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    Message from management and Perranporth football club On behalf of myself (Lee Denton & Justin Miles) & Perranporth football Club would like to wish Steve Brewer a full & quick recovery from a bad leg break today against Perranwell. We would like to thank staff & players at Perranwell football club for there quick response to the injury and also our amazing physio Shelley Wort. Emergency services also for quick response within 20 minutes. Perranporth football Club will support Steve & his family through this bad injury and make sure he comes out the other side fully fit and back with the club again. maybe we could leave the discussion of the challenge now and all wish Stevie a full recovery!
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    Attended his funeral today to pay respects to my old teammate Billy at an overflowing St Day Church . A very emotional service and some amazing words from family members who did him and themselves proud at this sad time . This truly hit home what a special loving and caring man he was . RIP Billy
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    Lizard Argyle

    Like to say thanks to lizard argyle on behalf of Perranporth F.C.! We somehow decided to forget to pick our kit up and they washed it and packed it all back in the bag for us. Nice to have some positive things to say and for others to read instead of the normal negative stuff on this forum
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    There was no intent to hurt anyone by either player. The fact that one suffered a break is regrettable, but the Well's player did not go out with the intention of "breaking someone's leg". As the Perranwell player also suffered significant swelling and bruising to his shin from the coming together, with both players sliding into the challenge, I and many others watching thought it was a 50/50 with a very regrettable outcome. I guess the question I would ask is, if the player hadn't suffered a break, might the challenge have been judged differently? The decision doesn't actually matter, a player has suffered a serious injury and for that we are all very sorry and we wish him a speedy recovery.
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    Keith B

    Managers, what do they know?

    They say that elephants have good memories - I hope yours is good. As a member of this forum for some years now Elephant, I have realised and of course life teaches us that, some folk have had the benefit of good education, others haven't or, didn't make the best of what they had. One should keep this in mind and be understanding. No insults or offensive jibes - just accept the forum as it is and enjoy it, or, leave it.
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    PARKWAY 2 Brislington 3.

    Whilst the top 6 or 7 clubs in the Swpl are undoubtedly of Western league standard, this was always going to be a big step up for the club due to the leagues strength in depth. Unlike swpl there are no easy games, where you can rest and rotate players and still pick up easy wins. Parkways first 11 is strong but the clubs is exposed by injuries much more than it would have been in the past. The club will finish this season in its highest ever league position, has enjoyed its best ever fa cup run, and remains in two cups. It is also about to build a new clubhouse. Plenty to be cheerful about!!
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    Went to take in the St Day vs West Cornwall game yesterday. On paper, I expected a wider margin, but have to say WC gave a very good account of themselves that belied their league standing. WC nearly took the league, a delightful lob catching the keeper off his line, unfortunately just drifted wide. St Day had the lions share of the ball, but their often use long ball into the channels didn't create anything more than half chances. WC were happy to let the Saints have the ball, and use their pace on the counter attack, which brought about the opening goal of the game. Jowan Kitchener put a lovely cross to the back post, and was bundled in at the back post. Some claims of a hand but could have hit anything! Saints kept pushing and eventually got back into the game, defensive error gifted them an opportunity that was well taken, via a deflection that probably would have been saved. WC then had another glorious chance but when 1 on 1, the striker lifted the ball over the onrushing GK and found the roof of the net. From the goal kick, the ball went up the other end, Saints won a fee kick and scored from the ball in. These things always happen when you're looking up the table! HT 2-1. 2nd half Saints looked to take control of the game and in fairness had most of the ball and looked the only team likely to score. Eventually they did when sub Cleverly cut in from the right and hit one through a crowd of players. After some protests about a possible offside, the goal was given. Saints had a few more chances to extend their lead, and WC had another great chance to close the gap but no more goals were scored a day it finished 3-1. Saints deserved the win, but that was a performance from WC that would have beat a few teams on the day. If only they took the early chances, it would have been a different game. Stood on the touchline I counted 8/9 players that could come back in if they wanted, that's a huge difference from last season, but the many 2nd team players that stepped up yesterday held their own, and credit to them for doing so. Shame others don't have that commitment. Easy to walk away when the chips are down, but if they play for each other like they did yesterday, results will certainly turn around.
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    Well the incapabilities didnt serve me to bad in the pro game haha! Unfortunate circumstances forced me to quit! Yes i didnt quite reach the heights i wanted when taking the role at the club! Travelling from bristol for training and games due to the geography of my work made things very stressful and hard! I will certainly be back in managment again at some point again in the future wherever and whenever that may be! And maybe if you were so concerned about the club, you could have given them your ever so extensive knowledge of the game and managed them to glory!?
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    SWPL - Saturday 27 October 2018

    Millbrook can hold their own this season.None of the players get expenses and are a team who just want to play football and play for their club.
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    Bodmin 0 Falmouth 1

    Big Al where were you pal. Both myself and older was waiting with a nice cuppa and a bacon sarnie by the tea hut. No show????
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    Congratulations to Mr Steve Wearne (Weasle to his mates) and partner Lisa for organising the whole day, and St.Blazey AFC, a fantastic amount for those brilliant people at Cornwall Hospice and thanks to the 120 ish who turned up to watch on a boiling hot day along with the St.Blazey Youth lads who were great to have around the place. Credit to the Argyle lads who travel around Devon and Cornwall raising an awful lot of money for charity every season, great blokes who can still play a bit as well no doubt about it! Thanks to our manager on the day Mr Craig Holman who did a superb job jiggling our formation countless times to end up with a very credible 3-3 draw against great opponents. Any SWL club looking for a top manager, there he is!! ?⚽️ The Cornwall/Blazey Legends had to come back to equalise three times which says a bit about our lads as well, still competitive in our old age and I thought a draw was a fair result on the day and it was nice to keep Trev’s trophy in Cornwall for 6 months anyway. ?. Three top finishes from man of the match Danny OHagan who is still scoring braces in the FA Cup and FA Vase for Bodmin Town this season put Argyle ahead three times in the match to complete his hat-trick with Dominic Richardson showing he still knows where those Blazey nets are by equalising twice and unlucky not to score another couple as well on the day. Craig asked me to go on a few times during the second half but as it got hotter I declined (being 51 and fat with knackered knees!) but when we went 2-3 down he gave me no choice with the hairdryer treatment ? Luckily with a couple of minutes to go Bandy picked up the ball out wide right and I’ve seen what he does so many times over the years and sure enough he whipped over a perfect cross to the far post, I just had to peel off the keeper and Hodgie and had a free net from ten yards to head into! Chuffed for the lads who had worked hard in that heat all game and Den who made two great saves at 2-2 to keep us in it. Really good day all round seeing some old faces, that’s what Football’s all about these days but the most important thing was the £1233.88 raised for Cornwall Hospice!! ? Well done again to Weasle and Lisa for all their superb hard work. ????
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    Falmouth v Helston tonight 7-30pm

    I'm not defending the referee or his assistants in this case. Every referee is different and will interpret a decision in what they see. Some can anticipate what will happen, others might wait until an incident has happened. We all know the refs who are good for a bit of banter and those who allow no nonsense. But even these officials can have off days and get decisions wrong. I'm not saying that the decision was right or wrong. We all have an opinion on it and the world we live in allow us to express it but on the field our opinions don't matter. There were three people (usually dressed in black) who make the decisions and whether we agree or not it's their opinions that people need to respect whether we agree or not. When you see the referee appointments you know who you get and what you can expect from them. Maybe he put his whistle to his mouth to consider his decision. I have done this before as sometimes a few extra seconds can make all the difference. It's probably a good thing that this platform wasn't around when the great Bill Pearce was officiating. A well respected referee for nearly 20 years, he had his way of doing things and made decisions that were controversial but he was high profile enough to be respected.
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    Daft tackle, showboating in front of the crowd. Only had to stand up and jockey the fella.
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    Trelawny League - Saturday Oct 20 2018

    I will bow to your technical knowledge David and come to think of it may have seen a sign mentioning it was 3G and only footwear that resembled slippers your dad would wear are permitted?.......all I do know is that it’s better then the artificial pitch that looked similar to Luton’s and Qpr’s mid 80’s efforts that I used to play on as a kid that involved 2 weeks of skin grafts and a unique connection to bed sheets post match?
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    Really disappointed with st.buryan reserves. . No official referee was assigned to there game versus perranwell reserves so on Monday a volunteer ref was agreed by there club secretary. Then on Friday afternoon we are told that the manager has changed his mind and will only play with an official ref. Giving us next to no time to sort one out. FINALLY at 10.30 this morning we find an official ref only to be told by there club that the players of st.buryan had be told last night that the game was off. Disgusting behaviour from the manager he’s let himself his club and grass roots football down.but due to the Messing around, back tracking on the volunteer ref, not reversing it, not bringing there own ref up, clearly don't have the numbers that's why they don't want to play it Shame on you st.buryan reserves
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    T.Prem St Day Res v Penryn Res 1:30pm Referee: Mr Ian Roberts St Day v West Cornwall 3:15pm Referee: Mr Ian Roberts The story/reason why is too long to even make short and nothing to do with referee shortages. But I would just like to say a massive thank you to Ian, all 4 teams, managers and Adrian Walters for organising it all this week. Top Work.?? Bar opens at 1pm with live footy on the TV. Our U14s KO at 10am v St Agnes, going to be a cracker of a day if you wish to make a whole day visit to VP, see you there. ???????
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    Stu B

    Bodmin Town - resurgent or lucky?

    So let me get this right if we lose, we get hammered on here!! But if we win we get are players slated personally as bullies and criminals ??? love how all you keyboard warriors hide behind your fake aliases absolutely pathetic!!! Grow up fellas!!!
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    Duchy League's new secretary

    Good News - Thank you to Derek for volunteering.
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    Bodmin 0 Falmouth 1

    That old chesnut is worn so thin now...everybody can see through you.
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    Managers, what do they know?

    Please forgive me Elephant. I should have checked every single spelling and grammar mistake before posting. If I had known this was going to be an English exam I might of taken a little more care..... or then again I might start tlkng lke ths n jst 4 the hell ov it.
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    Trelawny League - Saturday Oct 20 2018

    Camborne School of Mines 1-0 Holman Sports Club (Trelawny Premier) Entertaining match at Falmouth School at the new * not 4G pitch definitely 3G as something to do with rubber crumbs sand and artificial stuff* (see below post edited at 1012)? which I have to firstly state because as we lost it was probably the highlight of the afternoon what a fantastic facility it is over there, great changing rooms, brilliant showers lovely surface and more importantly the gift that keeps on giving as I’m going to spend the next 2 weeks finding little black rubber pellets in places you would least expect!! ? On to the game we always knew it was going to be tough against a good young side and just to make sure we had to nip around Camborne and kidnap a few people and bundle them in the back of a car as a couple of regulars were out working or attending baby showers!!!!!!! (I kid you not - Bobby) CSOM were pretty much on top most of the 1st half but we were more organised then a child’s school bag the night before the first day of a new term and managed to keep the home side at bay and even had a chance to take the lead. 2nd half got a bit feisty in a game that had been bubbling under for the first 65min when CSOM took the lead through us switching off at the back but 5 min later erupted as the home sides CH went on one of those I’m going on an adventure from lord of the rings moments up the pitch but lost the ball on the edge of our box then attempted what I would describe as the Hong Kong phooey manoeuvre to get the ball off our RB........carnage ensued and a str8 red resulted. A couple more yellows to keep the CCFA budget ticking over in the last 15 including my annual donation and sadly despite a bit of pressure in the last 10 with the extra player we couldn’t find a way to get back on equal terms so a loss but entertaining match on a glorious sunny Cornish afternoon and I think jack mankee and Reece montieth would have slept well last night with the ground they covered yesterday top effort from them both ? Next game for us just for a change is Goonhavern.........again! As we have another go at finishing off our junior cup 1st round fixture at Blaythorne 2pm ko
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    Ludgvan Reserves 1-0 Troon Mike Ali with the only goal of the game for the Hurlers who put in a strong performance against Trelawny Premier opposition. That’s four clean sheets in a row now too - keep it going boys!
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    Mike Odgers

    Falmouth v Helston tonight 7-30pm

    3rd.Round of W C Parson Cup Falmouth Town v Brixham (first ever meeting between the clubs0 Also St.Austell v Bodmin Town
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    If Dave Deacon says “End of conversation” it is indeed time to stop. If some jumped-up newbie sticks a hashtag in front of runninghiswordstogether it’s nigh on hilarious (do hashtags have any function on the forum!)! It’s not Twitter, methinks you’re mixing your (social) media. To the point; the sooner we see a red card for every foul utterance the better. After a very short period of abandoned games and huge fines, it would soon settle down, and we could go back to taking our children and grandchildren to games. Gates would increase and football clubs might stop folding. It’s worth a try, after all, the current situation isn’t working so well. Incidentally I am no Bodmin/Gilby hater, they just happen to be a good example of the problem. There are many others almost as bad, throughout the game. And no, it hasn’t always been like that. Like an insidious cancer it has been growing over recent decades.
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    SWPL & VASE - Tuesday 16 October 2018

    Ivybridge won 3 nil