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    Postman Pat

    Combo prediction

    We at Redruth have had to completely rebuild from last season only retaining 6 from the last squad at Porthleven.We have and are still working on our pitch despite those pesky miners and have recruited some good young players and are optimistic for the coming season.After last seasons struggle it would have been very easy to all give up but! We as a club know it will take time and as a group we battle on and it will be our turn to see the good times. Football goes in circles and at the minute we are near the bottom but we believe in our management teams and will keep going.Good luck to all teams this season and will see you all during our games
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    Elburton Villa 1 v 4 Exmouth Town In many a year around SWPL football I have never witnessed an away support like 'The Town' brought today. Turned up on a double decker coach, drunk us dry, ate us out of house and home, sung and cheered all match, didnt leave until late, a pleasure to host. Any club this season that have Exmouth Town come to you then my advice is 'stock up' and make sure all your pasties in! Not the result we wanted today but a memorable day non the less.
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    Ludgvan FC are so pleased to announce that they have managed to secure the services of a new manager for the SWPL team. A very warm welcome to Steve Allen from all at the Club. Nigel and Sue have worked tirelessly over the past 48 hours to secure a Senior team Ludgvan. A very big thank you for everyone's support at the friendly this evening, to all new players, Hayle FC and Penwith Exiles for your help and consideration. Very much appreciated. Onwards and upwards for The Hurlers
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    Witheridge withdraw!

    You really are an absolute idiot. Your posts are the same monotonous crap. You are nothing more than a forum troll and keyboard warrior.
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    Confirmed SWPL 2015-16 transfers

    Ha ha ha this forum is priceless . Every other thread on here going on about the drop in standards and how it's the same old same old every season and yet as soon as a young lad may get a chance ina friendly it's out of order ! You lot make me laugh . don't you think the st Austell supporters would be delighted to see a young lad play in a meaningless game tomorrow and do well saving the club hundreds in the same overpaid recycled rubbish on the circuit ? Absolutely baffles me, you moan that the same players just move clubs every year and then say playing young lads is out of order ! Mental .
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    Sticker Forever

    Ludgvan Take over

    Totally agree with Handsome Dan and Bob and probably most true Cornish football supporters, whatever you can do to keep the club going and in the league go for it. Just ignore Leeds Utd John, everyone else does!!! Blokes a joke, goes missing for weeks when Bodmin are losing, now they won again last night we’ve got to put up with his garbage again!! Not even worth a response to be honest, embarrassing, what a clown.
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    Ludgvan Take over

    Hurler - every football supporter in the county hopes Ludgvan get through this temporary hiccup - ignore any idiot comments - we all need as many competitive senior sides as possible.
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    I am sure sometimes you are on a wind up Si , but if you have played and been involved at a higher level , you should realise how out on a limb cornwall and football is , even though there are more football teams than rugby and cricket it is hard to generate interest and or support in basically a poor county , there are many people,involved at all levels in local football for no gain , but just for putting something back into it . If you have so called connection please feel free to use them so perhaps the FA may invest some money into grass roots football here in Cornwall, money which could help build more 3g pitches help with upgrades to changing facilities , pitches ECT if you are ever about make yourself known I am still involved with Hayle combo at present still doing the line . As for BD I must say he has put a lot of work into grass roots football and I respect that as I do anyone involved with the beautiful game down in here in Cornwall. Oh sorry forgot to say this is my personal opinion and Nothing to due with Hayle AFC , my family my employer or my cat 😁😁😁😁😁
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    I must be a mug then, I have been doing it for the last 3 years! Some people do it for love not money!
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    hansome dan

    Ludgvan Take over

    Well done John and the people at Ludgvan for getting a team out today.Regardless of the result it buys you more time and hopefully get some players in that are committed to the club .Even offered to put my boots on but told their not that desperate thanks.
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    Ludgvan Take over

    Why don’t you wind your neck in? Alternatively, why not offer your support to a club that’s doing everything it can to fulfill fixtures and not let its opponents - or its community - down?
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    Bruegel the Elder

    Leeds United l?!

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear Leeds, up you pop with yet another user name. Turned up to massage your ego and sing your own praises. When will they ever learn❓ 🌬💨
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    The game is all about "human error" - by players and officials; it's what makes it entertaining, enjoyable and unpredictable. At the highest levels, refs are subjected to untold scrutiny by TV experts - who cannot always agree whether the decision is right or wrong. If everyone would just accept the principle that the referee is always right and get on with the game (& life), it would be great for the game. My belief is that video replays should be limited to just showing the highlights (goals, near misses etc.) rather than people in front of a tv screen trying to point out mistakes by match officials.
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    Hi Gents and ladies? Just to say the Combo league starts again this weekend. I’m still up for doing the reports and speaking to a few old friends on a Saturday teatime but I’m now working permanent nights so it’s a bit more of a rush trying to get to work by 8pm. If you want the coverage for your club in the following days paper can you get a little report to me by 6.30pm at the very latest please!?! Ain’t got time to chase up like I used to so here’s my contact details, email, text or a call all fine. Rappoandrach@sky.com or 07455987850. Good luck to all clubs for the season 👍⚽️
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    Postman Pat

    Porthleven AFC Linesperson

    Getting harder and harder to find anyone to stand on the line and constantly take abuse week in week out! I wander why😎
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    Flabby Cabbie

    Bodmin 2-4 Liskeard

    He looked like the Hairdresser from Benidorm
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    St blazey

    Credit due to St Blazey for turning up with several players missing. It would have been so easy to say we cannot raise a side!!!
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    As a Town can I firmly believe that Jordan is nowhere near good enough to play for anyone other than Falmouth Town! Same goes for James Ward, Dave Broglino, Joe Cooper et al. They are all rubbish and should be left to fester forever at Town. (Come on boys! Stick with us and let's win everything next year as well as go on a big Vase run. You know it makes sense!)
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    Ludgvan Take over

    As far as I understand it, Mousehole have offered their help to get the club back on even footing. I’m not sure whether anything will come of this, but I do know that the Ludgvan committee are working extremely hard to keep the club going despite facing numerous setbacks already this summer. It makes sense to explore every option, whatever Mousehole’s intentions may be.
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    Be prepared for the sudden disappearance of a forum member until at least Saturday night and maybe beyond!!! 😂 Old Big Al is spot on with his predictions as well ain’t he!?! The Falmouth supporter that hates his own team!! 😂🤔
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    Sticker Forever

    SWPL Tuesday August 21 2018

    Yeah you’re not used to seeing 140 spectators at Bodmin are are you Leeds!!
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    Jordan Annear

    Gutted missed a few games injured that season Mike!! Nice to be on a list with some of those names though mate! Lucky to have played with Wadds, and a couple of my hero’s Shappy and Neil. Think Jordy will do well at Tivvy, he’s just getting better and better, lovely level headed lad with a great family. Saw Westy today and he said he’s gutted to lose him but wouldn’t stand in his way of progressing obviously. Good luck Jordy 👍👌⚽️
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    grass roots football clubs struggling for finance , having to scrimp and save , are now paying for a multi million pound premiership football clubs to stay at hotels and eat !!! this has to be the worst thing i have heard in years . surly its a joke ?
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    From past experience, squad announcements are only the start of it. Things tend to shake out as pre-season goes on, then into the start of the season as players don't get the game time they expected/were promised, or the signings for the rest of the squad don't materialise. Used to love the supplement that the Indy produced at the start of each season (would be good to see it back, hint), it was entertaining to spot the players appearing in multiple team groups.