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    This completely sums up the state local football is in at the minute. absolute shambles
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    We Two

    Bodmin dismantled by Tavistock

    We must admit that we have never had any problem with Bodmins supporters, they are both well behaved.
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    Chris must be disappointed to not have received a first team call up yet! ?
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    Teams showing disrespect the the biggest cup in cornwall. Whats happened to days out/coach trips and p##s ups on big away days. seems like no ambition from the team/players to test themselves againest higher league opponents and I bet if mullion or st teath was drawn at home then the games would be on.
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    Bodmin to beat Illogan
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    SWPL - Saturday Sept 29 2018

    All the results are in the first posting above, care of Mr Dave Deacon. I think you will find Mr Phil Hiscox visits a different SWPL fixture every week. Surely he is entitled to a little time away from his office. As usual, you are the only one moaning.
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    Unfortunately Al you've only yourself to blame mate. You've slated everything to do with Falmouth for various seasons and you kinda have to expect it im afraid. Various individuals have invited you to hear your opinion but a no show???
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    I overheard Gilbert threatening to go over and smack one of the Tavistock supporters too. I was quite prepared to video the incident if it did occur, so pleased it didn't. So it is ok for Gilbert to be disrespectful to other supporters and match officials Dave. You cannot deny his behaviour at the majority of matches is embarrassing, although i do not expect you to agree with me on this public forum. I do not think the supporters of other clubs are jealous of Bodmin Town as a club, but just the attitude of some of their supporters and their manager.
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    but most of your comments are aimed at the volunteers/players at Falmouth are they not?
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    Don’t blame um Glory hunter couldn’t score in combo , feed the shackers
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    Why the shortage?

    I think the welcome is very important. A lot of clubs won't even acknowledge you when you arrive, and if they do its normally a mumble under their breaths. Almost a 'oh god not her/him again' feeling. Many times have i turned up for a game and not even known where the changing rooms are just to be pointed to a storage room or a dirty toilet by a player only after I've asked. A handshake and an afternoon ref here's the changing room if you need anything just shout. Takes seconds and means alot, it also helps relax a referee if they are feeling a bit nervous.
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    Yet again no ref yet

    I take it you're single? Lmfao.
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    Yet again no ref yet

    Senior cup , this weekend as well , last weekend there was also a combo game cancelled because no ref available , over the past couple of seasons some have retired , a friend of mine has taken up the whistle but unfortunately he has had to work on Saturday's, several factors have lead to the shortage , and the usual they get paid lol , who wants to get shouted at , swore at , and ridiculed on social media , for two hours on a Saturday, the other classic well they don't have to put up with it , well perhaps they are not and finding other past times , support them , make them welcome at your ground , invite them for a drink after the game , they do it because they love football just like you and me , talk to them majority have worked in the morning before a game and like us are rushing to get to a game . We all have bad games be it players ,managers , ref or linos , but leave it on the pitch .
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    SWPL - Tuesday 2 October 2018

    They got pelters last season for failing to fulfil a fixture, with many on this forum stating why didn't they field the kids. Now they have fielded the kids, they get pelters for it? I swear if Argyle were based in Cornwall this would never happen! Pathetic to criticise them
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    SWPL - Saturday Sept 29 2018

    Brilliant rant well effing said
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    SWPL - Saturday Sept 29 2018

    I dont reckon so alan i know so
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    When is this forum going to get back to talking about football and stop bitching at each other. It is getting beyond a joke
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    Grass or Astro the results' the same. Bedfordshire 0 Cornwall 5. Great win away from home for the Duchy lads.
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    Trelawny & Cups - Saturday 6 October 2018

    Referee available ! Why didn't you go and help your first team fulfil their fixture
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    Very sad,so easy to cry off now. We went down to Pendeen earlier in the season with a bare eleven and half of those were second team players.yes we lost 12 nil but as a football club you fulfill your fixtures
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    It's great to see the young local guys stepping up to the challenge and my personal opinion hasn't changed about the club. I think that a club like this with 3 teams should be looking to consolidate for a few seasons so that the fantastic youth set up that is in place can gradually filter into the duchy then east cornwall then onto the peninsula sides. I also think that the gap between west and premier can be devastating for some clubs and if that is the sole target then what happens next??? I stepped out of management because I am not driven by winning things any more (not that I won much anyway) but have always just had a simple ethos of getting players to represent their local clubs. A great club with a very hard working committee and I am pleased to say that all looks good at the moment. MQ x
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    Saltash Utd 2 Royal Par 2. With both teams harbouring designs on finishing in the top 7 of Division 2 of the Vets League this fixture was always going to be competitive and so it proved as they battled it out in a 2-2 draw. Saltash passed the ball round well and were certainly prettier on the eye but only in a footballing sense, Royal Par resolute, content to soak up pressure and look to sneak a goal from a set piece. 0-0 HT. 2 minutes into the second half the away side broke the deadlock when Kevin Allen put through one on one calmly lifted the ball over the on rushing keeper. Within 15 minutes Saltash went ahead, a well placed long shot and penalty giving them a 2-1 lead. Within 5 minutes Royal Par equalised, a flicked on header allowed Kevin Allen to once again race clear and finish with aplomb. On the balance of play perhaps Saltash may have a case for the 3 points though for all their obvious quality they didn't create many chances. Royal Par no longer have a soft under belly though several of the squad appear to carry one. Enjoyable morning of football, Saltash's version of Chilli (with chips) far better than ours and we will be looking to transfer their cook with ours as soon as the transfer window is open.
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    Penwith exiles 5 - St Agnes 0 with 2 suspensions in the squad and the manager being away we knew today would be a struggle we were down to a bare 12 and couldn’t afford to lose any players to injury during the game, but Ofcourse we can’t ever have a simple game and 20 minutes before kick off we get a message from the infamous Nathan Burt saying his girlfriend isn’t letting him play this meant our forever loyal linesman Kieran newton was getting a well deserved start and put assistant manager with glass ankles had to be named as a sub. The game started very slowly exiles we’re lucky to not be behind with st Agnes missing a few chances, controversial moment #1 exiles scores a goal clearly onside the linesman flags offside and there was a dispute which led to st Agnes saying he dosent really know the offside rule so they changed the linesman. The Aggie cb (head of cape Cornwall p.e department) as he keeper reminding us seemed to be more interested in trying to wind up the exiles strike force more than anything with little nibbles and pulling on players shirts and it worked when no more than 20 minutes into the game Daniel Burt and spat his dummy out and was asking to be subbed, 90% sure I could see a tear in the corner of his eye due to not getting his own way After getting his big call up it was easy to see the fitness of Kieran wasn’t all there but he was definitely causing trouble for the defence, the only issue is it was our defence he was putting in trouble and not theirs, nevertheless could not fault the dedication. exiles started to grow into the match 30 minutes in controversial moment #2 an exiles corner is taken and headed goal bound and then the Aggie player channels his inner Suarez and bats the ball away with his hand before it went over the line...penalty surely??? Nope the ref didn’t see it,we were starting to think it wouldn’t be our day, Five minutes later another corner and as it is hit with so much pace Daniel Burt turns away to try get out the way of the ball and it comes off his head and in the back of the net 1-0 After having a lot of possession but not doing much with it we finally get the second goal before half time Danny Earl with his 23rd shot of the half but only his 1st on target but they all count I suppose. at half time exiles were given the Phil Brown treatment for the below par performance, Daniel Burt was still crying about the Aggie cb pulling on his shirt once during the half and having better banter than him and Kieran newton was on gas and air we had the defibrillator on stand by after his first 45 minutes in years. 5 minutes into the second half and Daniel Burt has finally had enough of being bullied he gets the ball at his feet and with a mixture of brute strength and skill and mostly luck he beats 5 st Agnes players with the ball taking about 8 deflections on the way and he finds himself in front of goal and puts it in the bottom corner and all but seals the win for exiles, very lucky really as minutes later Kieran newton drops to the floor with no one around him almost as if he had been shot with no stretched around he crawled himself off meaning our only hope was our assistant manager who stands at a mere 4ft 5inches and is scared of the ball exiles could of added to the tally had Rory Courtney not missed from 1 yard out yet again but he made up for it 5 minutes later when the ball was crossed in and it bounced off Rory’s shin and went in, dylan Courtney can’t stand his brother being the centre of attention so he tried to go one better by missing an open goal ?? 5th goal was a fluke nothing else to add about that all in all a good game well reffed and played in good spirits bring on the next round
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    But you moan and talk absolute dog mess in the process
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    Steve Carpenter


    Wrong again!