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    Refs never have done and never will. Sole reason I don’t take my young children to matches anymore as most clubs and players are guilty of it (some more than others). With attendances dropping maybe clubs, refs, Devon/Cornwall FA and SWPL should clamp down on foul and abusive language more
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    Volunteer referee

    Ok so this weekend sees the 1st round of the junior cup, which tends to mean that, even more than normal, there is a shortage of referees. As we have a bye in the Junior cup and no game this weekend I am offering myself as a volunteer referee for any Trelawny game (but ideally the closer to Lanner the better) if there are 2 teams that will agree. Text me on 07534 218069. Cheers Adam
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    Culdrose 0-13 Goonhavern, This was a one sided affair as the scoreline shows,but credit to Culdrose players who gave their all until the final whistle. I'm posting on here more to praise the referee for todays game,as we had no appointed ref for today Shane Mayer offered to officiate the game which was agreed by the league and both clubs,he was brilliant,gave what he saw and made everything clear to the players and dealt with every situation in a clear and concise way.The players and managers from both sides helped by not arguing or contesting every decision and the game was just able to flow.
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    Can’t see Bodmin worrying about language. The manager uses enough choice words on the sidelines every game setting an example.
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    Attendances will drop a litttle whilst in the western league, due to a lack of local derbies. However joining that league is a necessary step towards the longer term aim of becoming a senior non league club. The clubs would then start to pull in more fans. Imagine the crowd size if Parkway had drawn Torquay in the Fa cup. The clubs profile is growing all the time, and a lot of people in Plymouth have started following their results. There is the potential for decent sized club there.
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    Team Rep

    SWPL - Saturday September 15th 2018

    I agree, but that doesn't make it right! About time the refs did something about it. 😬
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    We are at the rock bottom level of English football, in relative terms all the players are pretty damn poor also - that's life, that's where we are. There were 21 scheduled Duchy League games yesterday 3 of which would have had no appointed referee. A full fixture list is 28 games - where are 10 extra referees coming from? Are we ever going to realise that it is not helpful to be slagging off referees on a public forum? On top of which, what good is it doing your club? Nobody reading such reports feels sorry for the team involved, it just look like they are whingeing, usually because they lost. And finally, 'only one red card was justified' - isn't really a plus point.
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    SWPL - Saturday September 8th 2018

    Stop living in the past Leeds . Both Falmouth and St Blazey have had better success than Bodmin in the past and are far bigger clubs . Football is always about a cycle one team is dominant for a while, then another . So stop crowing about Bodmin
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    After a two season absence Falmouth return to the F A Vase and have an attractive home encounter with Clevedon Town from the Western League Premier (Step5). It will be the first visit to Bickland Park for almost 36 years for "The Seasiders" when the two clubs met continuously in the Western League 1974-83. Falmouth had slightly the upper hand winning 11 of the 18 League games played . The only other meeting was at Southern Road in a F A Vase 4th.Rd tie with Falmouth progressing 1-0 with a goal from Gary Wignall. Taken from programme notes
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    Volunteer referee

    Good on you mate. a) I hope you manage to help get a game played. b) I hope it goes well and you don’t get grief from the players! Good luck!
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    I struggle to justify the cost of a pint to my Mrs so a refs course is out of the question. 👊
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    A bit harsh, but at least Parkway are not becoming stale, unlike some clubs. Fingers cross other clubs may join them
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    3 observations about the ref situation 1.the ref appointer does a great job and moves mountains with limited resources to ensure the majority of games have an official ‘impartial’ qualified person to conduct a game between 22 grown men who occasionally may feel they disagree with a decision given 2. All clubs pay the CCFA a yearly financial sum to be provided with a service over the season - if that service cannot be provided should clubs be reimbursed 3. Their are too many teams and not enough players or referees. do the leagues need to look at how many divisions they have and reduce the size of their leagues Having played in a game yesterday that had a ref appointed at the last minute on reflection after the 90min of a full blooded affair with let’s just say a few ‘talking points’ I am glad we stood our ground and insisted on a CCFA provided official and not someone provided by the home side. I am sure whoever would have done it would have done a sterling job but their will alway be that doubt they might have subconsciously been influenced into making alternative decisions - and this is coming from someone who had a penalty awarded against them (was cast iron though should know better to wave my hands about thinking I’m at a rave in Ibiza in 1993 when someone is going to try and flick the ball over my head 😉😩)
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    I Went to see Buckland Athletic v Newquay yesterday and the home side can have no complaints with the result whatsoever. The group of players who showed more desire and passion won the game and are deservedly in the next round by dumping out of the competition one of last years semi-finalists. A great achievement, well done. Major talking points: The Buckland sending off was an incorrect decision by the referee - a routine yellow card for a cynical foul on the half way line not the denial of a goal scoring opportunity. The penalty decision late in the game? It was the correct decision, but the manner in which it was given was not convincing. The Man of the match was the tricky winger who gave the Home sides full back the runaround all afternoon. Somebody said he was Spanish not Cornish. He was excellent. Buckland kept pumping the ball long and created few threats while Newquay played a cute passing game that made them look like the team who play at a higher level. Great to see so many away supporters at the game yesterday and good luck in the next round. I hope you get a kind draw. Brian
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    Pelynt 1 Godolphin 2. Very physical match with poor referee. Pelynt down to 9 men. 2nd red not justified. Both teams played attacking football. Ref had his back to most of the game and got too many decisions wrong. Good luck to Godolphin in next round.
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    New Inn Titans 3 frog pool 2 . What a game !!! How we found ourselves 2 nil down with 25 min to go , thought we were the better team but couldn't finish our chances hitting the cross bar twice and missing a penalty didn't think it was our day . Fair play to Frog pool who took theirs chances well . Then Mike caterall popped up with a fine finish 2-1 , then a great delivery from Dan Jewell headed home by Luke flower 2-2 . From then on titans were pushing for the win and Peter Norfolk got the winner . Great game to play in , tough and physical by both teams with good football being played .
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    Buckland 0 Newquay 1 JBE Pen Fully Deserved winners
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    St Day 2 - 1 Falmouth Town Reserves Dan Richards and Gavin Boon for the Saints
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    Just watched wadebridge v mousehole on Facebook and I must say it was cracking viewing......take a bow whoever has set that up. Listening to the fans falling out and managers shouting it was classic tv and miles better than coronation street and eastenders!!! not sure what the keeper was doing for wadebridges last minute free kick ball seemed to hit back of net in the middle of goal??? again brilliant viewing 👏🏽👏🏽
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    Great game when we played away at Clevedon. Wiggers stepped up and buried the penalty in the bottom right hand corner just inside the post.
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    Way Of The Park


    Happy days. Not saying the attendances were sparse at times, but the crowd changes were announced to the team...
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    If he’s such a diehard, why wasn’t he posting after Willand game, or 2 years ago when we finished 7th in swpl!!
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    My thoughts exactly. Can understand people's frustration at having a ref taken away late in the week, but to suggest another team may be short of numbers as an excuse to not play is seriously clutching at straws. It's WC's prerogative to agree, or in this case, not, to a volunteer referee to take charge. There was an instance last season where they agreed to an opposition manager referee the game, away from home. During the game, the home linesman flagged to disallow a goal, then the away linesman flagged later in the game and the referee ignored it, after saying earlier he had to go with his assistant!!! So I'd say they are totally within their rights to decline, even if that means extra games later in the season. Frustrating, yes, but no blame can be attached to anyone here.
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    Oh dear! never understood that post at all did you Billy. And you know full well how to spell your name. Grow up..... pot kettle.... you know what I mean.
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    It’s a difficult job as a manager. Penryn reserves have 22 players signed and still only turned up with 12 against illogan. Players just don’t want to seem to commit every Saturday.