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  1. Hope carharrack can stay together for the season,we know and appreciate what it’s like to struggle.just stick together and build for the future at least you have a seasons grace
  2. One of our players turned up after kickoff which was 6.30 but we still had 2 subs.it was a struggle but if you commit to your club you turn up
  3. Postman Pat


    Why don’t you do it Marksy 😎
  4. It might be in the rules that you must have dugouts for up to 8 people but! How often do you see the management team in the dug out rain or shine
  5. No gutted🤪Was trying to work out on the journey down,I think my last game in the combo was 1986
  6. Things are not always black and white.not one of our squad yesterday started the first game last season. From the team that played at Penryn last week none of our defence were available and we had the manager and his dad(me) as subs. On the plus side as a club we may be struggling but still put out two sides yesterday and will continue to do so.As a club we have no intention of pulling a side out of the league and will soldier on and turn it around When you are at the bottom the grass is always greener on the other side
  7. Redruth goal Tom milburn. About 20 watching
  8. No relegation this season cornishrhino due to league restructuring
  9. To be fair last season was the first time we have played St Just home on a Saturday in 5 seasons
  10. Redruth Utd travel to St just for a 6.15pm Ko next week
  11. Remember playing for illogan when you managed the woman's team Tom they were a decent side
  12. Postman Pat

    Combo prediction

    Maker 10 to be fair Carharrack did the same to Threemilestone so must have known it would happen to them
  13. Postman Pat

    Hodgey resigns!

    That's quite ironic saying wages are bad when hearing what footballers are paid down hear. I do not wish Truro any ill but they do not help themselves when it comes to the local community mainly caused by the previous chairman but the present incumbent does not reach out enough. Hopefully they do pull through because it is awful to see a local team go out of business