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  1. I heard hes going to St Dennis maybe he will come to the G just the sort of player they could need to hep the young side
  2. Thought Calver had gone to Helston must of been a bigger wage from Bideford
  3. Helston have so many good players and i thought the youngsters would of been given more of of a chance this year but doesnt look like it now , and they got so many good youngsters my 3 that i expect will leave to get more football are Alex Wharton ,Lewis Tonkin and Harrison Jewell all really good players but they wouldnt get many games with all the players Helston are signing
  4. it will be strange not seeing CHRIS RESKI in a St Austell shirt he will be wearing Bodmin colours another great signing for them they will be there or thereabouts in the top spot this year Reski and Carter 2 great players , but still think Helston will win the league with Goldsworthy and Eddy up front .Got to ask whts going on at St Austell all there players ar leaving could be a long hard season for them .Falmouth got 2 new signings Jack Bowyer back at Falmouth from St Austell and KIRK dAVIS from Porteleven also to Falmouth must be some money still going around then
  5. Dingle and Tinsley are no better than what is already at Helston who should change there name to St Austell rejects , Helston have so many good youngsters they should be given a chance like the had been
  6. Thankyou kind people it just hasnt sunk in she was fit only ate salads ,and fruit had no history of strokes 1 minute shes enjoying the sun with her friend overlooking Fistral beach ,then the Paramedics are working on her for 40 mins but she had already gone a week bfore we was celebrating her 59th birthday ,no im planning her funeral ,its so unfair all that has happened to me it should be me thats gone im going to be lost without her . Thankyou again to everyone on this brilliant site such kind people
  7. Thankyou to you all just hasnt sunk in yet 1 minute shes having a nice time with her friend overlooking fistral beach next she was gone and she wasnt big she ate mostly veg and fruit and she was as fit as a fiddle 59 no age dont know how im going to cope really .Mum ,Dad now my partner Amanda all dead from Strokes lifes a Bitch
  8. My fav player brilliant striker he score the majority of parkways goals and they let him go they will struggle without him and parkway sign Cowell , Wright an dMike Landricombe theplayers they let fo our better than them ,it would be wishful thinking Carter will join the G , I Bet he ends up back at Bodmin . I cant wait to get back to watching football , my partner died on Monday from a massive stroke its been a bloody awful year
  9. Made me laugh saying Parkway could beat any Cornish side well on satday oct 13th 2018 Fa Vase Parkway came to Poltair park to play StAUSTELL and got hammered 6-1 with Liam Eddy getting 4 and Mark Goldsworthy the other 2 this was against a full Parkway team before anyone starts ,you just read so much crap on here Parkway would beat any team in Cornwall by 5 or 6 goals what a load of bollocks Adam Carter is there main scorer without him Parkway wouldnt have half the goals ,im sure Helston ,Saltash and Falmouth would give them a hard game Falmouth beat them a couple of season s ago in the final
  10. It will be nice just to get back watching local football again standing in all winds and weathers cant wait why do you say it will be the worst football season the league have ever seen it will be no different the teams who pay the most money will be the ones picking up the tophies ,i reckon dark horses for the league could be St Blazey think Bodmin will do well as well but got to be Helston to win the lot
  11. He played a couple of matches for Helstons 2nd team before the season ended ,if hes back to full fitness watch out the rest of the league because Heston are my certainties for the league
  12. Shane Krac deserves a Oscar for his performance he was brilliant and funny ,would liked to of heard Adam Carter speak but the big man maybe shy but he lets his boots do the talking and what a player he is . Great watch and good to see the Gs Jamie Lowry in EPISODE 3 .Pity Parkway didnt go up but it does show how good St Austell where when they dished out that hammering or should i say Liam Eddy dished it out he was brilliant that day .Good Luck Parkway when the season starts again
  13. I thought they where all at St Austell Rocky still dont think they are any better than what Helston have there already and they got the best young players around dont think any of that 3 will go to Helston just rumours i reckon but lets wait and see
  14. Calver ,Dingle and Tinsley are no better than the players already at Helston and Helston should have a fully fit Liam Eddy returning after being out all year and he will add at least another 20 goals .I cannot see those 3 players leaving Parkway they are lucky to be in a Parkway team they are good players but i dont think they are good enough for the Parkway team .Parkway muast have 3 really good replacements lined up if those 3 are going but i expect this is just rumours ets wait and see who goes where
  15. Helston to win the league with ease and if they have Liam Eddy back fit and playing it will be like having a new signing My top 3 will be Helston ,2 Falmouth 3rd Saltash
  16. Callington 0- Godolphin 2 Camelford 1- St Austell 3 Falmouth 2- Bodmin 2 Potheleven 2- Liskeard 1 Saltash 6- St Dennis 1 St Bazey 4- Penzance 0 Sticker 0 - Helston 6 Wadebridge 1- Newquay 3 Wendron 1- Launceston 2 Bovey 1- Mousehole 3
  17. Mousehole 4 - Newquay 1 St Austell 4-Dobwalls 0 Sticker 0- Bodmin 6 Wendron 1- Camelford 2
  18. Liskeard 3- Launceston 1 Portheleven 2- Penzance 2 Helston 6 - Callington 0 Falmouth 4- St Blazey 1 Millbrook 1- Saltash 3
  19. Dobwalls 1 - Liskeard 2 Falmouth 4 - Sticker 1 Godolphin 3 - St Blazey 1 Launceston 0- Helston 4 Penzance 1- Camelford 3 Portelven 3- St Dennis 1 Saltash 4 - Mousehoe 1 St Austell 2 - Newquay 2 Wendron 0- Callington 2
  20. Bodmin 4- Wendron 0 Callington 3 - Sticker 1 Godolphin 0- Saltash 8 Launceston 1- Portheleven 3 Penzance 0- Liskeard 2 St Austell 6- Dobwalls 0 Bovey 1 - Mousehole 4
  21. Dobwalls 0- Falmouth 4 Godolphin 3- Wendron 0 Helston 8- St Dennis 0 Launceston 1- Camelford 4 Liskeard 0- Mousehole 4 Penzance 0- Bodmin 4 Porthelven 2- Sticker 2 Saltash 2- Newquay 2 St Austell 4- Callington 0 St Blazey 1- Wadebridge 3
  22. Dobwalls 1- Wadebridge 2 Godolph 0- Bodmin 6 Mousehole 4- Porthelven 1 Newquay 3 - lAUNCESTON 0 Penzance 0- Falmouth 5 Saltash 6- Camelford 1 St Dennis 0 - St Blazey 2 Sticker 0- Helston 8 Wendron 0- St Austell 6
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