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  1. As one of the 2 managers of praze, this doesn't reflect my views. Yes frogpool threw a couple of arms and had a good moan. The young lad who did clearly stamp was visibly upset after being sent off and after a chat with him sure he will learn from it, hes a good player. Football without personalities is boring. It was an enjoyable afternoon and both sides left in good spirits. Played against loads worst..! Well reffed by Paul Minns who let the game flow.... great day for praze fc.
  2. So Danny Ford had a perfect hatrick in 4 mins & 30 secs today for Praze FC. Header, left foot, right foot. Has there ever been a quicker perfect hatrick? Near-perfect hatricks dont count..
  3. Isaac. Either state facts or bore off now. I've put the facts as they are. 100% accurate. Yeah, exactly like Trump....???🤣 And we dont have a players WhatsApp. Ohhhh
  4. If you have a look at the original reply on the previous weeks post you will see full details of why the match was rightly cancelled and with 2 negative tests since, then able to play this week. Was that your keepers first game? I thought he was outstanding! Well played fella. To be fair. Ben Tunnicliffe said to me that he was playing shit, not the team. Hence dropping to the 3rds..
  5. On Tuesday 22nd Sept, praze trained together. On the Thursday 2 players reported potential covid symptoms. On Friday night 2 more reported heavy colds. The right option was not to play. The 2 players with symptoms have both been tested and they came back as negative. Great news. Following advice those with heavy colds were not required to be tested. Government guidelines state we should isolate for 10 days. We did not train this week so that ends today. We have spoken to the FA and all good to play tomorrow. So a false alarm. But in my view, the correct decision. It co
  6. Hi Martin,

    If they haven't gone yet,i'm interested in drinks bottles and green socks.

    All the best 



  7. how many water proof suits u got pls 

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