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  1. Redruth United res. 1 St. Day 3rds 2 fairly even game but St. Day just about edged it with a very young team with a few more senior players at the back
  2. Football goes round in cycles Barry clubs cannot be on their a game year in year out. Things happen that change circumstances and it’s not the professional game, not long ago Penryn were struggling okay they have not set the league on fire so far but both clubs will be there or there about come the end of the season. There is no magic wand or these guys would be at the top. As I said to someone at the weekend it’s a marathon not a sprint. Have you ever thought of managing yourself and putting yourself up for the firing squad that you are in command of. 😎
  3. Oh how I've missed this and it's only the first weekend. Football is back
  4. Hi mark I am just as disappointed as you with the state of clijah. We have spent many hours and over £2000 preparing our pitch over the extended close season but, this last month it has all gone a bit Pete Tonge. Because we do not have our own mower etc. we depend on others, the pitch was not cut for 3 weeks then when it was the grass was just left on top of our new seed. Then two weeks ago there was standing water all over the pitch because of running water from the farmers field above,with running water in the near goalmouth. We had a crowdfunding campaign to try to buy our own mower and slo
  5. Lanner looked strong against our reserves last Saturday in div 4
  6. What’s St. Ives squad like surely they will be up there
  7. Bill trethewey must be one of the longest serving refs
  8. And now Truro City are forming an u18’s team and playing them in the Plymouth &district league. So any player local clubs develop will have their heads turned. Yes I know it will be great for the youngsters,but all the hours that clubs put into youth development to progress their club because they won’t or can’t pay money down the drain.
  9. John Mathews at Ludgvan must have helped Noah build the arc. Class player
  10. Can someone please clarify what the situation is after the sports minister’s announcement on Twitter last night . As usual at this present time it’s as clear as mud. Are we allowed spectators now or no
  11. Coldest and wettest for me, was back in the 80’s playing for St. Day at Culdrose. It was hailing and blowing a gale ( no surprise there ). It hailed so hard we all ran and hid behind the wall.
  12. At Redruth we have good numbers, fingers crossed. Onwards and upwards
  13. Could we not put boxed lines at 2 metres apart around the ground and only one in each box, like they do in shops. Most clubs must have card machines, so no need of cash.
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