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  1. Redruth United reserves 2(0) West cornwall 2(2). 2 penalties for Redruth
  2. Club's in the combination league Dave have been moaning for years about 20 teams being too many
  3. In my opinion the children today can be coached to death from a young age, was talking to a coach this weekend and he told me that the u7s team they were playing against had 2 boys at the Argyle academy where are those boys getting their freedom to learn by mistakes, they will be judged on performance and results. 6 yearsold
  4. Andy bishop and Brett Adams for Redruth. Both teams tried to play football on a good surface in very blustery conditions
  5. I think Dave unfortunately you are on the button. Too many childish arguments driving people away from this forum.Or people only tune into havea dig at officials
  6. This takes the feeder league statement to another level, the biggest problem being 1. How many clubs want to come up 2. How many clubs can or can get ground grading to gain promotion
  7. Toroloco 13 that describes what a football club should be allowed to do. Sometimes clubs need to play more than the allowance because of availability but cannot.
  8. Sorry guys don’t know what happened there but the sentiment is still the same
  9. Steve you and the rest of the committee have a thankless task and you all should be commended for taking it on. We all need to try to change the mindset of people involved in football, there does not seem to be as much enjoyment now and people just look for excuses for why it can’t be done. This is in no way having a go at Illogan or Perranporth but football in general. There seems to be no drive or ambition at clubs and I do not think it is helped by the FA who only seem interested in forcing clubs into spending money they cannot afford
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