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  1. I think the St Teath lad was booked for his reaction also, sure they will both learn from that being youngsters, good game in difficult conditions..
  2. Fairly accurate if slightly biased report, can’t argue with the sending off with about 20 mins not 30 to go when you call someone a F****** albino C*** for a nothing challenge , right in front of the referee. Maybenextyear a new watch for Xmas! Good to see 15 players on the pitch aged 18 or under.
  3. 6 I think, surely they should be removed from the league and all their results for the season cancelled so as to make it fair for all teams. Feel sorry for any club that folds but if you can’t fulfil fixtures for whatever reason you don’t deserve to be in any league let alone a senior one.
  4. Not upset anyone posting this have you Dave, assume Kernow FA aren’t so fussy as Otners here 😂
  5. If you aren’t the official press officer for the East Cornwall League then surely anyone is free to post what they want without risking abuse from you, ECPL ?
  6. St Teath v Godolphin postponed due to Godolphin being unable to raise a team again.
  7. Groundsman was out forking the pitch yesterday afternoon and went past this morning but didn’t see anyone down there. Nice and sunny though now.
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