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  1. It will have been 5 days since the first Ludgvan game was cancelled, surely its been enough time to know if anyone has symptoms or a positive test? I read the FA document Steve Carpenter posted (thank you Steve) and it says players don't need to isolate if no symptoms or a positive test? Just need to be sensible and have common sense? But I'm now hearing that St Just vs Ludgvan Reserves is still on, which makes even less sense. It will be interesting to see if any Ludgvan players play for their second team, mixing with another squad, as well as another team, when it's not safe to play for their own side?
  2. I can see you again missed the part where I said I wasn't pinpointing one particular club, but was simply airing my thoughts for the purpose of a discussion. Hope your lads are all okay 👍
  3. Well yeah, Ludgvan were the example for the points I was making and questions I was asking 🤷‍♂️ Priority is always the health of the players, but as I have stressed several times, I am questioning the rules and protocols (and not Ludgvan - that's seven times now 👍). If players are still allowed to play for other clubs, or to go and play cricket, in my opinion it just doesn't make sense?
  4. First time I've asked the question Andy! As I said I'm more interested in the rules behind it, less so the team involved 👍
  5. Before I start, nothing against Ludgvan fc, very good club, I'm more questioning the rules here. Ludgvan have a reserve team, who didn't have a game? Why did they have to cancel altogether - isn't that the whole point of a reserve team, to help cover the 1sts if they have players missing? Ludgvan have 50 players signed on, did they all have to isolate!?! What counts as a Covid related problem? 2 players, maybe 3 with positive tests? When you have a reserve team and 50 players signed on, shouldn't you still have to fulfil the fixture? Seems too easy to just cancel the game. Did Ludgvan ASK to cancel, or were they told to? Also seen that some of the ludgvan players played for other clubs yesterday because their game was cancelled. Just makes it even more farcical!
  6. I'm hearing a team has appealed to the CFA after applying to go combo, which is why the trelawny leagues can't confirm leagues and fixtures (as they may yet be in the trelawny leagues). Any idea which side that is? I'm assuming it's because their application to combo was rejected?
  7. But don't you think there should be? Is the reason there is a vacancy in the first place because we are just letting any team join, for them to inevitably fold and drop out? Just because you can, it still doesn't make it right in my eyes. The purpose of league system is to work your way up. I understand that due to the pandemic the leagues have been unable to finish and this has caused a certain amount of problems regarding relegations and promotions. However like a few years ago when the Combination League accepted every team and their under 12's along with them, it makes the league lose its integrity. I'm not saying the St Pirans League is a bad league, far from it, but it does make you laugh when Perranporth (who folded the previous year and finished bottom of combo last year with a -71 goal difference) and Truro Res (who aren't even an affiliated team yet) get accepted in. If they needed another team, then the rest of the Combination/Trelawny Leagues (St Piran feeder leagues) should've been asked, with the highest ranked team who fancied it gone up. Not every team just applies to go up in the hope there isn't enough spaces.
  8. I think this is the point people are forgetting. Lots of discussion about the players etc, but it's not who plays for this Truro side that is the issue in my opinion. The issue is that a side can just start up and jump straight in to the St Pirans League. It makes a mockery of every single league below it.
  9. I don't think anyone is disputing the ability of the players. It's more likely those voting didn't like the idea of a new side that's not even affiliated yet jumping 5 leagues. It's bad enough that Perranporth got accepted after finishing bottom of Combo last year!
  10. Yeah I think Rodney just wanted a bite out of CTB - looks like he succeeded!
  11. What time is the Klopp of Cornwall giving his post match press conference?
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