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  1. The ground grading and availability of grants could make a big difference. Whether that is viewed as positive or negative will depend on each individual club’s outlook.
  2. Don't the FA insist that all clubs have a pathway to the NLS Step 6? Not having a Step 7 would deny a club like Polperro the option to move up. The SWPL(W) could well then stagnate? (but it may anyway if the ambition is not there).
  3. As always, leagues make representations to the FA regarding promotions and club placement. The FA have the final say on all this. Apparently they have been supportive of a “Cornwall Step 7” and it looks highly likely that finding the 12 or so teams will not be a problem. But it will not be set in stone imo. “Never try to second guess the FA” is a good rule to follow.
  4. Less travelling than the current Step 7 and fewer games than an 18 team league.
  5. if "this" is the reorganisation of Step 6 & 7 in DEVON and Cornwall (and maybe beyond) then the answer is yes. Nothing set in stone. The (National) FA have the final say on the make up of the divisions.
  6. PRIORITY FOR FILLING NEW STEP SIX DIVISIONS From next season the South West Peninsula League will be operating two Divisions at Step 6 (the same as the current Premier Division). In order to populate these divisions, clubs have been invited to apply to the FA by December 31st. Once the full list of applicants is known it is important that the process of selecting them is transparent, so we have agreed the following process: The two Divisions will each operate under the control of the South West Peninsula League Ltd, who in turn operate under the auspices of the FA at Wembley and it’s
  7. Incorrect. There will be 2 Step 6 leagues and 3 Step 7 leagues.
  8. As in Jethro’s song, Trouble over Bridgewater!
  9. Callington Town 1-2 Sticker Cullompton Rangers 2-2 Camelford Falmouth Town 3-1 Stoke Gabriel Ivybridge Town 3-1 Newquay Launceston 2-0 Plymouth Argyle Saltash United 6-0 Godolphin Atlantic St Austell 3-1 Exmouth Town Tavistock 4-1 Helston Athletic Torpoint Athletic 3-0 Witheridge
  10. Ivybridge Town 1-1 Launceston Tavistock 7-0 Newquay Torpoint Athletic 1-1 Stoke Gabriel
  11. Bodmin Town 2-1 Falmouth Town Callington Town 0-2 St Austell Exmouth Town 1-2 Helston Athletic Sticker 1-1 Cullompton Rangers Withering 0-3 Saltash United
  12. Callington Town 0-2 Bodmin Town Camelford 3-0 Witheridge Cullompton Rangers 2-0 Exmouth Town Plymouth Argyle 1-2 Falmouth Town St Austell 2-2 Saltash United
  13. Bodmin Town 3-1 Camelford Cullompton Rangers 2-0 Callington Town Godolphin Atlantic 2-4 Tavistock Helston Athletic 0-3 Plymouth Parkway Ivybridge Town 2-1 Falmouth Town Launceston 2-2 Saltash United Newquay 3-1 Sticker Plymouth Argyle 3-0 Witheridge Stoke Gabriel 1-0 St Austell Torpoint Athletic 2-1 Exmout
  14. Camelford 1-2 St AustellLaunceston 2-0 Callington Town Tavistock 5-0 Cullompton Rangers
  15. Callington Town 2-1 Plymouth Argyle Cullompton Rangers 2-2 Ivybridge Town Launceston 0-1 Bodmin Town Plymouth Parkway 3-2 Saltash United Torpoint Athletic 0-3 Tavistock
  16. Ivybridge Town 1-3 Bodmin Town Saltash United 2-0 Torpoint Athletic Tavistock 4-0 Godolphin Atlantic Withering 1-3 Plymouth Argyle
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