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  1. Losing, then lights go out. This is starting to become a trend...
  2. Tucker looking sharp isn’t he. Feel it could be between Helston and Saltash For the league this year. Mark Goldsworthy sharp as ever given his injuries over the years... great to see. Why didn’t Yeoman start for Wadebridge, thought he was their captain? Is it a fitness thing?
  3. Shame the report has been marred with this really 🙄 A solid start from the Ashes. Pleasure to watch and hope to see them continue to prove doubters wrong.
  4. Disagree, the quality is there across multiple teams in that league. Helston, Mousehole, Bodmin, Saltash, will all be challenging. It does miss the two who are in the East mind you.
  5. Not with the way they concede goals they won’t
  6. Need payment in advance for all the money they’re throwing at players.
  7. If anything, Dane will replace Callum and it’s his loss.
  8. Think that Parkway need time to gel. This is a completely new front line, but ultimately, the majority of the names you'd expect to play all had a part in yesterday's game; Yetton, Carter, Rosenquest, Poppleford, Crac, Joyce, Williams, Trott, Rods, Hilson etc. Still have the quality to create an abundance of chances and can score from anywhere... clearly. Think Launceston looked great last night - a few playing their first pre-season game of the season, and especially in midfield, bags of energy, composure on the ball and strong in the challenge. Interested to see how both do.
  9. Parkway should rinse that league no question. How often do SWPL teams tuck Toolstation teams away in the FA Vase? Should be another promotion on the cards.
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