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  1. River Allen scored a brilliant free kick , James WARD played forParkway thought he had gone to Famouth and Levi Landricombe came on as a sub for Parkway Luke Jephcott scored the winning goal for Argyle
  2. It is here in Newquay its crazy and the traffic is really bad and social distancing is non existent .Roll on when we can get back to standing in the rain and cold watching our teams play
  3. It said on Radio Cornwall yesterday there was only 7 cases of Corona Virus yeterday and they where all Locals ,so its about time this government looked at the figures down here and see they are very low and let the footy spectators back in this is a small little County not a bloody big city where there are 1000s of Nationalities mixing with each other
  4. Middlesboro will be coming to Cornwall and playing matches on Sept2 5 and 6th not announced who they will be playing but 1 team looks like it will be Liskeard where they will be training and no doubt the other will be at Bodmin they say the games will be behind close doors but theres loads of roomon the grass Banks at Bodmins ground i will be there if they do play at Bodmin taking Pictures
  5. I have already had the Covid and it was awful ,i have had every bloody thing going and i dont care what happens to me anymore life isnt worth living at the moment havnt even got any footy to watch .No wonder theres been a spike in Covid here theres 1000s of people all close together on the beaches and not obeying the distance rules hope we dont have Lockdown again
  6. The Newquay vs Nuneaton Boro game scheldued for Saturday August 29th has now been Cancelled
  7. Its all a joke you got 1000s of people down here close together on the beaches in shops Not obeying the distance rule ,best thing i have heard so far was a family from Manchester saying we wont catch the virus we are in Cornwall i thought you idiots . there is plenty of room around the gounds for spectators to watch a match in Safety ,just hoping the Newquay vs Nuneaton match goes ahead got my spot planned already bit awkward for Smokie dog though .I was told last nights St Blazey where the better team vs Parkway and went ahead with a brilliant Jack Alexander Goal and should of scored more 1-1 final score
  8. I was talking to someone who went and watched St Blazey play at Plymouth Parkway last night he said everyone was keeping there distances and the majority wore masks he said there was 152 spectators there last night so hearing that i am not going to be stopped from attending matches
  9. On the Middlesboro Website Neil Warnock is looking to bring his Middlesboro side down here to play in Cornwall a couple of matches no dates been announced yet i expect 1 will be at Bodmin if they cant play the match on the Priory Park PITCH maybe they could play it on the training pitch beside it just a thought
  10. Why not just let spectators in as long as they where masks think we would wear full protective clothing if we where allowed in to watch a match i am still thinking of driving to St Blazey Tues night to see them play Parkway
  11. Same old crap goin as usual the subject was When will supporters be allowed back into grounds and its changed to tit for tat squabble no point in playing preseason matches if spectators are not allowed in just as well the 1st team play there 2nd teams its going to cost a fortune to Newquay to play Nuneaton at the end of August whats the point if no one can watch them and Plymouth Parkway wouldnt be playing StBlazey for nothing that would be a great game to watch because St BLAZEY have got a really good side this year .Ok thats enougth of that its back to the LEEDS UNITED AND BIG AL SHOW your favourite double act and Entertainers
  12. Dont charge admission just go around and ask for donations we in Cornwall are a generous lot and we just want to be unleased back on the grounds so we can watch 22 players kick the crap out of each other
  13. So thats my plans out the window then was going to Blazey to see them vs Plymouth Parkway and to ST austell to see them play Helston YOUTH whats the point of having Pre season friendlies if noone can watch them its all a bloody joke there wont be big crowds there anyway was lookinf forward to getting out fed up with looking at 4 bloody walls .Someone needs to give a proper answer can spectators go or not,there is 1000s of holiday makers here in Newquay and most of them arent social distanting ,i know us fans can find somewhere where we dont have to be near anyone at a ground i have my usual spots where ever i go .Will be really dissapointed if cant get to games Newquay got a big game coming up August 29th vs Nuneaton Boro and they are bringing down a good size crowd of spectators whose going to tell them they cant get in It says you are highly unlikely to catch the corona Virus outside we could all wear masks anyway
  14. I have noticed on the St Blazey website they are playing Plymouth Parkway on the 4th August im thinking of going down to watch this will spectators be allowed to attend this match
  15. None of those players will get the amount of goals Adam Carter saw Matt Wright playing for Truro many years ago but he had a good player alongside him then in Newquays own Isaac Vassel Ryan RICHARDS may struggle as well he will be up against bigger nastier and uglier defenders in a higher league Mikey Williams very good player and Shane KRAC hard player guaranteed to give 100%Commitment and severel yellow cards and some red as well but a real leader
  16. Parkway will struggle without all the goals Adam Carter scored for them big mistake letting him go how can they replace a player of his Calibre and goals same goes for Saltash in the Kitchen Premier League how can they replace Ryan Richards goals they cant but Dane BUNNEY will do a good job i always thought he was underated because it was always Matt Cusacks team , now is your chance Dane to show the doubters they are wrong
  17. Bodmin and St Blazey squads arent bad either they must cost a bit to put on the field Im going to put a bet on Helston to win the league and 2 players to fight it out for the Golden Boot Bodmins Adam Carter and Helstons Mark GOLDSWORTHY and Carter to win it and score 40 odd goals mostly against Godolphin only joking
  18. Well some of the fixture list for the new season is out some pretty tasty matches to look forward to here in my town .Here are my predictions for the leagues final positions 1 Helston 2 Bodmin 3 St Blazey 4 Falmouth 5 Saltash 6 Newquay I am hoping my team Godolphin do ok
  19. Saw Jared Lewington play for Truro didnt think he was that good ,they also got River Allen who i really rate
  20. Levi Landricombe signed for Tiverton i saw him a few times playing for St Blazey at 1st he looked overweight and slow but near near the end of his time there he was looking back to his old self and scoring goals , What a forward line Tivvy will have with ex Argyle payer Alex Fletcher also going there i always thought he was a good player and would get in the Plymouth Argyle 1st team but i must be wrong
  21. The Indy is expensive and not half as good as it use to be i miss the supplement when it used to show all the team photos , Having the squad names would be a waste of time because loads of players say they are going to play for your team antd ime the season starts they have gone to someone flashing more money around i remember 1 player going to 3 diffrent clubs before the season started and you use to see him join 1 club next week hes gone to another club then hes gone back to where he started from
  22. got the program somewhere it was a very Foggy night the scorers where Wood ,Blackmore ,Hanrahan 2 they also beat Mousehole 6-0
  23. Newquays pre season friendly with Nuneaton has been cancelled from Aug1st and rearanged for August 29TH im hoping Neil Warnock comes down with his Middlesboro team and hopefully there will lots of pre season matches to watch because i need to get out and watch some footy after the death of my Partner from a massive stroke on May 25th after being on Fistral Beach so im struggling at the moment and so is Smokie but hopefully i will see all you fine people at a ground somewhere this season
  24. I heard hes going to St Dennis maybe he will come to the G just the sort of player they could need to hep the young side
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