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  1. Cheers Nigel hope the patient gets better soon
  2. Offered to do it Dave but Gwinear could not kick off early because of work
  3. Redruth United reserves v Gwinear churchtown game on if we can get a ref
  4. Redruth United 3 culdrose 1 Dan Horler 2 Tom Craze and culdrose scorer number 7 Kieran Eastwood About 12 watching
  5. Postman Pat

    2019/20 restructure

    Think the problem is apathy because how many clubs can afford lights and everything else that goes with it. Therefore clubs think what’s the point it will not effect us
  6. Get well soon mate from all at Redruth United
  7. Redruth United 3 st Ives 5 aet Scorers for Redruth Ben Widdershoven Dan Horler and Tom Craze Great game end to end game changed when redruth defender sent off with 20 to go of normal time 3 all at the end of 90 minutes. Good luck to st Ives in the next round. 15 watching. Scorers for Redruth Ben Widdershoven Dan Horler and Tom Craze. I know max davis had 2 for st. Ives 15 watching
  8. Postman Pat

    Clijah Croft update

    Had a very informative meeting with Cornwall Council yesterday regarding the mine shafts. Basically the council are waiting for tenders to come in,then when they start work it will take up to 3 years to complete and then we should have better pitches than we have now. They are going to work on the 2 top pitches first then when work is completed they will work on the bottom 2. They will put grids across the shafts and relay the pitches. We shall have our fencing and dugouts removed and then replaced with like when finished. Now we just have to wait for our next meeting to be updated
  9. Postman Pat

    2019/20 restructure

    Don’t get any ideas not interested just did not see venue on the post
  10. Postman Pat

    2019/20 restructure

    Where is it please Richard
  11. Carharrack v Redruth United match of the Titans
  12. Postman Pat

    ludgvan deducted points?

    Think he was involved with Penryn last season or possibly the year before. neil and Gareth’s dad
  13. Postman Pat

    Grass roots survey

    Already had my say
  14. We were discussing this at rumons after our game today fish
  15. Redruth United 1 Falmouth town 2 Dan Horler for Redruth at a very windy clijah croft. 15 watching