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  1. Somes up Parkway! Parkway 2nds giving it the big one in a Mickey Mouse Div 1 last year how great they are and went all season unbeaten. said they would be fighting it out at the top of league in the premier. guess what after 5 games realised league a lot harder and all they players off to P&d div1 SB Frankfort. even golden child Elliot Cunningham couldn't be assed anymore failing to turn up for semi final. there is no praise/pleasure beating other teams with a team of ringers! EMBARRASSING
  2. There poor side. Will come 4th tops! 5/6th in my opinion. the league below was really poor standard. to much of a click there! St Austell 2nds side to watch..... bere and torpoint both will be there about a too.
  3. To say Blazey dominated for 85mins is bollox. Blazey took a early lead with a well taken goal by Spear. Launceston although dominating possession don't look like scoring 1st half. 2nd half Launceston start better and find themselves 2down against run of play. The lead halfed by Launceston sub Head who changed the game. the 2nd half dominated by Launceston to which finally equalise through Davey. forces extra time, Spear sent for swearing at ref. Davey adds his 2nd goal. another silly red for Blazey. Late goal 4-2 blazey slowly improving tho Danny Bance strong character who will improve them
  4. I love it how people feel the need to slate people in order to make themselves feel good! Seems to be some bad blood against some lads leaving Torpoint? (If true) Wasnt fuller player of the year? (1st season) Blatchford before he got injured was key to how Torpoint played? Arscott played at this level for along time so surly deserves some respect!
  5. The mighty Tavy haha! Very true big budget yet still struggling..... Parkway can't be a happy place ATM if captain Stringer left! Along with Danny Lewis for less money to Saltash. Hendy wasn't that successful at Saltash either him and Phil Harvey failed badly with big budget! Had some good players like Chappie,Lewis,both Clarks,Thorne,Simpson,Manley,Doel,Sullivan came 9th that season. Only have to look at Saltash now ran on a shoe string and doing well! Goes to show you it's not all about money!
  6. Torpoint to win it! Experience + good youth great mix! Edgecombe runners up! Good togetherness in the small squad! Surprise package Elburton! Although not everyone cup of tea, there a very "game" team will bully a lot of teams. Shame parkway folded there 2nd team.
  7. Love it how you think I'm the manager.... Haha As you said the table doesn't lie! Parkway won the league fairly. Probably had less 1st players helping out than Torpoint used this year. Avis Roiden Matt David Hicks Applegate Cowd Pacey. Although they work well as a club. I believe in the winter months is where parkway won the league. So no more sour grapes enjoy Bere Alston ?
  8. I believe Parkway have a very strong side! Massive credit to them to win it convincingly in the end.
  9. But it's ok for the ref to turn up at 2-15pm 15mins before kick off. Nothing gets said about that! Isn't it no wonder Mr Edge has never ref a cup final cos he doesn't deserve it....
  10. Do you still play Playmaker? There is a lot of good talent in this league. Youngster- Bailey Cook.Ash Orouke-Saltash Craig Swiggs- Millbrook Lee Sheldon- Ryan Fice-John Scholes- Parkway Lewis Kershaw-Brian Stacey-Torpoint
  11. Tavy 2nds are not exactly pissing ECPL league? far from it..... With all there so called experience and knowledge why aren't they challenging for the league? Let alone let them run the 1st team.... I just don't know what they have achieved? Please enlighten me..... List titles/cups or at least runners up?
  12. What have Garfield Ewing or Vernon ever won? Highest they have come in ECPL is 3rd last year... Surely you have to earn the right to be there! Not enough experience at a higher level for me. Dealing with a budget too.
  13. Spot on ^^^ Good opening 20mins from both sides. Throwing not delt with properly led to Parkway defence being flat footed, to which led Torpoint opener. Torpoint doubled there lead through a scramble on a corner. 2-0 HT. Even start to 2nd half. Great cross lead to Stacey header 3-0. Parkway could of folded there and then but bold move to go 4-3-3 with Fice and England coming on lead to a fight back. Last 20mins belong to Parkway. Fice winning a pen, possible sending off defender was last man. England converted pen. Parkway had numberous corners 5 in a row. Fice finally scoring lat
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