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  1. If it’s true that Perranwell res. could fold because of a mass exodus of players, then We have a duty to say no to Mount Ambrose. This would be a shame because of a great set up at the cricket club. I believe Lanner RFC have folded and it would be on the same pitch. We have seen this time and again and this is my opinion we cannot let it happen again. Peggy what’s the situation with the pub, I know it’s out of your hands and is a right pain in the arse for your club
  2. With clubs having to vote on these new teams/clubs how do we find out what where and why about them please Apart from Dropside
  3. Class setting fire to the Liver building last night
  4. Phil Matthews new manager at Redruth United after Matthew Eddy stepped down.
  5. Manutdfcok nothing to do with any of the sides. Just voicing my opinion.
  6. manutdfcok. This is what probus have done, a few years ago they moved across from duchy but still got turned down. The thing is St. Newlyn East is closer than Newquay, and sides were always happy to travel there. Apart from St. Just on a tuesday night. 😊
  7. The clubs in the league have decided but, you have to feel for Probus. Turned down originally. Join the league work up from the bottom to the top league, only to lose out because of the old boys network. Thought we got rid of that years ago. Nothing against Ludgvan or anything to do with Probus just my opinion.
  8. Yes but the goalkeeper would step to one side if they conceded a penalty, because it was against their principal to cheat
  9. Did anybody see the program on itv4 this morning about Corinthian Casuals. Must be the highest league club that does not pay anyone. They all do it for nothing.
  10. As long as you don’t have too big a gathering Mark 😎
  11. Fish yes I agree this is feasible on the playing side but! What about the pitches, they have taken a monumental hammering this winter and need some tender loving care, to say the least
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