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  1. As you know i dont really care what i write so here goes ,England played brilliant and won but not the right way to win Sterling went down to easy for the pen hes been doing it all season he is a cheat and i hope if he does it on Sunday the Italians kick the out of him .If this morning England had lost to a pen like that everyone would be up in arms we where robbed Denmark cheated but England does it nothing is said .Roy Keane is also outspoken bit like me but he tells it like he saw it and he said it was never a pen and if he says it you dont argue with him .Well done England but lets win the final on Sunday the proper way and not cheating ,If Sterling goes down easy like he does Chielinni will kick him over the stand looking forward to Sunday but i think the Italians will win 2-0 they have been the best team in the tournament and they have not lost for 33 games so they cant be a bad team .Harry McGuire what a player what a leader think Pickford had some dodgey moments last night just hope he doesnt have any on Sunday the player that has impressed me most is Kalvin Phillips hes Englands unsung hero before the tournament i never thought he was good enough for England but i was wrong hes been tremendous .Ok onto sunday only a couple more days of that song Its coming home rather here Sweet Caroline 

  2. Thankyou Older i did say that but as usual its always repeated ,it would of been nice to of seen Mousehole up there what is the point of playing Newquay 1st team against a load of kids who by the way had 13 players out due to work .Newquay missed a good chance of playing a class side and test themselves but no they turned down Mouseholes offer an ddecided to play a meaningless match against a load of kids i felt sorry for the poor little buggers ,I was talking to  a Mousehole supporter and he said 50 of his mates would love to of come to NEWQUAY and made a day of it ,But Newquay played Newquay Academy they did have free entry but lots of visitors would of loved to of seen a quality side .I was talking to 2 suppporters from London who came up at  to see Radstock because they saw it advertised but came with 10mins to go of the Academy match they where a bit pissed off 

  3. Just back from Watching Newquay 1st team vs Newquay Academy bit of a mismatch really not sure of the score but in the 1st half every time a goal was scored it seemed to be Louis PRICE think he had 4 but Aaron Dilley scored the goal of the match he wont get  a better 1 all season Jack Bray Evans scored a superb lob in the 2nd half Newquay made a lot of changes and 1 young lad called Orlando was very skillful and missed a pen but he was really good but dont know what he will be like on a cold wet night vs the big buggers from Bodmin St Blazey and others in the league . Newquay Academy did score 1 which was good an dhit the bar but they where outplayed by  a really good NEWQUAY side with some useful new signings in the team and they will do well this year but they need harder opposition they could of had Mousehole up there who where looking for aponents but turned them down and they could of made some money but no they played men against boys in front of about 20 people .Newquay will have a really good season got a great midfield and lots of good player to step in Cam TURNER was class But Jack Bray Evans was really good as usual and i think it was Luke Hunter at no5 who had a excellent game .Hard to pick a mom but has to go to Louis Price and the no6 for the Academy . Onto bigger and tougher games Think the score may of been 8 -1 to Newquay 1sts felt sorry for the young Academy lads ref had  a good game and let the game flow 

  4. Tom Whipp has left Bodmin and gone back to his old club Newquay  great player .St Austell have made 2 goos signings in goalie Dan Peters and striker Jacob Jaffa Rowe both from St Dennis it seems now the money has ran out at St Dennis all the  players are leaving i bet the Rickard Boys dont jump ship they are loyal to there club .I hope St Dennis dont struggle they are a lovely club really nice people there really enjoy going there Wil be off to see St Austell play at St Agnes   this weekend all depends who Mousehole play if they play smewhere near me i will be going to watch them play im hoping they play here in Newquay because both teams have no aponents this Saturday 

  5. Mousehole vs Portheleven off this Saturday due to Portheleven not being able to fulfill the fixture so Mousehole looking for a match with any luck they will come to Newquay whose game was also cancelled ,there would be  a good crowd at Mt Wise with all the visitors here Hopefully Mousehole will be playing somewhere local so i can get to watch them


  6. Jack will never leave Newquay hes had offers to e to bigger clubs but always refused hes 1 of the loyal ones who stays with the, club hes happy at great player .I havnt watched the G yet by the pre season results so far sounds like they have got a pretty good side and could surprise a few teams and not get hammered like they have done in the previous 2 seasons .Looking forward to getting out at Godolphin Way soon but 1st lots of other matches to go to this Saturday i will be at St Agnes to watch them play St Austell hope i dont get lost never been there on that pitch and i havnt got Sat Nav so Smokie will have to give me instructions 

  7. All the lads that have gone to Blazey our Phils boys and they have gone there because i would think they all know each other so well and would be happy there ,but there could be a few red cards there with Martin Giles and Sam Cooper there both great players but a little hot headed  I will also say Blazey will of wrapped up the league by January and could go the whole season unbeaten 

  8. Just finished reading the Peter Shilton book and nice piece about Allan Nichols the young Plymouth Goalie who died in a motorbike accident , e was the best goalie i had seen at Plymouth but he was nuts he use to see me there every week taking photos and 1 match vs Cardiff at home Cardiff had a corner he came rushing over to me and asked me to take his photo which i did then rushed back and wated for Cardiff to take a corner it was embarassing me and the wife even got in the Evening HERALD that evening . As soon as Neil Warnock came in Alans days where numbered and he told him to go the fun went out of going there then 

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