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    Might be a few fish in them .
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    Keith B

    V A R

    Yes the kick out should have been red carded. I keep saying the same thing - keep the goal line tech, keep the on pitch officials but get rid of VAR. Also, I would like to see more players booked for dissent. The amount of time players surround the referee and he has to suffer 'in the face' outrage, amounts to blatant intimidation and at times must come close to assault by threatening behaviour. Officials should not have to tolerate this sort of attack. Lets face it, if players are booked more frequently for dissent - another yellow for a foul will result in red cards. So, booking for dissent more frequently could well result in less intimidation of officials and therefore a more peaceable game. Hopefully.
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    The reality is...no-one can beat the weather! Force one game on and potentially lose the the next one, two, or sometimes three. Also severe damage can run into a couple of thousand to put right at the end of the season - who pays for that(?) Exactly.
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    ALL OFF! - Saturday 15 February 2020

    On the bright side the box nets are still looking great though Paul!!! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
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    social media etc.

    Following the recent events at Manchester City where a player posted a cartoon to a fellow player and was fined and the ex player who had to apologise for a twitter comment he posted about Liverpool fans , what goes through the mind of people to broadcast these things to the world . If you have an " in " joke with a close colleague why do you have to post it on social media for the world to see knowing full well ( if you got a brain ) that the content could be offensive to someone other than the recipient ? Is it an ego thing . I worked in an environment where colleagues would constantly rib each other with remarks that were a means of relieving tension and nobody took offense but these remarks were kept in house and no offence was taken . Nobody would dream of saying this in earshot of the public and they certainly wouldn't be posted on a media site , but in modern society it seems that you must let the world share it . Perhaps I'm ancient and was brought up in a generation of different standards and manners and that's why I struggle to understand modern life . As for the recent incidents of racial abuse , again I struggle to understand firstly how anyone could abuse anyone of a different colour , race , religion etc. and secondly so dim as to do it in front of cameras broadcasting to millions of people round the world . It really puts this country to shame .
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    Very good away result tonight. Back on top with 2 games in hand. Roll on saturday for a home game against Harrow.
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    Promotion for Truro?

    Promotion for Truro City could be after the 3-0 win at Salisbury City tonight Then a home match with Harrow Borough on Saturday Things are looking quite good
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    As I viewed it, Player A took the corner and passed it to Player B. Player B then played it back to player A who was offside. Seen it happen many times. Player A is not immune from being offside as far as I know. Player B IS immune from the corner kick but he immunity ends there?
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    Jacob Englefield

    V A R

    We'll agree to disagree on the standard of officiating! πŸ˜‰ Like I said, it is in some cases, not all. What I'm hoping for is that the officials get the help they need. That's meant in the nicest possible way. Because they, in particular the referees, are being made to look worse with the way VAR is being implemented.
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    Keith B

    V A R

    The commentator and the pundits gave the impression that it had been referred to VAR - so we have to assume that it was. Still don't like it Jacob. How did we arrive at a situation where the spectators don't know if it's a goal or not ? Spoils enjoyment of the game. That instant joy when your team has scored has been removed and that for me ruins watching a match. The only thing at stake is somebodies money Jacob. We shouldn't keep knocking our match officials, for me they do a very difficult job, very well.
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    Keith B

    social media etc.

    I don't think you should put your hand on a female colleague though CTB. I agree with what you say but, touching a female colleague is always a no go in my book. Unless it's after work and behind the bike shed of course ☺️.
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    VAR is destroying enjoyment of the game. Get rid of it ... please.
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    Watched this game and considering the conditions it was very enjoyable. Some very good footballers and good football played . Fair result and well reffed.
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    8 to 1...lol
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