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    middle mans mate reacted to RAPPO in RAPPO ON RADIO CORNWALL   
    Fenman, thanks for that post! ?⚽️ You are absolutely spot on!! Would give anything just to have one of those seasons back! Nice being young and fit with good knees!! The 10 second buzz after scoring an important goal for your team is the thing I miss most! Knowing it will never happen again is a bit depressing sometimes! I do enjoy watching now though, my youngest son and a lot of mates and mates sons are all playing a decent level so good fun to watch them progress. Send me a message next time you’re down Fenman and we can have an hour talking about our eventful lives mate! (The costa’s are on me!) ?. Thanks for that fanfare, much appreciated mate! Lived with Philpy in his cottage for a bit, never a dull moment!! Top top bloke and I agree what a keeper!! Had a few kick arounds and it had to be a worldie to score past him!! Brave as a lion as well. Den another great mate and keeper! Without doubt the worst moment in my whole career breaking Dens tib and fib! Snapped my knee ligaments same time! Like you say was on 9 goals in 5 games for Exeter reserves at the time, and lost a yard after that injury, so could have been a different story but that’s football I suppose? ?  Just can’t believe all the keepers I’ve played against and you break your mates leg! Affected me for a while, remember my nans 70th birthday that same night at the County Arms, turned up from the hospital on crutches and started crying halfway through the meal!! Gutted for Den, worst bit was we saw each other in Truro in the morning and was having a bit of banter about the game! It was live on Radio Cornwall and we were in the ambulance listening to it on the radio lying on our stretchers on the way to hospital!! The worst bit was as we were getting stretchered off I saw my mum and Dens mum Pam hugging each other and both crying! For all the great days I’ve had in football that was a shit one!!  Yeah 100% what a player George “Turbo” Torrance was mate!! Was my captain at Falmouth and Porthleven, got to be one of the best players ever to play in the County. Frank McClintock bought George out the army when he was manager of Brentford. Turbo was a pro for them and for Maidstone before coming to Cornwall. Slaughtered me at times but he made you a better player!! Was great for us younger players at Falmouth. Would just glide over the ground and before you knew it he was clear of 4 or 5 defenders, always reminded me of Figo. Another great bloke as well ? Wadds as well 100%, they only bloke I knew who loved scoring goals more than me! Just a fox in the box! Wadds would rather lose 4-3 and score a hat-trick than win 1-0 and not score!! Predator!! Sammy goes without saying, love the bloke!! What a strike partner ??⚽️ Just looked out the window and it’s clearing up!! ??
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    middle mans mate reacted to Jeff's Telling in SWPL - Friday 2nd November 2018   
    Pleased to see Callington picking up some points in recent games !!
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    middle mans mate reacted to rocky170267 in SWPL & Cup - Saturday 20 October 2018   
    The player hasn’t got a nasty bone in his body and would certainly not do that to upset any opponent but because he just enjoys every single moment about scoring goals.... He’s not had the best season and was just obviously overwhelmed by the moment And scoring a couple of goals. I wonder if the tables were turned if something similar could’ve happened ?????
    Of course it could have, So just take the Defeat on the nose and get on with it.
    As for being embarrassed, that’s a joke..... You mean you’ve never played in a team where that has happened? I think most players could say they have seen that before. Would you be embarrassed to play in a team with somebody elbows and opponent in the face?
    exactly..... You can’t have it all ways
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    middle mans mate got a reaction from Brianmooreshead in SWPL - Wednesday 17 October 2018   
    Never fancied managing a team Leeds? It would be good to see how you get on, at least Stu Morgan has given up his time and no doubt money, to have a go regardless how he did. Its a thankless task doing any job in amateur fooball, and I would never knock anyone who does. 
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    middle mans mate reacted to Rightside O`theriver in SWPL - Saturday Sept 29 2018   
    Surely this result cannot be allowed to stand ?
    Is this not fielding ineligible players ?
    How have Tracy Banfield and Sue Rowe even had the nerve to submit this as a result to the league secretary ?
    And why has the league accepted it as such and updated the table to reflect that ?
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    middle mans mate got a reaction from Fanfare in SWPL - Saturday September 15th 2018   
    I think he was referring to the spelling......