To answer Ralph’s question on mental health. What happens if we start the season play games and the get another spread and have to go into another lockdown. I know we all want to get football played but we’ve suffered this long so for the sake of 3 or 4 months let’s hold on and get rid for good. Then we can g
  24. But Plymouth Argyle had a reserve side. And Truro got rid of theirs a few years ago. Why should they be allowed to just start a team 6 or 7 leagues up from the bottom. Also where are these players coming from. Clubs are struggling to keep players now, so by making a new team in a congested area is not going to help those clubs. Or will they also come from out of county.
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