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  1. There is flexi league on a Monday and a Wednesday might be worth looking in to.
  2. Prem Newlyn Lions 1-2 Stithians Pete Blight Treve Bale Very close game which I edged we feel there keeper made some good saves. Feel abit sorry for the Newlyn boys should of had a penalty which was given as free kick also our winning goal should have been there throw in but was given to us. Thanks for the food see you later on in the season
  3. Prem Newlyn Non Athletico 3-8 Stithians Treve Goal Machine Bale 4 Michal Moskal Peter Blight Jayden Croot Ben Cox (Back out of Retirement 😂) Newlyn number 9 had a Hattrick Great game played in good spirits Newlyn were 2 up after 4 minutes. We pulled one back. Newlyn could of had a penalty straight after, we went up other end make it 2-2. Both keepers made some good saves on the 38th minute we went 3-2 up. And on 41 we made it 4-2 Ht Second half Felt Newlyn ran out of steam by the 65th minute we were 6-2 up. There keeper made some quality saves. We added 2 more late on. Newlyn replied with one with 5 to go Well reffed by Neil Stephens That's 4 our of 4 for us. Thanks for the food at the pub see you on the return
  4. Doesn't matter now its been done. Lanner 2-5 Stithians Treve Bale 2 Pete Blight Tom Pryor Howard Vague Great game was probably closer then the scoreline suggests. Think our fitness and extra bit of Quality showed in the end. All the best to Lanner see you at our place Well reffed by Tim Reeks, apart from his moment of forgetting the new rule 😂
  5. Prem Probus 1-7 Stithians Treve Bale 6 Tom Furse
  6. Prem St keverne 0-1 Stithians Treve Bale with the goal. Good win in tricky conditions. Also a clean sheet very rare for Stithians. Good bunch of lads see you on the return Well reffed by Grant Porterfield
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