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  1. Dragon,

    Have you still got places left for the 5 a side competition? Could you let me know number of teams/games/length of games etc and likely finish time please. Sorry to be a pain. Thanks Gus

  2. Sorry Scooby, just looked at my profile and not sure if I sent my reply. We can't make 31st unfortunately, are there any other dates you could do? Sorry if this has already sent to you.

  3. gus

    LG, touch base with Scooby have spoken to him about a game with Mawnan. Ferg

  4. gus

    I'm well thanks.

    Would just be the 2nds I think, I'll check with Gregg though if your combo would be up for a match. Unfortunately we can't do 31st are there any other dates you could do?


  5. Scooby

    Hello mate,

    when are you looking at, we need opposition to play on Sunday 31st July mate. not sure if that is any good for you? would you be looking at both teams playing?

    Hope you are good mate,


  6. gus

    Alright Scooby,

    Hope all is well. Would you be interested in a friendly before summer leave?


  7. hearing the athletic loss cheering and laughing tonight was a killer. no passion, played badly again

  8. Alright mate. How's life?

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