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  1. So Plymouth argyle did it? Ruan Minor jumped leagues and look likely to fold. Marazion or Ludgvan jump in and out of leagues all over the place. You will find no one more aware that Truro had previously not done anything for youth football than those currently trying to rectify the choices made by others a long time ago. I thought the FA sited "history" as a criteria for selection into peninsula recently, why can't the league officials? Why do people detest progress or the attempt to progress and improve? Helston are hounded for having a vision, Mousehole slagged of for doing something different. Why not embrace it? Engage with it? Ok it might not work or improve anything for you or your club but what if all those young talented boys and girls currently travelling to Plymouth or Exeter academies only had to travel to Truro? They go on to field a team of Cornish born players in a professional league. Or is that to much change to handle for now? Best wait for another generation to change it knowing you've tainted the next generation by virtue that yours wouldn't do it. Maybe no one should play Germany in a friendly because they have a chequered past!!!!!
  2. I am not saying people are disputing the players are not talented, for those that see them they will see. I don't believe clubs voted in such a way due to not liking a team coming in at a certain league and missing out steps, if there is space and no one else to fill why not? Teams jump all over place where there is a space and a willingness to fill without other candidates and it happens........ just not on this occasion! So my initial assessment remains valid.
  3. An absolute joke not allowing them into the league. A judgement of events from the past by clubs/chairpersons that holds no basis on the present club set up, aspirations or players. The reserve side would be made up of mainly last years U18, who can actually play another season at U18, however the club want to challenge them by playing mens football. They challenged the Devon u18 league in first season and won the league, is there any point doing that again? No? So they turn to a challenge within their own county and are berated and penalised for events that went on when the players were at primary school!!! This team is likely to make up the majority of the County U18 team, so would have benefitted from playing together and taking cornish football out of county to challenge others? But no its easier to be narrow minded, isolationist and live in the past. If this team started in the lower leagues they would have lumps kicked out of them because they are bloody talented footballers that truro want to progress and eventually start feeding youngster from the county into there 1st team. When argyle had a team go straight into peninsula I wonder if there were such objections? Or just happy to hang off their coat tails? Both truro and Plymouth want it for the same reasons...... progress youngsters!!!!
  4. Just thought i will let you all know before any more rumours go on,for one i have left perranwell but not fallen out with caddy, who can fall out with him or anybody else at perran.Two,i just feel i need a new challenge and where that may be i don't know just yet but when i do i will all let you know. regards fraggles Go for it Frags, you'd do a good job, no better challenge than taking charge of the club everyone seems to have a go at on here! Good club, hopefully they get to where they want to be, especially for Mr Etherington, top bloke. Don't stay away from football to long Fraggles you'll only drive the Mrs mad. :smiley20:
  5. Did Fez get another 6 yard wonder goal? Well done lads, sounds like a good result if you played badly. Win even though you play badly/not your best, keep grinding them out. :clapper:
  6. Well its only tax payers money!! lol so servicemen, and women, don't pay tax? Have a word with yourself.
  7. ????????? Anyone connected to the club tell us whats going on???????? Tony Roberts top man, hope he does stay involved,club men... and women, truly are very hard to find. Not seen anything about Dave Gardiner Tournament, is it on this year?
  8. Si, Sorry to hear you find management "a thankless task", however completely agree with you on players being looked after. So what if a club pays? Does it really matter? 99% of players being paid or not will always give 100%, never wanting to be beaten just because they get some money. Wanting to win is everything, money or no money. Lets face it most money will end up back over the same clubs bar, or in the fuel tank of a classy lowered, noisey exhaust, blacked out Nova 1.2!! If a club does well, people come to watch... and buy a tea, a beer, some food etc. Win titles and better players want to play for you, thus more people will want to watch a game or two, again buying a few things along the way. Some would say increasing your businesses exsposure to more people makes good business sense! Good luck to St Day, ambition to grow is not going to be everyones cup of tea but if we were all the same without our own thoughts we'd live in China. St Day pay or not? St Just pay or not? Perranwell, Penryn, Helston, Mullion, Port, Illogan? Frankly who gives a monkeys? If Cameron Diaz comes into the bar and asks you to leave with her, and you are available! Don't look a gift horse in the mouth!!!
  9. I have always over the years, home and away, had hard, challenging and sometimes painful encounters with both Penryn and the Well. If a club can put out teams like that season after season, not just a season here and there, they get my vote. Mr Fisher turns out good teams all the time, certainly feel the well are the most consistently good side, as well as giving me the most painful times!!!! Loved every minute though!!! :smiley20:
  10. WINNO!! Everytime I come on here someone is having a pop at you my friend!! Either you are popular or theres some green eyed monsters out there!! Do think the list is slightly hopeful, however if it comes off then good on all at St Day, we should embrace ambition, not quosh it. Why not have a target? Strikey quality, seems to like the big pitches, know how he enjoys those sprints up and down from left back! and a Port boy so would be suprised. Tom Russel class so can can play anywhere! Kayne class! Dom, well a smaller pitch will suit him.. sorry mate!, but he'll get a hat full! Got to say those alone would be on most managers shopping list for the up coming season. Just my opinion. Chris Breasley is a good signing, if his Mrs lets him play..... lol Sorry Chris! Will it be St Day Patriot now? As every Pre-season has its merrry go-rounds, lets just see who walks the walk on the pitch, rather than talks the talk on here Good luck to all for the coming season :smiley20:
  11. Well done Paul, hope all goes well for you. Good to see Chris will stay involved. Only problem is as goalkeeper in management they just blame everyone else!!!!! Good luck mate.
  12. Python, The Air Command Squad is made up of servicemen from Yeovilton, Portsmouth and RN personnel based at RAF bases in Lincolnshire. So Culdrose may be behind in games but are this has little bearing on the command squad. Culdrose is not the hub of the Naval air community. Thought I'd have my say before the people who year in year out thump the drums when Culdrose have their leave breaks during the football season come on and jump on your band wagon.
  13. I will Kev... 1 goalkeeper from each club is my squad!!!! When you want to play? Actually would like to see this fixture, some good teams in ECPL. Come on give the man a bell. :smiley20:
  14. Sure most would agree, however that is the beauty of football!! We all have an opinion and thats why we talk about it, scrutinise, critisise and ponder over the last game until the next game... what else are week days for?? With Kev part of it all i am sure the squad will do well, I hope to catch the game and hope all will do themsleves, and JCCL, justice. P.S Good job Andy Butcher has a game Winno!!!....... Just kidding tiger I know you're a legend!!! See you Saturday mate.
  15. Are we getting away from the definition of a "club"? Lets face it, a team is more than 11 on the field, the 11 chomping at the bit to replace them, the barman(if you have one, VERY important!, the cook, the mug who watches every week!!! A club is the dreams of many, if you have a seconds or thirds and they help the firsts, and they inturn help the others.... then the club win... is this old fashioned? :huh:
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