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  1. No the 17 (there skip)was not playing LB, was playing CM and got straight red for a high footed challenge (on our RB’s hip). we managed to put the ball away late in the game after some great work from Henry Couzens who laid it on a plate for Jack Ralph to smash the back of the net !! Good Luck to Lizard for the rest of the season and c u on the return. Well reffed from the man in the middle.
  2. Pendeen 2 v 3 Perranporth hmmm what a bizarre game ... Silas with both our goals first one all about his effort & his 2nd nicely stroked away ... We had the most bizarre goal disallowed , Henry Couzens rode two challenges in the box ball deflected up with keeper rush towards him and he appeared (😆) 2 handle it ... referee un sighted runs away after awarding the goal uproar from the P’Porth players, so ref then decides to speak to there Lino (who hadnt flagged and clearly hadn’t seen ought ) and under heavy pressure from there players decided he magically (using my little pony magic) had seen it !!! Ref disallows goal ... now u can’t shout sour grapes - but yes goal looked a deliberate hand ball - but if nither ref or Lino didn’t c it the goal has to be awarded - & then low & behold P’porth 1st was controled by a hand b4 being slotted home - & when asking ref can you chat to our Lino is reply was “no I didn’t c a hand “😂😂😂 however all the best to Perranporth in your title defence , good bunch of lads.... hopefully next game will be more about the football👍
  3. rovers08

    National FA Youth Cup

    Great effort & good luck to you 👍
  4. I’m ok bud , stud had sliced into the muscle so might ruin my surprised look !!! 6 stitches and a nice swollen eye and head. Managed to make it back for yesterday. Thanks for the concern.
  5. Yes your right players & managers have to accept responsibility for the way they all conduct themselves on the pitch- however i think the point made that there was a two footed challenge in the first half that warranted a booking@ least once that had gone unfortunately the challenges were going in left , right & Chelsea ... So this then resulted in multiple bookings and sending offs. This however had no outcome on the result and Hayle were deserved winners.
  6. Sure our player got sent off for two yellows, and tbf in the grand scheme of what went on it was not a bad challenge.
  7. Pendeen 0 v 1 Hayle Hayle turned up and looked the hungrier team from the start , creating a few decent chances and remaining on the front foot for the first 20 mins- we then slowly started to get a foothold in the game but still couldn’t really create much. Hayle player got sent off for deliberate stamp - we then had a brighter spell against the 10 men and 1/2 time came completely at the wrong time for ourselves. Hayle came out in the 2nd half and had regrouped and reorganised themselves for and looked quite comfortable playing with one less player , the goal came from a long ball over the top to the ever willing running of Cameron Irish which resulted in him having a shot at an acute angle which one of our players deflected and unfortunately Dex attempting to save it with an outstretched foot could not prevent it from crossing the line. After this the game remained quite scrappy, & Hayle were obviously happy to play out the remaining time and holding on for the win. I personally didn’t see the stamp by the Hayle player-but did see the 2yellows for our player, I personally didn’t think the 2nd warranted it but Tbf the ref did stop the game (in the 2nd half)and warned the skippers anymore bad tackles would result in sending offs. The 2nd Hayle player2 get sent off, was for using the c bomb towards one of our players in front of the ref. Good luck to Hayle for the remainder of the season & look forward to the return. We’ll pick ourselves up and go again.... and to add add to the evening fixture debate I’m in total agreement, surely for all evening games teams should be placed in four or five pools of teams based on the geographical location and they just reverse the fix at the beginning and end of the season.