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  1. Had issues with lots and lots of crows and it made the pitch look awful, never got around to finding out the cause but probably Leather Jackets or such like. Since the rain returned and the warmer weather has come the grass has greened up and lots of growth. This seems to have resulted in no more crows and pitch looking good, not sure if its a coincidence or linked to the pitch not being dry?......but now to sort the rabbits again!!!!! We have the contractors booked in for tomorrow (Tues 1st), off the back of being awarded a 6 year tapered grant from the FF which totals an input of £18,000 over the next six years (£13k from them and £5k from us). With the local quarry now not providing sports sand but looking after building merchants we have decided to try hollow coring to produced some material. We will use the cores to restore levels by drag matting them around. Contractors will be starting at 8:30am tomorrow to get both pitches done, over seeded and then vertidrained, before a little rain on Wednesday morning. I will update on how it goes tomorrow unless anyone wants to pop along to VP and take a look, you are more than welcome. We have spent time lately bringing the height of cut down from 35/40 mm to 20-25 mm, lot s of cutting and gradual decline in height. Today we harrowed the pitches, in two directions to drag out any dead material and collected with a box mower. So pitches are looking good, tan is being topped up too (hahaha) and the pitches will hopefully improve further with the input tomorrow, lets wait and see. Older pitch was looking good yesterday shame our U16 boys didn't play much football on it. Best wishes to all Mark
  2. 😥😥Tony came along to St Day and did some coaching of our youth teams in the very early days off the back of a level 1 course. Tony put the club in contact with AS Dirinon in France where we twinned and still visit every year to play in their international tournament. He even joined us one year in our visit to France, as he happened to be on holiday at the same time 😁. Thank you Tony for your generosity and guidance. Without your link to France, loads of children would have never been given such a huge opportunity. Best Wishes and god bless to your family 🖤
  3. Yep we too were delighted to see football back at VP. Lots of hard work over lockdown has paid off by the groundsteam Gave the pitch a good rake out and clean up last week and it's already looking healthier for it. Good string line and over mark this morning, after a double brush and a double cut, pitch was looking really good. Hope everyone is well.
  4. Dave what make and model did you look at? I'm interested to goggle it and see what you are referring too. Cheers
  5. Yeah honest it didn't cost that much and it's such a satisfying job to do and takes 30-40 mins in two directions. Now if you got to pick between brushing and cleaning off wet grass I know what I would chose. Plus from brushing you get all the other benefits. I have also taken the brush heads off and used as a levelling tool to move and level of a pile of soil.
  6. Looking good Paul, defo invest in a brush mate, I got one made by a fabricator about 10 years ago, still good now, it's a tow behind but now looking to modify into 3 point linkage. Brilliant for putting stripes in quickly on a match days (if grass is short), dries out grass so that machinery is not covered in grass after cutting and as you know, I expect, it has loads of other benefits around infections, air around the base of the plant etc. We designed it so that the brush heads are just screwed on and screwed off, we replace them every year for about £20-£25 and we have a new brush. The brush is 9ft wide, exactly 3yards for obvious reasons!
  7. Same at VP, went down there this morning at the dugouts are flooded with water, lakes in places I've never seen them. Pitches absoutly saturated, will need a good 5 days. Forecast looking better this week, let's hope it is not changed!🤞
  8. I've requested new socks!!😂😂 so glad I got on the pitches as they are water logged again now. Things are warming up so let's hope it dries up soon and we can get back out there. How is everyone else's looking?
  9. Yes no football is the main factor Dave. Fairly easy with no one messing it up 😂. However I would much rather see people coming through the gates also enjoying it. Easterly was dam cold but so thankful that us groundsman took delivery of our 5 new jackets before Christmas, keep me nice and warm. Paid for with our money for winning grounds team of the year, plus a top up from club funds. Please note no shorts were worm this week whilst out on the tractor!!😂😂 Hope everyone is safe and well and not to bored! Won't be long until we are all allowed out and everyone can get down to their local club and help with all those jobs, I reckon players will be queued out the gates to help do something!!🤣
  10. Managed to get onto both pitches at Vogue Park this week, my god hasn't the easterly wind dried the grounds out. It was dam cold but so lovely to be out on the machinery again. Even uncovered the mowing deck and put it over the pitches to tidy them up. Really pleased with how it's looking and spring is just around the corner. 1st picture is 10th February 2017, second picture is 10th February 2021
  11. No break in the weather for anyone in Cornwall Today. Picture looking across towards our bottom pitch. Main pitch shows no water but I'm was thankful of a pair of wellies!!😁 Thank God we don't need to be panicking about getting games on. Been on the pitches a couple of times since boxing day. And us at St Day being bang in the middle we were bang in the middle with our weather too. Pitches dried out a little but no time with work to get machinery on. Said it loads of times, players still don't get it that one pitch is playable and another can be waterlogged. However today was easy to understand for players, all waterlogged!!😂
  12. Yep we got that, which will pay our on going cost and bills so cannot complain but obviously only last so long. Let's hope more funding is given towards pitches and facilities as they still need maintaining as always. Fingers crossed, chin up, grass will start growing faster again soon!😂
  13. Let's hope the FA remember us clubs below steps 6 that remarkably have similar outgoings....shock I know. Looking forward to receiving similar news in the near future.😂
  14. Nice colour in the pitch Leuan. I take it you had no snow/frost over new year then?? Mine still has some snow and frost on it today, and no sign of going as the temp didn't get high enough.
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