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  1. This is what I love about this site. Debate and facts.
  2. No problem mate did not think that. It was a good game to watch.
  3. Personally Dave I have always enjoyed going to St. Just, very hospitable and we’ll run club. My comment was tongue in cheek meaning it will not be easy, as it never is.
  4. Sorry pegs but you forgot united. Not trying to be pedantic!!!
  5. One first team player is all that played today jolzy10. The boys are finally putting a run together. Nice easy game next week st. Just away ?
  6. Not a clue dave. Because of the mine workes being carried out on the site the Council environmental official was there and told us for health and safety reasons no games will be played at Clijah this weekend. Must admit our pitch was very soft last week.
  7. Dave the Redruth game is officially off. All parties have been informed
  8. Council are at clijah because of all the mine capping work. They normally leave it to us.
  9. Redruth United v Falmouth Town. Game off council environmental officer called all games off at Clijah Croft this weekend.
  10. Trouble is Dave refs are being told off for not doing the handshake 🤔
  11. Redruth United 0 St. Ives 7 4 nil half time 10 people watching
  12. Hope the game goes well, both managers have picked a side in what is a thankless job. Let’s face it everyone is an expert and could pick a better team, but at least you are both giving it a go.
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