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    Nick Pope reacted to Steve Carpenter in Cornwall FA St Piran League statement - Thurs May 16 2019   
    I'm not going to go over old ground here as there's little to be gained from that.  Those of us that put ourselves forward to run with this project could only deal with the scenario we were presented with and we've given it our best shot.  The situation we found ourselves in over the last week or so was not where we wanted to end up but we did.  It had been anticipated as a possibility but only when we very quickly got to the the weekend situation could we get definitive answers as to what would be an acceptable solution.
    We now move ahead with a positive approach and a revised plan that meets the FA's mandate.  During the course of today we have had 6 firm applications to join and advance notice of another 2 so the early signs are good.   We'll see where we are on the 24th and go from there.  
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    Nick Pope got a reaction from baldy in Step 7 (Devon FA Divisions) Application Update.   
    1 Management Committee with added support from DCFA.
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    Nick Pope got a reaction from MattP in 2019-20 Cornish step 7 league - what will it look like?   
    Taken from the Falmouth Packet!

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