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    Personally, I think there should be a 3rd, "Intermediate" Cup between SC & JC. This would give more teams the chance of winning something and - if structured carefully - would give more 2nd and/or 3rd teams a chance to be part of the Country Cup competitions.
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    CFA Statement - 28th February

    Get Isaac Rosenberg to sort it out !
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    Paul Collings

    CFA Statement - 28th February

    I think the question being asked really is:- Will the East Cornwall & Combination League teams still be in the Senior Cup and will players at St Piran and Peninsula level be totally free to play in East Cornwall & Combo matches ? Here in the east, most Duchy teams wanting to move into the East Cornwall Lge have done so to get what most of us old gits still refer to as Senior status. This was particularly important for reserve sides as they have had the freedom to shift players between teams without restriction. If the ecpl is relegated to what most of us old gits still refer to as Junior status then it would be pretty much redundant and it would be more practical for the Duchy Lge to have an extra division above its current Premier. I must stress this is just my personal opinion.
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