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  1. We are not privy to that Dave but the local residents have given the police loads of evidence as things have happened.
  2. Just an update. As you may have seen tonight the national news outlets are now getting on board with our story.there is not much damage to the pitches thankfully but the changing runs have been more or less wrecked. The leader tank upstairs was broken letting water flood through the ceilings and ruining all the electrics. There had been lots of decorating done to the changing rooms but as seen in the video have been trashed. At present we are in the hands of the council to evaluate the work needed to be done. There will be a work party on Tuesday evening to try and clean as much as we can. The response we have had from the community has been nothing short of amazing. Loads are coming along people offering to make food companies wanting to sponsor us. After the last two years we have had due to COVID it really is truely humbling for us as a club. Thank you will never be enough. On a positive note our U12’s took part in a tournament today. Great to see them flying the flag for our club
  3. Forgot to mention that within an hour of them leaving Biffa where on site and our pitches are good to go. As for the building!!!!!!
  4. Thanks guys we will come back bigger and stronger people have been absolutely amazing
  5. On behalf of Redruth United I would like to say a big thank you to everyone for your words of comfort and support. if anything good can come from this terrible situation it is to highlight the problems that grassroots clubs have to handle. please please please people look after your clubs, these people have done it once they can and will do it again.
  6. I have a feeling there will be a few more until things can settle down. As someone else said with accommodation being harder for younger people and changing jobs because of the pandemic clubs will struggle unless they have a youth system to fall back on. Also there is a big lack of volunteers behind the scenes to do the jobs nobody else wants to do.
  7. Liaison officers and police have been in attendance and hopefully sorted soon. Just have to wait and see what the damage is when they do go. Was going to be our first friendly at home on Saturday after all the pre season work done on the pitch. Who knows when the first game will be, only time will tell.
  8. Then you also have to factor in officials or lack of. Very easy to slag off people who in fairness are keeping the leagues going, and in Trelawney Leagues case vacancies on the committee
  9. England has let me down for more years than I care to mention. But I am both so proud and gutted with this squad. Let's be honest when he was appointed who would of predicted Gareth Southgate would have got us to a final. But we have a young squad,one of the youngest in this competition, that can only be good because they have got to a final and know what it takes. The future looks bright let's get behind the manager and support this group of players. Hope is all we can ask for. This is England
  10. Peggy we all know the ones who moan the most are least likely to step up and help out. Very easy to be a keyboard warrior but not anyone can sacrifice a night for another meeting because Joe blogs has been an idiot
  11. The clubs have always had the power to vote clubs in or out the league. The elected officers are there to ensure that no laws are broken
  12. Watched Redruth United u7’s v Illogan this morning it was fantastic, see the children’s smiling faces and no shouting and swearing anywhere. Reminded me of why I love football. So much fun we think it finished 6 all but even the ref lost count he was enjoying it so much.
  13. Fantastic to see the Woman’s game growing in Cornwall. Well done Wendron and good luck
  14. Thanks Dave have replied for Redruth United. We are fortunate enough to have one at Clijah kindly donated by Jewsons. This being on a public space is available for all the community
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