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  1. T.Prem St Day Res v Penryn Res 1:30pm Referee: Mr Ian Roberts St Day v West Cornwall 3:15pm Referee: Mr Ian Roberts The story/reason why is too long to even make short and nothing to do with referee shortages. But I would just like to say a massive thank you to Ian, all 4 teams, managers and Adrian Walters for organising it all this week. Top Work.?? Bar opens at 1pm with live footy on the TV. Our U14s KO at 10am v St Agnes, going to be a cracker of a day if you wish to make a whole day visit to VP, see you there. ???????
  2. Mark

    Defibrillators at Cornish clubs

    In the village of St Day we are lucky to have two, one is placed outside the main door at the football club. Great access for the community but thankfully needed used yet. Great post and idea
  3. hello mate do we pay on the day ? and how many mens teams are in it pls

  4. Hi Alan,

    Thanks very much. What a good idea. We used them for training those portable lights and got them from HSS Hire at pool. When are you looking to hold the event???

  5. hi mark, thanks for the other, obviously i really appreciate the offer and i wont say no yet, because floodlights will be needed but i can try to arrange portable lights through speedy hire, so i will definitely keep st.days offer on the table at the moment, thank you mark i really am grateful for the offer. alan

  6. Hi Alan, i have just read about your charity football match. I am the groundsman of St Day Fc and wouldd like to offer are football club as your hosting venue. The only thing i think you will need i suppose is flood lights which we don't have, but i thought i would offer any way as i like to help any charity any time i can.

    Whens t going ahead.

    Kindest Regards