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    SWPL - Good Friday 19 April 2019

    Could have been the gate takings, used to happen a lot at Treyew Road in days gone by.
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    Scoreless at half time, but second half goals from Mike Smith (2), Adam Carter, Rob Farkins and Jordan Annear blew away the Bucks and kept Parkway top of the table. Nobody blinked in the title race with both Willand and Bitton scoring four in their wins, so it's on to Easter Monday's round of matches.
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    Took a trip down to Perranporth today. Wish I hadn’t. Perranporth scraped a 1-0 win against an abysmal Perranwell team. Embarrassing antics from the Perran manager on the sidelines using disgusting language and making threats, not want you want to see/hear at a game.
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    Duchy Div One - Stoke Climsland 4-3 Saltash Utd Cracking game of football with Stoke Climsland eventually securing the Division One title allowing me to part with the trophies - but they had me worried for a while. Stoke raced into a 3 nil lead but a lively young Saltash side came back at them and took to the break just 3-2 down and then equalised early in the second half. The visitors probably had the edge in the second half but Stoke's 'keeper remained solid and then with ten minutes remaining (and just when i thought i would be bringing the trophies home again) a superb strike settled matters for Stoke Climsland, Back to back titles for Lester Colwills club - congratulations to all concerned and thanks to Saltash for their sportsmanship and making a great game of it. .
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    Never say Never! Ray
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    Tell them not to chuck it around in the carpark like some clubs do!
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    Heard perran are chucking huge money around to get swpl players in to secure the title.
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    Bodmin vs Camelford utter dross, like two pub teams on a Sunday morning after a heavy night on the ale
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    Good game at Sticker, St Austell by far the better side but credit to Sticker who gave 100% right until the end, some good performances from their side. Interesting times for St Austell, no manager in place for next season and heard that Brokenshire, Eddy, Goldsworthy and Slateford have all agreed to sign for Helston for next season! It was only from the old boys but that would be worrying times.
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    SWPL - Good Friday 19 April 2019

    Back from watching the Towns local derby Godolphin vs Newquay ,The 1st half was pretty awful to be fair the G where not very good and Newquay deservedly went 1-0 after a bit of a mess in the G defence and Jack Bray Evans with onlythan to beat scored easily ,earlier they had hit the cross bar with a great shot from ex G player Alex Cole Newquay should of been 3-0 up at the break but didnt take there chances and there misses would come back to bite them in the bum in the 2nd half .Whatever G manager said in the 2nd half did the trick or it may of been the magic oranges ,the G came out a different team and dominated the 2nd half and Joe Stone up from the back powered home a headerto bring the scores level and it wasnt long before Dan Perryman had scored to put the G 2-1 and that was the final score .The game was full of niggly silly fouls from both sides and Alex Cole collected a red and was sent off for a 2nd booking .Newquay threw everything at the G in the closing moments of the game even goalie Dan Peters up for a corner ,but it was all in vain and the G held on for a hard earne win .My mom is easy for the G jOE STONE who was brilliant at both ends defending and scoring and for Newquay Lousi Price who was destroying the G with his wing play and attacking strange decision i thought to take there best players off in Louis Price and CAM TURNER .I thought the ref and his officials had a very good game in a very difficult game h e tried to play the advantage a lot and tried to keep the game flowing . Well done the G and hard luck to Newquay who should of taken there chances in the 1st half
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    SWPL - Good Friday 19 April 2019

    Bideford no great shakes, 11th in league and lost four of there last five games, did see Mr Massey in Truro this week wearing a Bideford track suit top which I found a little strange though.🙃
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    Bideford/Helston 3-0 Falmouth reserves
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    Most of our current squad and management team are Cornwall based. As this is a draft document we have not agreed anything so Saltash, Launceston and Callington will still have to play a part in the final decision as we are completely opposed to this decision. We are definitely opposed to this decision as it’s ridiculous. Saltash have ambition, budget and Plymouth based players and are geographically closer on a main arterial route, we would have to pass them to play games in the east which the league stated wouldn’t happen. we don’t travel as the crow flies and a poor mapping system using longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates isn’t acceptable in this day and age without looking at all other obstacles clubs have including routes, travel and additional cost.
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