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  1. Callington 0 -Ivybridge 2 Camelford2- Falmouth 1 Launceston 0-Saltash 3 Plymouth Argyle 4- St Austell 1 Plymouth Parkway 5 - Witheridge 0
  2. callington 1 - Cullompton 3 Falmouth 3 Launceston 1 Ivybridge 4 -Newquay 0 St Blazey 2 - Torpoint 1 Tavistock 6 - Camelford 0 Tiverton 2 -Saltash 3 Witheridge 1 -GODOLPHIN 3
  3. Camelford 0-St Austell 4 Launceston 3- Newquay 1 Tavistock 1-Plymouth Parkway 4 Torpoint 0 - Plymouth Reserves 3
  4. most of the south western peninsula premier sides will sigh a relief now hes a class player and my fav player heard his brother has also signed for Tivvy
  5. 2 Players have left Bodmin Ryan Richards gone to Plymouth Parkway and Darren Hicks gone to Elburton thought they would of stayed with Bodmin more than likely to win the league and a cup or 2 i expect
  6. Wheres Levi Landricombe said in the morning news he was with Tiverton but only midweek games wouldnt of thought he would leave Parkway
  7. Imgoing to St Dennis tmmrw i want to see St Austell 1st team not a load of young kids you pay your money to see the 1st 11 not reserves been caught out so many times especially at Plymouth and also down Truro .Looking forward to the game tmmrw
  8. another good signing for Newquay signing Bodmins Huw Morgan
  9. Newquay have made some excellent signings and i think will have a excellent season and can see a top 10 finish in the league possibly 8th but it will be the Gs Season again and will go for a 4th or 5th finish . Cant see many teams troubling St Austell except Parkway and Bodmin can see new comers Helston doing well with the lad Goldsworthy in the team unless another team takes him b4 the Season starts
  10. bodmin will have a good side this year now Kevin Miller has decided to stay 1 more season and the signings of Jordan Dingle from St Austell and Glynn Hobbs returning yet again 2 players left Bobby Hopkinson to Tavi and Danny Brook gone as well
  11. Why would Chris Reski wont to leave St Austell a title winning team and got to be favourites again this season and go to Newquay dont think there is a chance in hell of that happening Plymouth Parkway will give St Austell a good run after signing all there ex players just hope most of them are stil on there holidays when the play the G 1st game of the season
  12. Hi Tania i ordered a scarf off Ebay to wear at Torpoint for the final but i was sent 2 scarfs and only charged for 1 was wandering if you would like it .See you at the next home match

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