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  1. The trouble is with any award, some people do not get put forward because they just quietly get on with things and go under the radar.
  2. Nothing what so ever to do with Helston myself, but these players are playing for their club.Was at training with our club last night and afterwards first team players were asking to play for the development team because our firsts do not have a game.It goes on all the time.
  3. Heard an interesting comment on the radio yesterday. In athletics a race is decided by the torso, why not for offside in football.
  4. Way of the world I’m afraid fenman
  5. This problem has and will always happen when a club has teams in higher leagues, there is nothing that can be done about it. We just have to suck it up and get on with it I'm afraid
  6. Heard our development team were 3 goals down against Rosudgeon res. and could have won it.
  7. Hope you enjoyed your past Andy. We were gutted thought we deserved something today, but the wind was the only real winner. Lovely to see you and thanks for the kind words
  8. The side is going well and club is picking up with all the work. Things are finally going in the right direction at Blaythorne. It has helped you’ve had a stable squad as well. Keep up the good work.
  9. Jezza 100 surely that has to be the case, because without players you don’t have a club, therefore the players are the club.
  10. IF Threemilestone manage to beat Gwinear then against Holmans would surely be the tie of the round, from the west anyhow.
  11. Try looking from the clubs perspective, if all the players leave and you only have a small committee how is it fair on them to be left in debt. I think I am right in saying that all clubs are duty bound to send a record of accounts every year to their County FA. this would tell the FA how well run all clubs are.
  12. Bleedy creep marksey. But I will agree nigel one of life's true gentalmen
  13. Must agree about the storm keeper, reffed them a few weeks ago and he is a very good prospect.
  14. It helps because the pitch has had a week off
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