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  1. Well done young man all clubs could do with young blood to help out us old farts!
  2. With the grounds being saturated Ralph cannot see many games being played anyhow
  3. But will we have to go to Qatar for the play offs pitty 😎 Pitty how many times have you been told, thinking logically will get you no where in football
  4. Merry Xmas one and all. Stay safe and let’s hope COVID does one
  5. Get well soon will always enjoy our chats about football when we meet up. Another unsung hero
  6. Last week we had a player on our site asking to join Redruth United. Our manager was given the details and tried without success to contact the player. A couple of days later the player came back saying he had not heard a thing, then we found out the guy was from South Africa apparently there is a Redruth out there. Anybody else had similar instances
  7. Argyle have been very fortunate that they have a fan with money that has been very generous. So that they can be in this position
  8. Most football clubs have bent over backwards since the game has restarted to make sure everyone is safe and well. It does seem a bit harsh but life is far more important.
  9. Luck of the draw we have had it happen to us before and it will happen again. They're signed on for their club so they aren't breaking any rules.
  10. It has been argued for years and will be for years to come
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