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  1. The idea was good but the pitches were awful.the water just came straight down off the Carn
  2. Louis international in the South Western League Think it might have been the “pitches” under Carn Brea
  3. Think cauldron pottery had a team as well. Strawberry lane I think Mike, Redruth use it as a rugby pitch now I believe
  4. As long as you don’t have too big a gathering Mark 😎
  5. Fish yes I agree this is feasible on the playing side but! What about the pitches, they have taken a monumental hammering this winter and need some tender loving care, to say the least
  6. Yes Davebut over the last few seasons Perranwell have had pitch drainage problems, not a dig at the club just an observation. We as a club are in a catch 22 situation because the council are supposed to be digging our pitch up, so we are reluctant to throw hard earned funds on the pitch for nothing.
  7. Does seem ironic that perranwell’s pitch is playable, but well done to all concerned for getting the game on
  8. Not official yet but looking at our pitch Redruth United v Mousehole res. Off. Standing water right through the middle. If anyone has any pet Hippo's there welcome to wallow in our centre circle.
  9. Div 1 prize 1 Redruth United development 1 Good game of football on a bumpy pitch with both teams trying to play football. Hope the lad who had to go off is okay. Draw a fair result in the end.
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