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    claret&blue reacted to unitedrhino2 in RESULTS - Saturday 2 October 2021   
    Baldy, we were aware and the groundsman turned up to mark the pitch, but they haven’t got long to get the lights sorted. Communication not what it should be.
    We won’t be cancelling anymore games unless the weather decides otherwise, we got enough players that’s for sure. Yes the club is struggling at the minute with the 1st team down, but we will get there.
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    claret&blue reacted to Foul Throw 3 in ECPL FIXTURES 2nd and Wednesday 6th October.   
    Jon I never do Torpoint. I'm not like you, tipping St Cleer's fixture as "game of the weekend in the ECPL" on the Cornish Pod every Friday!!! 🎣
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    claret&blue reacted to Humpfry11 in Cornwall Intermediate Cup First Round 25th SEPTEMBER   
    St Teath 4 Torpoint reserves 3 AET. 
    A good little crowd were well entertained this afternoon as St Teath battled from three down to come back and win 4-3. 
    Torpoint started the game well and took an early 1-0 lead through a penalty. The second came moments before half time when the Torpoint midfielder ran through the St Teath midfield and slotted home his finish 0-2. 
    Early on in the second half and Torpoint had their third, game over surely... or not. 

    Moments later St Teath grabbed a consolation goal when Elson tapped in after an Edwards shot 1-3.
    St Teath kept battling and got their second when Edwards scored in off the post 2-3. 
    The equaliser came towards the end of normal time when a Burden corner fell to Brown who atoned for his earlier penalty miss with a fine finish 3-3. 
    Onto extra time, both teams were very “leggy” and St Teath were kept in the game  by Thompson in goal who was my man of the match, making some crucial saves in the extra time period. 
    St Teath always looked deadly on the counter and when the ball fell to Edwards there was only one result, he slotted the ball home from range to complete the comeback 4-3. 
    St Teath weren’t always on top in this game but no one can fault their effort and desire to dig in for the result. Good little cup upset. 
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    claret&blue reacted to leedsunited in RESULTS - Saturday 11 September 2021   
    Know how you feel Rappo, my reports are the same, just honest reviews & reflections of various different local fixtures, but as soon as people don't like to hear anything negative they go all defensive & ruin what used to be a good open forum. 
    That's why I don't bother anymore Rappo, local football has changed dramatically in recent times, best just to keep opinions to yourself as the snowflakes on here will only melt 🤣🤣
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    claret&blue reacted to RAPPO in RESULTS - Saturday 11 September 2021   
    Hi Steve, Penryn lads keep their own shirt number pretty much for the season if you want those so help you to know who’s who could send it to you mate 👍⚽️
    Thanks Sportsman, try and have a bit of fun with it mostly while being fair but the humour has gone out of it a bit for me this weekend if I’m honest. Not one to cry about things but been slated for just disagreeing with a few yellows given and not given, bit embarrassed if I’m honest!  😳. Would think I’d shot someone!! Better off keeping my mouth shut and just go and enjoy the game in future I’ve decided 👍
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    claret&blue reacted to Foul Throw 3 in Torpoint Athletic 3rds 21/22   
    Roche 0 - 4 Torpoint
    Goals from Blair, Easterbrook, Payn & WestallC.
    Lineup: Piper, Carter, Monk, Rogers, Hussey, Payn, Robbins, Rowe, Blair, WestallC, Easterbrook.
    Subs: Macleod, Eversfield, Ferguson, Brayson. 
    Pre-match I'd have taken the result, but I feel underwhelmed with the final score considering the amount of chances missed. Would've rather not have had the lengthy traffic delays too, especially captain and goalkeeper arriving 15mins before KO.
    Luckily, the delays didn't effect us too much, with a strong start resulting in Adam Blair scoring in the 9th minute. This gave us confidence to put our stamp on the game and not long after Robbins scored a 2nd from the edge of the box with a drive into the bottom left after a lay off from WestallC. The goal was chalked off by the referee due to Robbins' "set me" communications!!! The first of many bizarre shouts. One thing we did lack in the first half was isolating Easterbrook in 1v1 situations where he's dangerous. I only recall two times in the whole half we managed this, one resulting in him smashing the crossbar from 20yds+ with a thunderous drive. There were shouts of it crossing the line as the ball came down but I was unsure myself. The 2nd time Easterbrook found himself against the full back was 2-0 on 40minutes. A bit of skill, cut inside and a low drive took a big deflection to wrong foot the keeper. But deserved on play. The 3rd came quickly on 42mins from a superb team goal led by Payn who had the ball numerous times with pass and move which he finished himself for a HT 3-0 scoreline. Aside from these chances, set pieces were a threat throughout the half, with Rowe or WestallC having an effort well blocked but over the line not given. The opposite happened to us last week so swings and roundabouts. Other bizarre decisions by the official in the first half were freekicks given for shouts of "time", "switch it" "step over it" among others. Very confident the Laws do not cover good communication as an offence. However, these examples were for both sides so he was consistently wrong at least. 
    2nd half was a lacklustre affair for Torpoint and one I was disappointed with really. HT was discussing putting a marker down, be ruthless, don't think it's over, etc. But the intensity and desire was not there. WestallC was played through one on one, reluctant to shoot on his left, turned inside the defender to lay back to Rowe, but as ever leaned back and the shot flew over the bar from inside the box. A big chance to put new wind in the sails. Early changes gave a young bench more experience and some added drive at least. 17yr olds Macleod and Eversfield were keen to impress and both were energetic and showed their potential. Robbins looked confused for a minute when he again said "set me" to a team mate, for the ref to ignore this time?! The majority of the 2nd half was played in eerie silence as no one knew what was allowed in this alien rule. Ferguson entered the field for his 2nd debut after a brief hiatus at Mud City Reserves, and a superb cross from the right put him in on goal near the penalty spot, but his left foot half-volley was hit wide of the post to ruin a warm return for the forward. Eversfield in particular showed endeavour and wasn't content with the 3-0 score line. He found himself past the full back again and again and was honest about not wanting to keep chasing him. A superb cross from Eversfield to the back post late in the game was met by a textbook downward header from skipper WestallC for 4-0. Another game where he got the goal his all round game deserved. 
    Other positives to take were that we won (obviously), despite missing 8 players, most of whom are regular starters. 2x 2nd teamers helped out inc 18yr old Monk at centre half and the experienced Martin Piper having a rest from managerial duties for the weekend, again showing the club ethos works. The biggest positive for me though was finishing the game with 3x 17yr olds on the pitch and 2x 18s inc MOTM for me Josh Payn. Much better from the team the last few weeks. No game for the 3rds now until October. Time for a few injuries to heal and festivals to bugger off! Between now and then I know a few will help the club out in any games required.
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    claret&blue reacted to Foul Throw 3 in ECPL FIXTURES saturday 11th and Wednesday 15th September   
    Will do my usual write up for Roche vs Torpoint on the Torpoint thread shortly...
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    claret&blue reacted to St George in ECPL FIXTURES saturday 11th and Wednesday 15th September   
    Over 70 players signed on according to FullTime and the ONLY way St Cleer could ever possibly fulfil the fixture was by playing Liskeard first team players?????? Think Jon is stretching the truth a bit here…
    The sooner players signing for multiple clubs stops the better in my opinion….
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    claret&blue got a reaction from Humpfry11 in ECPL FIXTURES saturday 11th and Wednesday 15th September   
    Definition of multiple
    consisting of, including, or involving more than one 3 is multiple so Humpfry11 was correct 😁
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    claret&blue reacted to r_and_l in ECPL FIXTURES saturday 11th and Wednesday 15th September   
    Great win for newlyn today, ref somehow played 61 mins in the second half. No major stoppages so no idea where he amassed so much time. Keeper for newlyn made numerous first class saves. Full blooded encounter that was won by the better side. 
    No one wants foxhole midweek. 🤣
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    claret&blue reacted to Sijames in Referee shortage   
    Should of listened to the clubs many a year Ago and stopped accepting nee clubs / teams entering the leagues, made the amount of leagues smaller which would of not put this strain on a small amount of officials.
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    claret&blue reacted to Dave Bartlam in Is it time the Peninsula League started using club lines person?   
    Oh I know... I'm one of them back in the day that used to change the way I reffed in order to get the good marks. We say we don't do it but we do change the way we do things when being observed, sometimes it might only be very slight mannerisms...
    Absolutely they do. 
    Trust me, I'm with you here. One of the reasons it's taken me so long to go for my promotion is that I never wanted to ref on the SWPL because of the grief the refs get. I've run the line on it for a few years now and I enjoy that, but the middle is a different entity altogether. However, i refer back to my point I made earlier about marks and promotion. 
    I remember saying to a good friend of mine not long ago when I was lining to him 'why do you take so much s**t'.. 'because I have too. If I don't, I'm back to being a level 5'. 
    How many complaints do we see on this forum for the card happy refs? How many do we see for the ones that let it all go? Then how many do we see for the guys that do it right but still get grief? You honestly just can't win. It's why you don't get referees commenting on their games anymore. I refuse to comment on any of my games now.
    I love refereeing. Out of every 20 or 30 games I do, only 1 will normally make me think 'wtf am I wasting my time for'...  I've said it time and time again, if players, managers etc just accepted decisions, didn't argue, didn't give the ref abuse and just let them manage and officiate the game, I would put my mortgage on it that the standard of refereeing would improve - because the refs can solely focus on his decison making as opposed to all the other stuff. They'd be happier, they'd enjoy the game and they'd perform.
    Look at Karen, works in customer service...  hates her job, gets grief from employer, colleagues, customers... Performs below standard.
    Same Karen, has supportive colleagues, supportive bosses and her customers phone her up, speak to her with respect and dignity... Performs miles above standard.
    It's no different to reffing.
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    claret&blue reacted to Foul Throw 3 in Torpoint Athletic 3rds 21/22   
    St Minver 3 - 2 Torpoint
    Goals from Blair & WestallC.
    Lineup: Brown, Bays, Quintrell, WhiteS, Hussey, Rowe, Robbins, Brayson, Blair, WestallC, Easterbrook.
    Subs: Carter, Payn. Unused: Rosevear.
    A hot summer's afternoon at Trewint Lane soured by a 30min spell of ruthlessness from St Minver.
    Torpoint started the brightest in the game, working hard and creating a few shooting opportunities. Around the 10th minute, the ball broke free in the box after an attack down the left to Adam Blair who struck cleanly for his 2nd of the season. This didn't deter St Minver for too long though, who went on to capitalise on a number of defensive errors, of which each encouraged them more to put their foot on the gas. Their first was both a huge miss by the referee but justice for St Minver. A forward was brought down in the box by WhiteS, only for a free kick to be given? The foul was clearly inside the box and unsure how it was missed, or why there wasn't a bigger challenge to the decision from the home team. But St Minver got their rewards from the free kick. WhiteS redeemed himself for 0.1seconds as he made a superb goal line clearance, only for it to hit Bays in the shin and fly back in the direction it came and into the net. The second began with Torpoint pressing high and the ball being rolled back to Hurst in goal. But as we've seen before, this is a position of strength for the home side. A huge boot up field wasn't dealt with by Hussey in the left back position and the wide man darted in providing a perfect cut back to the penalty spot for an onrushing forward to side foot high into the net for the lead. St Minver's third was another avoidable error, with Quintrell and WhiteS causing a mix up and the home striker found himself one on one on the edge of the box. A scuffed shot gave me brief relief but the bounce found it's way past stand in goalkeeper Brown.
    Apart from the first 15mins, Torpoint's half was full of mistakes and a bad reaction to them all, accumulating as the half wore on. I was glad to get to HT only 3-1 down and an opportunity to lower heart rates and reinstall calm and belief.
    The second half was a huge improvement. A change in approach saw less overplaying in vulnerable areas and more of a mind-set to do as St Minver do so well. The pitch was hard and bobbly (no fault of the home club) in desperate need of some rainfall. It would also deter the emmets and send some home from the county! A back to front approach was adopted quickly and with immediate effect, into WestallC to hold and link up play or start an attack on his own. For a lengthy period, Torpoint built attacks into the front three of WestallC and the wide men Blair and Easterbrook. But all shooting opportunities came from the edge of the box for comfortable saves for Hurst. Until WestallC found his way forward down the right. A superb cross into the box was met by Easterbrook's head who glanced wide. But a glimmer of hope and belief was there.It wasn't until approx 75mins that Torpoint pulled one back. A throw in from Hussey was nodded on by Robbins into the path of WestallC on the edge of the box, who chested the ball down well to volley into the corner with a great strike. A deserved goal for the captain who didn't deserve to be on a losing side on the day. For the remainder of the game, Torpoint had wind in their sales but to no avail. The biggest chance fell again to WestallC after a superb cross. But a volley on the stretch could not be kept down and the effort rattled the crossbar to safety. IMO an equaliser would've been deserved with a huge improvement in the 2nd half. But ultimately, St Minver punished us for our mistakes and are a strong strong side. The core of their squad has been the same for years and are smart in their play and gamesmanship.
    Another loss to make it 3 in 4 games played, all by a single goal, with so many goals conceded down to mistakes to end August struggling. Unusual for what I believe is a strong squad. But I'm more than confident we'll turn the corner, and with availability improving soon with injuries returning and a few from holiday, we must show what we're capable of!
    Next week, ECPL League Cup away at St Blazey. One of the finest pitches in the county, so what more motivation do we need?!
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    claret&blue reacted to Haveyouheard in Cornwall Senior Cup First Round draw 2021-22   
    Why does 9 teams get a bye? That don't make sense. Why not 4 more games and 1 gets a bye, luck of the draw. 
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    claret&blue got a reaction from Boxy in ECPL Fixtures For Saturday 21st August, Tuesday 24th, Wednesday 25th August   
    I would have thought if COVID issues then you should have been allowed to play the games at a later date the same as everyone else with no punishment, just by fulltime site showing walkovers it was looking like we were getting a similar situation to Godolphin from two seasons ago. Hope the lads recover and you are back playing as normal shortly.
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    claret&blue reacted to Boxy in ECPL Fixtures For Saturday 21st August, Tuesday 24th, Wednesday 25th August   
    Unfortunately we have had several players testing positive for Covid this week and felt it would be wrong to attempt to play games and put others at risk. Most didn’t get their results until 12-3pm on Wednesday, hence the delay in our request to postpone that days game. Others still didn’t get results back until Thursday/Friday. We also have a very young group of players ( mostly 16-18) we’ve stepped up to our men’s teams this season. Living in a season area, pretty much all have taken summer jobs and have found it hard to get time off for football.
    I’ve taken on the team this year and I’m a complete newbie to the ECPL and wasn’t aware I could have requested to a later start instead of kicking of on the 7th August. Going forwards once our lads have had their period of recovery from covid and the bank holidays been and gone, we should be able to get back to normal and start to compete in the league.
    We’re not going to contest the league’s decision to award the games to our opponents and if they feel a fine and/or points are to be deducted then we will except this too. I only ask if this does happen then other teams who have had similar issues are justly treated. 
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    claret&blue reacted to Jeff Chambers in The return of THE BEST OF THE BEST.   
    This Saturday 21st August, CORNWALLS GREATEST EVER, the all conquering Falmouth Town 70s side will be introduced at 1:30pm on stage before the Launceston game in the clubhouse in front of the F-Troop so we can pay our tributes to those wonderful players. Please get there EARLY. Joey Scott, Colin Chegwyn, Dave Ferret, Paul Horrocks, Skipper Keith Manley and the man that started it all manager Richard Gray have all confirmed they will attend. We are hoping that others come along also. It really is going to be something special seeing those legends together. It may never happen again so lets all get to the clubhouse EARLY for the start of the tribute at 1:30pm and show our appreciation to those players that rewrote the record books. And also let them know that the club is once again back, hungry for success with a brilliant chairman and staff, a young managerial team, the best fans in Cornwall and playing squad that are doing us all proud. THIS IS THE RETURN OF ........THE BEST OF THE BEST !!!!! ALL ROADS LEAD TO BICKLAND PARK. UTT
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    claret&blue reacted to MattP in Linesman Wanted   
    Polperro AFC are looking for a linesman for our St Piran side. Expenses and costs of training will be covered if necessary. Would suit recently retired referee or traffic warden 😉 
    Please PM on here if interested 
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    claret&blue got a reaction from unclebilltc in Covid   
    Having spoken to Will several times this week I can only echo what Jon has said about him not been very well,  also one of the younger lads at St Teath  who tested positive is still having breathing issues. Maybe people need to take a step back and think before commenting on clubs postponing games due to COVID, this could affect any of us at anytime and as much as we all enjoy our football, our health is more important.
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    claret&blue got a reaction from JonColenzo in Covid   
    Having spoken to Will several times this week I can only echo what Jon has said about him not been very well,  also one of the younger lads at St Teath  who tested positive is still having breathing issues. Maybe people need to take a step back and think before commenting on clubs postponing games due to COVID, this could affect any of us at anytime and as much as we all enjoy our football, our health is more important.
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    claret&blue got a reaction from Foul Throw 3 in Covid   
    Having spoken to Will several times this week I can only echo what Jon has said about him not been very well,  also one of the younger lads at St Teath  who tested positive is still having breathing issues. Maybe people need to take a step back and think before commenting on clubs postponing games due to COVID, this could affect any of us at anytime and as much as we all enjoy our football, our health is more important.
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    claret&blue reacted to JonColenzo in Covid   
    Just come off the phone to my very good friend Will Kitto. He is currently fighting COVID and sounds absolutely terrible, struggling to breath and talk. He has been monitored by Paramedics all week and was on the verge of being admitted to Treliske. I’m sure we all send our very best wishes to Will and St Teath for a full recovery and look forward to seeing them fighting fit and back on a pitch very soon.  I think anyone who hasn’t witnessed Covid first hand doesn’t realise just how seriously this can affect vaccinated people. Please all stay safe, it hasn’t gone away yet.
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    claret&blue reacted to We Two in First Saturday match reports   
    At least 100% does in the main come on here with his honest opinion of a game he has watched.     Whether others agree or not is all part of different opinions being aired and is quite acceptable.   A problem arises when some people seem unable to give an alternative opinion unless they include a derogatory remark about the views of another forum poster.       We all have conflicting views about an incident during a match or about its eventual outcome, ( ask any referee ) but someone who takes the time to post their considered report of a match on here, should be applauded.
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    claret&blue reacted to 100%cornish in First Saturday match reports   
    I will put money on The G being ok in the 2nd half they played so well and when they get there 1st team goalie back they will be ok also they need another centre half to play alongside Matt Saunders someone like ex g player ,Ollie Pinnel would be ideal because he hasnt got a hope in hell of getting back into the Newquay side now they have signed Joe Cooper come on OLLIE you know you want to come back to the G and you could help the youngsters out . I will try not to write War and Peace after each match i do get  a bit carried away ,not to say i will not be writing a lot about the Newquay vs Blazey match on Wednesday Bloody laptop buttons stick so sorry if you cant make sense of what i write sometimes . I would like to say thanks to Unclebilltc saying  about my health at the moment im ok im not dead yet been close a few times had Cancer 3 times Bladder Prostate and Kidney only got 1 now but got to keep smiling wasnt so good when my partner died suddenly i nearly gave up then but i couldnt leave Say Smokie on his own and i got to stay alive to  see Plymouth play in the premier and the G to win the league so you will have to put up with me for a while yet .Dont think there ready for this Grumpy Old Cornishman up there yet .Sorry if i do get on some of your nerves but its my release sitting here in a empty flat .Take Care See you all soon unless i get Cancer No4 gets me lol Have a good week my football friends roll on Wednesday and Smokie sees his 3 fav people Jason Chapman ,Neil Slateford ,and Ollie Brockenshire 3 the nicest people around also Phil Lafferty is a nice bloke as well unlike 1 manager who i really dont like 
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    claret&blue reacted to Bobjfh in First Saturday match reports   
    Will look forward to your grammatically perfect match reports. 100% is one of the most passionate and regular match attender and report writer - I know your comment was in jest but we need as many reports on here as possible. 
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