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  1. Older well done on your maintenance grant, is it now 70% from FF?? Your never going to buy a big compact tractor??😁 Leuan we got a couple of brief showers this evening, not much but every little helps. We got our grant as well. Putting this towards a big levelling project we are currently undertaking at VP. Hope all is well with everyone.
  2. Paul screenshot your phone with the picture up, then upload the screenshot. A screenshot is much smaller. Hope your well mate, following your work on social media, looking really good at Blaise Park.
  3. Hi all, Sorry been away for a while busy catching up on jobs. Been great weather for spraying weeds and painting. We seem to have lots of dandelions this year so after three days, nearly 35,000 steps!!!haha we have manged to spray the entire site for all of dandelions, daisies etc. Used Weedol lawn, really cheap and it has given great results already and hopefully will contain the intrusion for another year. Christ i have walked to parts of Vogue Park that i haven't been to for a while, every corner was sprayed Older - As I said to you on the phone the other day i have too used the slow release product for the first time this year, I applied 6 bags to each pitch back in February and initially gave good results. Obviously things seem to have stopped lately, although that said i have managed to keep things green with moving sprinklers around, however i was struggling towards the end of the week, but its good as you say forces the roots down to find moisture. If visually the slow release fertiliser last until August, we will have saved money and most importantly saved volunteers time in putting it down. I agree with Leuan, i spoke to Simon Johnson who gave the same advice about the product and is a very knowledgeable man. I have cut the pitches twice since and run the new machine over it a couple of times to roll the newer seed. You can still see, in a couple of places, a pellet or two so it is still around. Obviously the verti drain will have punched some into the ground, i did spike prior to putting it down and we managed to get a couple of games in after application. Lets see what happens this week, but visiting the club today the pitch is looking greener and just fresh today. Will get a cut and spike on it tomorrow ahead of a little more rain on Monday and a very warm, dry week ahead. Three of us groundsman managed to pressure wash everywhere today so keeping on top of those jobs and i have been lucky, like you older, to have a couple of players and our U12s manager painting the last couple of weeks. Yes its a shame not to have football but I am getting loads of my to do list done!!! Best Wishes to all - Loving your comments, knowledge and input Mr Green!! Cheers Mark
  4. Hi Bruegel, Yes as BHD say we have recently lost our Chairman Dave Searle, who gave 55 years, continuous service to our club and sadly in these times giving him the send off he deserves has been difficult, but i think it was achieved on Thursday with lots of people "exercising" along the route at 2:30pm. Anyway back to the grass, like Leuan and Older catching up on other jobs, painting dugouts, organising a few other things whilst the new seed establishes. I did brush and roll our pitch but you have to be careful not to pull out the new seed. I have been also working on our training areas and warm up areas with new seed and top soil so that these areas are ready when we return. On top of this i have been watering our pitch so the last week for me has consisted mainly of painting at home (got to keep her in doors happy too) and going to the club every hour to move sprinklers, thank god i live fairly close. Both pitches are coming on nicely, trying to stripe the pitches in different ways to normal so that the grass becomes as strong as possible. Maybe get a cut in early next week. Thanks for taking an interest.
  5. Also as I said earlier older, whilst you are fighting frost, only 8 miles up the road our new shoots are coming through. Think this is worth noting by players....whilst one club has conditions to be watering and growing grass, a club a few miles down the road is no where near that ground temperature. Next time you player think about saying "can't believe they've called it off" maybe think about how localised and diverse the weather is in cornwall.
  6. Looking good Luean, and I'm glad you've vertidrained then seeding as I seeded then vertidrain. So which is the correct way?? Or does it not matter?? Keen to hear people's thoughts, where are all the other groundsmen and/or women out there. Please feel free to comment.
  7. It certainly is a massive piece a kit and one that I thought you may cringe at older. Our pitch at VP is really incredibly dry, I have put the sprinklers on our goal mouth (Us groundsman arfe never happy!!) and a couple of other areas as they started to crack in the dry, plus I want to feed that seed that we put down. Ground temp is 10 degrees over in sunny St Day with my probe showing an air temp of 11-12 degrees, even in the bitterly easterly wind. No sign of frost out are way yet either. We fertilsed our pitch about 4 weeks ago with a trial of a 6 month slow release fert and initial outcomes seem to be good but im interested to see what things are like at the end of the 5-6 months. On Tuesday he was just seeding, using a product we have used for a few seasons now; Rigby Taylor R140, its hard wearing and good week - to - week recovery. https://www.rigbytaylor.com/product/grass-seed/football-grass-seed/r140-tetraploid-perennial-ryegrass-blend-seed-20kgs/#tab-description Because the contractor buys so much he gets a good price (don't worry I check!!!haha). I would encourage everyone to also do this. Last season he suggested he buy the 60 ton of sand but when I told him our price he was not amused as this was a lot less than he was paying and he buys a heck of a lot every year. Like I said always worth checking. Leaving the pitch for at least 14 days to allow to rest and seed to establish as I said before, but taking your advice of rolling the new seed lots before the first cut. Hopefully upload some more pictures soon of the new seed as I honestly don't think it will be long looking at things today. I always knew this and explain it to dog walkers whenever I get chance if they are at the club. I always have to remind other club officials and referee's if we do pitch inspection when its frosty. Best wishes to all
  8. No top dressing this year as the funds normally come from our end of season awards weekend and the finals and cup finals we host making extra funds over the bar and kitchen. We have incorporated 60ton of sports sand for the last 3 years (180ton in total), the sand alone cost £1,100 each year then contractors to spread it. We must live within our means. Also instead of seeding both pitches, we are only doing the one pitch, been done this morning in two directions with bad areas being done in four directions. Taking your advice and cut down the number of bags used too. Both pitches are being vertidrained as we speak, the cost of having the second pitch done is minimal as contractor is on site. We've got to a depth of 8-10" today with a good solid tine too, so not bad at all. Now to leave the pitches rest for a couple of weeks, let the roots travel as you rightly said in your last post. Lots of other jobs to catch up on at the footy club and of course at home too!!😂😂
  9. Been out and got my morning exercise, giving VP a good brush and cut. Nice bit of movement in the grass and looking a fantastic colour. Had the 9ft brush made by a local fabricator and each season buy a new set of brush heads (£15) from warriors and screw them on. Had it made at 9ft (equivalent to 3 yards) as i mostly strip our pitch at 6 yard or 3 yard stripes. Brushing is good for taking off the morning dew, therefore getting less infections, good for stripping a pitch and getting air around the roots, takes about 30-40 minutes to do a pitch in both directions. VP is being vertidrained tomorrow, I will get some pictures/videos and upload on here and our social media for everyone to see what older means about 90 degree entry.
  10. Well done Leuan, no stopping you now, we will see pictures all the time. I didn't get any message from you last week, hence I haven't replied. By all means text me if easier 07875596798. Hope you are enjoying your new equipment as much as I do. Rappo - here here two great facilities and both grounds and their groundsman give so much inspiration to me. If anyone out there is thinking of getting involved at their club, don't hold back. Nothing better when pitches are stripped and looking good and sometimes just sometimes the players really do appreciate it.😁 Things do seem to be warming up bet getting cold again by the weekend....
  11. Looking Good older. Trying to get on top of jobs at VP too, think we may only have a few days left to go outside our front doors. On another note the reason for my post is the line marking conversation we had. Here are the markings on VP, last time it was marked was Fri 13th, so we've had a game on it and numerous times on with the new machine. How does that compare with yours?? Hope your keeping safe.
  12. Definatly not!! I honestly think this maybe our renovation period older so, prepare the damaged wet areas, sorted out the drainage, get seed in the ground, vertidrain, sand/top dress and leave in quarantine 😂😂 Get some paint for the players to paint THEIR Changing rooms and THEIR dugouts and we are all ready to go whenever that day comes that a ball can be kicked again. How's the carpet at Kernick looking?
  13. Well we got a few weeks/months now to get pitches back....all clubs need now is some volunteers to move earth, paint dugouts etc....who might be free at this time.....OH YEAH PLAYERS!!! Let's hope when their bored on a Saturday all players pour down to their football club and start helping!!🤔🤔
  14. Great idea, will the drone reach St Day older??😂😂
  15. Haha, maybe Scoffy but it won't be going anywhere near Vogue Park!!😂😂. Yes rainfall has been a massive issue and drainage etc just cannot cope but a little thought, hard work, funding (biggest need) and equipment pitches could be better. Players and Volunteers reading this thread and getting out with a fork in their hand during the week instead of waiting until a Saturday morning would be a bloody good start. #learnfromolder!!!
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