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    Message from management and Perranporth football club On behalf of myself (Lee Denton & Justin Miles) & Perranporth football Club would like to wish Steve Brewer a full & quick recovery from a bad leg break today against Perranwell. We would like to thank staff & players at Perranwell football club for there quick response to the injury and also our amazing physio Shelley Wort. Emergency services also for quick response within 20 minutes. Perranporth football Club will support Steve & his family through this bad injury and make sure he comes out the other side fully fit and back with the club again. maybe we could leave the discussion of the challenge now and all wish Stevie a full recovery!
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    Jordan Annear signs for Parkway

    Including Parkway who he has played and scored for. Loyalty to a club who are at a lower level? No it's a player wanting to further himself. As mentioned above, the exact same that the Landricombe's, Rocky Neale, River Allen etc have done. Good on any player who wants to test themselves at a higher level. Massive credit to them
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    Attended his funeral today to pay respects to my old teammate Billy at an overflowing St Day Church . A very emotional service and some amazing words from family members who did him and themselves proud at this sad time . This truly hit home what a special loving and caring man he was . RIP Billy
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    SWPL & FA VASE - Saturday 13 October 2018

    If Parkway had won yesterday, their manager would’ve been chomping to show his face in the clubhouse post match. No doubt about it. Learn to lose to enjoy the win. The PW manager would’ve earned more respect for showing his face & taking the banter following his inexperienced comments to the press in the build up to the match. We’ve all got to take our medicine from time to time. The most successful manager in SWPL history has received a lot of stick on here in recent weeks, but you’ll never see him shy away from a clubhouse following defeat. Credit to a handful of Parkway faithful, Gez, Mark plus the 6 players who did come into the club for hospitality. Fantastic change of system at HT by St A management & brilliant reaction by the players to well and truly outplay PW off the pitch in the second half to send the Town faithful home happy! Another huge crowd at Poltair to further prove St Austell have the biggest attendance in Cornish football and in the SWPL.
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    Ryan Richards playing for parkway

    “Greedy little ****”. Who do you think you are? These players aren’t on thousands a week, who are you to begrudge someone who works everyday a little extra cash at the weekend?!
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    Confirmed SWPL 2015-16 transfers

    Ha ha ha this forum is priceless . Every other thread on here going on about the drop in standards and how it's the same old same old every season and yet as soon as a young lad may get a chance ina friendly it's out of order ! You lot make me laugh . don't you think the st Austell supporters would be delighted to see a young lad play in a meaningless game tomorrow and do well saving the club hundreds in the same overpaid recycled rubbish on the circuit ? Absolutely baffles me, you moan that the same players just move clubs every year and then say playing young lads is out of order ! Mental .
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    So, when he moved to Falmouth via Porthleven and Newquay, nobody on here mentioned loyalty. Looks more like a player on an upward curve who has always looked to push himself at bigger clubs and tougher leagues. If he catches the eye at Parkway, then bigger clubs again will look at him. Nothing wrong with this, it is how it works.For example, nobody at Parkway has a bad word to say about Levi Landricombe and what he has achieved at Tiverton.
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    S Abbo

    SWPL - Saturday 27 October 2018

    I would say Falmouth can be happy with what they have...team full of pretty much local boys.. win most weeks and are one of the most exciting teams in the league. Also lets not forget 80 percent if not more of that team were playing swpl west league not too long ago and deemed not good enough!.
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    Lizard Argyle

    Like to say thanks to lizard argyle on behalf of Perranporth F.C.! We somehow decided to forget to pick our kit up and they washed it and packed it all back in the bag for us. Nice to have some positive things to say and for others to read instead of the normal negative stuff on this forum
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    Ladies and Gents, what most of you are failing to grasp with the Illogan situation is that a decision will be made by the County FA based on a report made by someone who was in charge of the games.....who's that most of you will be thinking right now!!! Let me give you a clue he/she wears black, has a whistle and gives up there valuable time at the weekend to allow a lot of prima donna's to play football (this is not all players I will add ?).....still no clue??? Its called a referee, not the home team manager, not the away team manager and certainly not the players. I was all ready to sign up for the referee course as I cannot play anymore due to injury (some may say I couldn't play before) but after watching some games after hanging up my boots and reading the comments on here I really cannot be arsed to drive all over Cornwall to be abused. The way things are going there will be no referees left and you will only have yourselves to blame when the game declines even further.
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    Billy Chown RIP

    Absolutely gutted after speaking to Jamie on the phone Tuesday evening. Terrible news, some lovely words about Bill already and I’d just like to echo those. Before Bill retired we would talk football every morning at work, usually local football, five minutes would turn into twenty five once we got started! It was weird when Bill finally took his well deserved retirement not seeing him everyday, I missed him terribly! However crap the joke I told him, he would always laugh bless him. After years of him asking I finally had a season at Carharrack and realised what a lovely tight knit club it was with some great people, none more so than Bill and Barry who would spend hours down at the pitch most days. I’ve never known a bloke more passionate about his football club, I’m so pleased Bill got to see all the clubs success over the last few years, knew he loved that! Gave him a bug hug after the Evely Cup Final win and there were tears in his eyes, no one deserved it more. Just to tell you the type of person Bill was, there was a domestic lad at work from Zambia who sent most of his wages home each month to build his family a house. After a few years he managed this but after about a year they had a house fire that damaged about half of it. While he went home to see his family, Bill took it upon himself to organise a whip around and raised a lot of money for the lad which helped him out enormously. One of the nicest blokes I’ve ever met, sincere condolences to Valerie, Rich, Jamie and all the lovely family. A massive void to fill but many cherished memories I’m sure. RIP Bill x ❤️
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    This completely sums up the state local football is in at the minute. absolute shambles
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    There was no intent to hurt anyone by either player. The fact that one suffered a break is regrettable, but the Well's player did not go out with the intention of "breaking someone's leg". As the Perranwell player also suffered significant swelling and bruising to his shin from the coming together, with both players sliding into the challenge, I and many others watching thought it was a 50/50 with a very regrettable outcome. I guess the question I would ask is, if the player hadn't suffered a break, might the challenge have been judged differently? The decision doesn't actually matter, a player has suffered a serious injury and for that we are all very sorry and we wish him a speedy recovery.
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    Went St Austell this afternoon and wasnt dissapointed what a game vs Plymouth Parkway and winning 6-1 got to be a shock result first half was quite even and Parkway went in front to a scrappy goal could of even come off in the end for a Og thought Mikey Williams was having a good game for Parkway but the rest where poor .The 2nd Half St Austell where brlliant soring 2 pens put away by Mark Golsworthy ,a brilliant decision to bring Tiago Soares on who gave the Parkway fullback and his crosses where causing chaos to Parkway who couldnt cope with the low crosses coming into the box and all 4 goals scored by LIAM EDDY where identical he was just brilliant and Parkway just couldnt get near him .Parkway had a lot of players who where so poor i thought MIKE SMITH was awful today hes usually really good would of liked to of seen ADAM CARTER play but i was told he was injured ,KYLE MOORE in the Parkway goal was very poor too many poor performances from the Parkway players i thought SHANE KRAC had a good game in the 1st half but 2nd half he didnt do nothing except get booked which he seems to get a lot ,the injury to the no5 to Parkway seemed to change the team badly in the 2nd half Mikey Williams was even playing in defence .3 pens in this match 2 scored by MARK GOLDSWORTHY and 1 missed by Parkway when i say missed a brilliant save from the outstanding JASON CHAPMAN the team to a man was outstanding my fav player MARTIN GILES was at his best as usual he is always so good but everyone of the St Austell players where outstanding but Man of the match has to go to the brilliant LIAM EDDY for his 4 goal haul .Thankyou St Austell for 1 of the best games i have seen in years me and Smokie thought this was £6 well spent .
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    I'n respect of the passing of an honourable club man who sadly passed away this week. My condolences go to Billy's family at this sad time. I will always remember the warm welcomes at Carharrack.
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    He wouldn't praise them if they won 10-0
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    Not a chance of a win
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    Dave Bartlam

    Sticker vesus Saltash

    The question has been raised time and time again why referees do it? The abuse the refs get at level four is ridiculous. Want to know what I think would sort it... Take the marking of referees away from the clubs and also make the players/mangers actions have an effect on more than just the club's bank balance. Dissent costs £10 for the player but can also lead to a loss of control for the match official on the day - there's nothing worse for a referee than the feeling of losing control of a match. My opinion, use the amount of red cards/yellow cards/misconduct charges against the club which affects it's chances of receiving FA/Football Foundation funding. Hit clubs where it hurts and it would soon stop. Take away their Charter Standard Status, take away any form of funding so they would have to source their own cash injection to improve facilities, they will soon learn. As a level 6-5 referee who often works with level fours on SWPL, I find it incredibly frustrating on the sidelines when I see these very good referees having to "manage" these situations. A bad game in the eyes of the guy who marks the referee could be the difference between the referee gaining promotion to level three, staying where he is or even being demoted to a level 5 - even though the referee could have done absolutely everything in accordance with the lawbook. I certainly have no desire to reach level four because there would not be 22 players left on the field at the end of the game should attitudes and behaviour remain the same. I'd reach level four and then be demoted the season after because my club marks would be poor - I wouldn't tolerate it. I wish the SWPL club could experience what our clubs in the Trelawny League are currently experiencing in regards to the shortage of referees. We are almost 20 short this week alone in this League (Duchy are also short). We seriously need to see a reduction in abuse on Matchday and on social media platforms. Having an opinion is our God given right, however it should be voiced in the correct manner. My own personal opinion, of course.
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    Sticker vesus Saltash

    I took my kids with me once when I was reffing, they were sat in the stand with their Mum when the crowd started singing Who's the bastard in the black, they asked why was Time for clubs to stamp out the people swearing at me scared them so much they never wanted to go again. My crime was that I disallowed a goal from an indirect free kick because it went straight in the goal. All 3 are in their twenties now but still mention it from time to time. Time for clubs to sort out they abuse me thinks.
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    totally agree ian beale,any wonder teams fold with these teams with so called big fish playing against teams who are in the lower leagues for a reason.
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    Chris must be disappointed to not have received a first team call up yet! ?
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    Why is every topic ruined by the BIG AL either commenting to wind people up who then stupidly take the bait and the actual proper discussion gets lost in loads of posts of tedious boring arguments . Ruining a good local football forum to be honest.
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    Went to take in the St Day vs West Cornwall game yesterday. On paper, I expected a wider margin, but have to say WC gave a very good account of themselves that belied their league standing. WC nearly took the league, a delightful lob catching the keeper off his line, unfortunately just drifted wide. St Day had the lions share of the ball, but their often use long ball into the channels didn't create anything more than half chances. WC were happy to let the Saints have the ball, and use their pace on the counter attack, which brought about the opening goal of the game. Jowan Kitchener put a lovely cross to the back post, and was bundled in at the back post. Some claims of a hand but could have hit anything! Saints kept pushing and eventually got back into the game, defensive error gifted them an opportunity that was well taken, via a deflection that probably would have been saved. WC then had another glorious chance but when 1 on 1, the striker lifted the ball over the onrushing GK and found the roof of the net. From the goal kick, the ball went up the other end, Saints won a fee kick and scored from the ball in. These things always happen when you're looking up the table! HT 2-1. 2nd half Saints looked to take control of the game and in fairness had most of the ball and looked the only team likely to score. Eventually they did when sub Cleverly cut in from the right and hit one through a crowd of players. After some protests about a possible offside, the goal was given. Saints had a few more chances to extend their lead, and WC had another great chance to close the gap but no more goals were scored a day it finished 3-1. Saints deserved the win, but that was a performance from WC that would have beat a few teams on the day. If only they took the early chances, it would have been a different game. Stood on the touchline I counted 8/9 players that could come back in if they wanted, that's a huge difference from last season, but the many 2nd team players that stepped up yesterday held their own, and credit to them for doing so. Shame others don't have that commitment. Easy to walk away when the chips are down, but if they play for each other like they did yesterday, results will certainly turn around.
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    I wussed out today, didn't fancy watching a game dominated by the wind; though had Carharrack played I would have been there to stand for the minute remembering Billy from when I first encountered him back in the early seventies at Carharrack's old United Downs pitch: a tough-tackling, take-no-prisoners full back, fiercely Cornish with that marvellous voice, but good enough to give this newly-arrived up-country incomer a fair crack. What a shame his type, loyal, active, helpful, a one-club man, are so few and far between. A privilege to have played and trained with him and to have known him.
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    Don’t blame um Glory hunter couldn’t score in combo , feed the shackers