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  1. Cant Newquay see it they where doing great with Prentice in goal then they put new signing Ashton in goal and they have dropped points since theres your problem staring you in the eyes bring back Nathan Prentice
  2. I have seen Newquay severel times so far and they have been really good they had Nathan Prentice in goal who has been very god and then some bright spark decided to put another goalie in called Harry Ashton in and since he has gone in goal its been downhill ever since i watched him against Mousehole and he was awful .So Newquay get back to the way you was playing put Nathan back in goal he will get you more points than Ashton
  3. i said to Liam Eddy when he was warming up its good to see you back Liam an dhe looked at me like Smokie had done something on his shoe ,My address was on that piece of paper thanks Paul, Blazey should oftaken there chances in the 1st half see you again soon .Le Boss you sure Slateford is going to Saltash hes injured at the moment but another player maybe going there very young bench for Helston today i see the ref was called Scott Mckenzie ,i wander if hes going back to San Francisco sorry it was just his name .Hope the footy isnt going tobe suspended its my lifeline
  4. Well it seems no one wants to report on the Blazey vs Helston match,so here goes Blazey shold be going into the hat for the next round if they had taken all there chances in the 1st half and not gone into the break leading to towering Dan Perryman header in the 2nd half Massey played a master stroke bringing on MattyBuchan -whose too good to be on the bench anyway he equalised rounding Jordan Duffy and scoring ,Jack ALEXANDER put Blazey 2-1 up but that man Buchan scored again and both sides had chances to win it Dan Perryman flashing a shot jus t past the post and Helston doing the same at t
  5. Thanks Dave still think it will be pens just hope it goes ahead cant see it ifthe weather is a s bad as itis here in Newquay but im hoping it does and i hope wedont go back into Lockdown an dgames are suspended its all i look forward to each week Everything crossed for Blazey vs Helston match to goahead see you all there hopefully .
  6. Looking forward to the St Blazey vs Helston match ,think it will be a draw after extra time and Helston winning on pens LIAM EDDYBEING named MOM pity Neil Slateford is still injured but Blazey will be missing Cooper and hes avery good player hve to set off earlytmmrw to get there hope its not down we have had enough soakings this week poor Smokie has developed webbed feet .See you all tmrw getthe chips ready Paul i will bring my bit of paper with Trackand Trace i will bring a sample of my dna with me aswell .
  7. Think you will be wrong there Leeds ,Penzance have too many good young players in the team to finish in the bottom 3
  8. Thanks Tribute i stil stick by my opinion the ref had a shocker in the G match ball was way over the line in the match at least2 feet or 2 ball lengths everyone saw it except him an d the linesman an dhe should of played to the connditions of booking players and sending the Penzance player offhe should watch the officials of last nights match the ref MR had a brillinat game and left to flow an dplayed the advantage he and his assistants where 1st class
  9. St Blazey 2 -Helston 2 Helston to win on pens Dobwalls 1 - St Austell 3 Launceston 0 - St Dennis 3 Liskeard 1 - Mousehole3 Newquay 5 - Callington 0 Portheleven 0 - Saltash 6 Wendron 1 - Wadebridge 4
  10. No Way of the park i would add Helston and St Blazey in there as well but Mouseholego to be favs with the football they play
  11. Back from a rain swept Mt Wise where Newquay have lost 3-1 to a fine Mousehole side ,Mousehole scored after a couple of minutes through a good build up and a easy finish by Mark Richards after the NEWQUAY defence failed to clear there lines , Mousehole still continued to play attractive football on the ground on 17th min ex Newquay player Hayden Turner scored the 1st of his 2 goals , Newquay had there chances but just didnt have the finishing touches and needed that bit of extra to unlock a well drilled Mousehole defence and if Jack Bray Evans had been fit he would of been the player to pick
  12. Big match tonight when NEWQUAY VS MOUSEHOLE should be a good game i have never seen Mousehole play on there day Newquay can beat anyone depends what Newquay tirns up tonight i think Newquay will win hope it stays dry clothes stilldrying off from last nights football at Godolphin .
  13. OK if you really wantto know Penzances Scott Grant got sent off for a foul but here was a lot of fouls and severel yellow cards the conditions didnt help at all
  14. Well im back ,wish i stayed in and watched tv this was new mangers Paul Clarks 1st game in charge of the G and i cannot see a lot has changed but the defence did do well to hold Penzanceto 0-0 in the1st half in 2nd half both goalies had complete NIGHTMARES Ethan in the G Goal thought he would go walk about and the Penzance no11 lobbed him for a great goal , then Flores in the Penzance goalletthe ball go straight through his hands from a G corner whenit was a straight forward catch the 1st goal was unlucky for the G when a G player scored a own goal.The ref and his assitant had a bit of a kni
  15. Off up to see teh G Play Penzance and the unveiling of our new manager got the town band there marching bands and girls with there pom- poms an dme and my dog .I got the game down for a draw but we will see i will report later
  16. My 1st ever game was to watch Argyle vs Spurs but it was a reserve match and Jimmy Greaves had just come back from playing in ItALY my dad dragged me up to watch that match and i was hooked and watched Argyle for over40 years but stopped when a Steward grabbed my camera and ripped the film out of my camera but the main reason i stopped was when Argyle resigned a certain player and i was disgusted by that hes a nice bloke but iwas not going to pay to watch him and havnt been back there since .My dad use to deliver the Evening Herald here in Newquay
  17. I reckon Tania at the G would make a good manager shes passionate about the club gets on with the players an di bet shes got good knowledge of the game bet she would do a better job than most men Dont know whythe G havnt announced who the new manager is they all know at Newquay who is its not like its a big name like Phil Laffterty its whats his name down the road
  18. I was standing right behind the Liskeard manager and his assitant giving there half time talk and there was enough passion there ,hes a great manager in charge of a great loyal set of players .Onto management me and Leeds United are the new management of the G we would sort the team our , im wandering when they will anounce the new management maybe a big Fanfare before tmmrws match vs Penzance good luck to him anyway
  19. All someone would have to do is go on the sw league site or the clubs sites for the reports they dont gove the scorers or nothin gnow acracking 4-4 game between Sticker and Newquay but no report .All Pete Masters cares about is his beloved Truro and Devon fotball ,hes got rid of good people like Chris of the Newquay Voice .It would be nice tohave reports back and we dont need 4pages of tv programswe get them anyway in the Saturday supplement £2 is way ofthe top forwhat there is inthe Independant ihave beenreadin git for at least 60years but not anymore its not worth it
  20. Camelford 1 - Liskeard 3 Godolphin 2 - Penzance 2 Sticker 0 -Saltash 4 Wadebridge 3- Bodmin 1
  21. You will have to wait and see Leeds but yes is the answer but i wont name him and its not Arsene Wenger and its not you ,i had never heard of him
  22. I have jut wrote a letter to the Sunday Independendant saying i will nolonger buy it unless the Cornish football reports are back in the paper you get a couple of lines now and most matches theres nothing like yesterdays match i watched St AUSTELL vs Liskeard nothing mentioned all Pete Masters cares about is Truro City and Rugby ,doesn tcare about Cornish Football at all it seems . Also £2 for it is way to expensive we not need pages of tv programs in there wait and see what myletter says they wont like it but should know me by now i dont hold back i write what i think
  23. Right here we go again all about Big AL leave teh poor Bugger alone mayb ehe cannot attend games due toa health Issue its upto him but for gods sake stop this will or wont he attends a Falmouth going it gets a bit boring .So St Dennis has got a money man and is paying big money for players ,Heard the G have got there new manager i was hopin gfor Phil lafferty but nope i wont name him i will let Tania do that but i would rather it had been someone with manager experiance thats all i See you next week Paul im hoping the teams pose for photos before the match the St BLAZEY team photo you sent
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