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    Plenty of the Bristol teams moan about going to Pakway. Wait till they find out where Mousehole is!!
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    PENRYN (0) 1 Jack Rapsey 72’ WENDRON (1) 2 Rory Jarvis 41’ Lucas Potts 87’ Decent competitive friendly in hot conditions for the St.Pirans league hosts Penryn and Peninsula Premier visitors Wendron. Bakes pitch looking lovely as always and those red box nets made my afternoon! 👌. Really even game I thought with the three goals all similar, good low strikes into the bottom corner from the edge of the area. Young Lucas Potts scoring the winner in front of dad Matt who graced that Kernick Road pitch about 600 times in his career! 👍👏🏼 Great for me to see Rappo Jnr scoring on his Penryn debut after being out all last season injured. 👍 Saw two legends as well, both Peters, Young from Penryn and Thorne from Wendron, how many years have those guys put into their clubs!!! Don’t make them like that anymore! Great to hear off Pete that Wendron lights are going up in a couple of weeks, how nice will that look at Underlane! 👊🏼 Spent the 1st half chatting with Mass and Deacs, how lucky we are that those two guys love Cornish football as well!! Nice afternoon, good match, well officiated, glad local footy is back after watching all those young ladies in the summer. Was ok, but you can’t beat the real thing as they say! 😀🤔⚽️
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    Tax avoidance. Totally legal form of scrounging, usually done by rich folk and corporations who can afford very expensive accounting advice. Tax evasion. Usually done by common folk (known as plebs by the people/corporations involved in category above) to eke out a living. For example, cash in hand working.
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    All sorted.
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    F A Vase First Qualifying Round Draw

    Our players are very mobile ray ! 😁 I predict an oh - 2 scoreline ! 😁😂🤣
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    You don't need very expensive accounting advice to claim legitimate sponsorship tax relief. You do however need to be VERY rich if you don't declare taxable income and H.M.R.C. come knocking on your door. It never ceases to suprise that people openly tout the alledged sums of cash in hand payments made, on a public forum
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    F A Vase First Qualifying Round Draw

    Have to watch out for Bristol Telephones Nige I hear they have a couple of good Poles playing for them, just hope your not on the receiving end.
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    Not according to your mate,Nige' lol
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    Bristol Telephones v Falmouth Town (playing at Stockwood) and just down the road (2 1/2) miles Keynsham v Helston Athletic It could be rather noisy at Exeter Services
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    le boss

    Favourites / signings

    Shouldn't that be "you have a squad this season" ?
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    League Winners Odds - Bit of Fun

    Ill have a fiver on St Blazey at 750-1. Could be easy money.
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