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  1. I agree, Saltash were bad, but I’ve given credit for Newquay being very good. I am the first to congratulate an official of he has had a good game,but this one was particularly bad. It’s a vicious circle, as any decent refs will get promoted to a higher level and we are left with the dross
  2. Every need. Ref was shite-end of. Both sides agreed
  3. Not at all, but I am level 6 qualified in and how to shaft the league when your best players/ringers aren’t available.
  4. Twitter states that floodlights on one side of the pitch aren’t working..... roughly translated as “our north Devon ringers aren't available tonight”!!!!!!!
  5. Shaun cleary, Mike Smith, Henry Wilson, Chris Menhinick, Sam Leary, plus Sam Hughes, Ben holter and fletcher Williams who were only for for the bench....I think
  6. That’s 4 in 4 for Ben Holter. So pleased for him after a couple of years out with a nasty injury. It’s like having a new signing. I was a little sceptical with Reece last year, but it’s like having a new player. No wonder he is attracting interest from higher leagues
  7. Yes I believe he did. Very fast and a nightmare to get the ball off.
  8. I agree with the majority of your report. Saltash were lucky, but the front runners were the difference. Of Gusterton had played from the start, things may have been different. The camels will certainly surprise quite a few teams this season. I was especially impressed with the number 7. Yes Dane was wrong to celebrate in front of the camelford bench, but the trade in insults from botH benches moments before, had emotions running high. And if you want to talk about class, you need only look at Bobby Hopkinson. He was heard saying o one of the camels defenders, to, and I
  9. Ouch!!!! The comment about the ashes and the FA cup hasn’t aged well?????
  10. You can buy a players services, but you can’t buy team spirit. Total lack of class and respect from Parkway
  11. At the end of the day, if a ticket allocation is unfairly distributed, away fans haven’t got a choice. Its not against the law. Perhaps spend a little less on average players and put up a proper fence next time
  12. I shall be popping over to the ashes bar on Saturday, to coincide with their friendly against millbrook
  13. Sam Hughes returns to Saltash after a brief spell with Parkway. A great signing, and its just what we need. Goals seem hard to come by this season
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