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  1. Probus just got to hope the next time they apply all other applicants are from a different continent, regardless of where they finish in the league.
  2. No surprise Holmans and Illogan have both been accepted. Good clubs and the highest placed in trelawny prem to apply. Think we all expected that. Intrigued who the third will be!
  3. Last time I checked Ludgvan only had one team, which was in Trelawny championship? I take it you will be applying to get your reserves back in the trelawny leagues if that's the case. Still got the question of which league Ludgvan firsts will be in yet! However good luck to Matt, top chap wish him the best 👍👍🍺
  4. Rumour Mill tells me it's a player from Mousehole 2nds managing and half the team are going with him
  5. Soon see what other combo teams are about with the voting! Would be farcical if Ludgvan get in ahead of higher placed teams, regardless of who've they've got playing for them. However a local trip to Ludgvan with cracking facilities might outweigh a trip to Probus, SNE etc...
  6. I'd imagine the 3 teams Combo accept would then have a knock on effect as to who gets promoted in Trelawny? In my opinion Holmans should definitely go up, finishing top of the Prem both as it stood and on points per games. The other 2 vacancies are difficult, however if Trelawny Prem is the feeder league to Combo, then the other sides should be Illogan and Probus. I'm unsure how SNE and St Mawes applications stand given the different league, but they have a fair claim. Ludgvan would be jumping up from the Championship which in my opinion isn't fair on the other sides applying, regardless of who their new manager and players are. Also if Trelawny are indeed doing promotions/relegations by PPG, would Ludgvan not be close to getting relegated to Trelawny Divison 1, instead of promoted to the Combination League? Ludgvan definitely a top club with great facilities and should be in the Combination League. The players they have attracted under the new manager would make sure they'd compete at the top end of the table too. It could be argued Ludgvan would add more strength and competition to the Combo, more so than some of the other teams applying? Not an easy decision!
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