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  1. More punters paying less would spend more in the ground
  2. Think it was a good work out for both teams. To be fair to the ref both teams made his job easy competitive but fair apart from the one handbags with 5 to go. Thanks to Godolphin for the hospitality first ever visit from Redruth United and well worth the visit. Shame about the greenhouse 😀
  3. Great news rappo we are in good hands, our club is looking forward to the new journey.
  4. Will somebody be putting match reports in the independent when the season starts for the new St. Pirans league
  5. The St. Pirans League is a new adventure for Cornwall and I know it’s caused a lot of upheaval to our leagues but, this section is the quietest thread on the soccer forum. Why is there no topics to get the discussions going for the coming season. I know that I am inviting lots more negativity but surely clubs in this league must be feeling positive
  6. Redruth United start on Monday at Clijah Croft. Things are moving behind the scenes. We now provide football from 7 to vets hopefully after Monday’s agm.
  7. Primarily the grass one but I presume they could use both
  8. I think that was Frogpool because Titans were not excepted on the night but excepted after they joined Fal / Hel. League
  9. Good news for the other teams to be voted in if that’s the case
  10. Pretty certain it will be club assistants same as combo and eclp
  11. Miss my mate and his stupid fundraising ideas. Top bloke still think about the 3 screens in the changing room.
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