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    The continual moaning and groaning at the referees, during the game, on social media, and on here, including television..... Is taking its toll now. Who the hell would want to be a referee these days? The poor sods can't do nowt right, an earful during the match, and then home to read they were rubbish as well. What do you people think the effect that can have on a persons confidence and self esteem? Contrary to belief, football is not life and death. Let the referee's enjoy the football experience as well, and we may get a few more having a crack at it.
  2. 9 points

    Who would be a manager

    That really is a long week! ?
  3. 8 points
    Penryn 7 - 1 StDay, not a great performance from st day, certainly showed in the result. A lot of key players missing due to work, injury and suspension. Absolutely disgusting behaviour from Penryns manager and the subs, considering they were miles ahead into a win. Resulted in a penryn sub being yellow carded due to tripping up a St Day player before taking a throw. Wouldn’t expect any less coming from ex Carharrack players and of course their muppet of a manger.
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    Just like to put the record straight I no longer dish out brown envelopes
  5. 7 points
    Prem Penwith 8-2 Stithians Treve bale Jason weeks Totally outclassed today by a really good team no complaints. Well reffed by Dave Dodson. He awarded a penalty to us but our striker said the keeper got the ball so decision overturned.
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    Sticker Forever

    Ludgvan Take over

    Totally agree with Handsome Dan and Bob and probably most true Cornish football supporters, whatever you can do to keep the club going and in the league go for it. Just ignore Leeds Utd John, everyone else does!!! Blokes a joke, goes missing for weeks when Bodmin are losing, now they won again last night we’ve got to put up with his garbage again!! Not even worth a response to be honest, embarrassing, what a clown.
  7. 7 points

    Ludgvan Take over

    Hurler - every football supporter in the county hopes Ludgvan get through this temporary hiccup - ignore any idiot comments - we all need as many competitive senior sides as possible.
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    I am sure sometimes you are on a wind up Si , but if you have played and been involved at a higher level , you should realise how out on a limb cornwall and football is , even though there are more football teams than rugby and cricket it is hard to generate interest and or support in basically a poor county , there are many people,involved at all levels in local football for no gain , but just for putting something back into it . If you have so called connection please feel free to use them so perhaps the FA may invest some money into grass roots football here in Cornwall, money which could help build more 3g pitches help with upgrades to changing facilities , pitches ECT if you are ever about make yourself known I am still involved with Hayle combo at present still doing the line . As for BD I must say he has put a lot of work into grass roots football and I respect that as I do anyone involved with the beautiful game down in here in Cornwall. Oh sorry forgot to say this is my personal opinion and Nothing to due with Hayle AFC , my family my employer or my cat ?????
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    but most of your comments are aimed at the volunteers/players at Falmouth are they not?
  10. 6 points

    Marazion contact???

    Or if you have a contact for mousehole, that should work too ?
  11. 6 points
    I come on this site to read the reports about the local games and see who is beating who and all the topic consists of is the repetitive slagging off of the same teams and its players moving from one club to another. Am I the only one that finds it boring and childish? No wonder football is declining both on and off the pitch in Cornwall. If I was a youngster considering starting to play adult football an read this, then I would run a mile. Come on guys, lets talk about the football. Does it really matter who is playing for who and who is getting paid? Stop all the carping. I'm sure there are skeletons in everyone's closet so the holier-than-thou attitude is a little ironic!!! Administrators - can't you do something to stop all this non football clap-trap???
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    Same old things being said every season been playing at st day for 4 seasons, never seen any money pass hands, I for one sponsor the club. Being self employed have put hours into doing jobs for the club. Not everyone plays for money we play because We want to play for the club. Come up with some new stuff to stir the pot with ??
  13. 6 points

    SWPL - Wednesday 5th September 2018

    Great result for portleven especially kevin richards .?
  14. 6 points
    My advice would be to accept the decision, the ref is the ref, and it is how he/she sees it .....and just git on wiv playing football. In my playing days, I would know the ref and his idiosyncracies, then play the game accordingly. All in life is not black and white just because it's written down somewhere.
  15. 6 points
    Fairfield Hurler

    Ludgvan Take over

    Well where do we start, thank you for all the good wishes and support. Although that's obviously not from everyone LEEDS UNITED!!!. Yes we lost 8 - 1 today and have never been so proud of the team. It was too easy to pull out of the League, but we're made of stronger stuff than that at Ludgvan, thank all the players and supporters and everyone involved with today. So proud of you all.
  16. 6 points
    hansome dan

    Ludgvan Take over

    Well done John and the people at Ludgvan for getting a team out today.Regardless of the result it buys you more time and hopefully get some players in that are committed to the club .Even offered to put my boots on but told their not that desperate thanks.
  17. 6 points

    Ludgvan Take over

    Why don’t you wind your neck in? Alternatively, why not offer your support to a club that’s doing everything it can to fulfill fixtures and not let its opponents - or its community - down?
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    Bruegel the Elder

    Leeds United l?!

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear Leeds, up you pop with yet another user name. Turned up to massage your ego and sing your own praises. When will they ever learn❓ ??
  19. 6 points
    The game is all about "human error" - by players and officials; it's what makes it entertaining, enjoyable and unpredictable. At the highest levels, refs are subjected to untold scrutiny by TV experts - who cannot always agree whether the decision is right or wrong. If everyone would just accept the principle that the referee is always right and get on with the game (& life), it would be great for the game. My belief is that video replays should be limited to just showing the highlights (goals, near misses etc.) rather than people in front of a tv screen trying to point out mistakes by match officials.
  20. 5 points
    Grass or Astro the results' the same. Bedfordshire 0 Cornwall 5. Great win away from home for the Duchy lads.
  21. 5 points
    Potential relegation battle called off at Port to be rescheduled when the first team are available.
  22. 5 points
    I never knew John had retired! Lovely guy who knows how to talk. I think 77 year old Dave Baxter has retired as he didn't appear on Full Time website last season. It's a shame when these long serving officials retire. They just seem to slip away without any fuss when they should be thanked for their years of service whether you agreed with them or not.
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    Ludgvan Take over

    Decided to spend the afternoon at Fairfield, really not expecting to see a game. Couldn’t, be more from the truth, two Committees having great banter before the match, the Home Secretary meeting and greeting new players and supporters, such a warm welcome for my first time at Fairfield. In my eyes the home team did the Club proud. You might have lost 8 - 1 but how committed were you. I hope you all stay together and rebuild with the youth that I saw today. Such a welcoming club that I will definitely return to. Lovely bar and food after match. Keep up the good work
  24. 5 points
    Be prepared for the sudden disappearance of a forum member until at least Saturday night and maybe beyond!!! ? Old Big Al is spot on with his predictions as well ain’t he!?! The Falmouth supporter that hates his own team!! ??
  25. 5 points
    They won’t be relegated this season, there ain’t any!! Perhaps they can’t pay players 50-100 quid a game to win nothing and finish 5th.