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    New management at Perranporth

    Yeah club linesman terrible , stand up in all weathers get abuse , costs money to get to games , kit ect ect ,and don't get paid , so 22 men can play football , there we have it in a post . And where are the next generation of volunteers coming from with this attitude , you have been able to play at a higher level where most don't get that chance and good for you but , kicking lower league teams and officials is not a great reflection on yourself , Nothing wrong with grass roots football enjoyed by many , and costs time money , people but back into the game not take out , I take my hat off to all volunteers , officials of lower leagues .
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    RESULTS - Saturday, 25 January 2020

    Just follow along the line Daz, then drop down to the next one! Bit like they do in a book really! 👍
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    Constantine reserves 3 - 6 Storm FC Finally after 40+ games losing the streak is broken, after going 2 nil down I couldn't be prouder of the boys today showed real fight and deserved everything they got. Conner Clark x 3 Ethan Smith x 1 James Porter x Penalty Michal Wojtas x 1 Goonhavern at home next week, should be a good game
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    Danny O

    New management at Perranporth

    Rappo thank you for your kind words bud....but I would take this opportunity to apologise for my commitments about ref’s and assistants I think you do a thankless job it’s just hard to take when some decisions cost games but I know that can’t be helped......it’s part of football 👍⚽️
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    Postman Pat

    St Piran West Squad

    Hope the game goes well, both managers have picked a side in what is a thankless job. Let’s face it everyone is an expert and could pick a better team, but at least you are both giving it a go.
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    Rob Hosking

    Penryn 2, St Ives 1

    Tom is a great guy & he works tirelessly behind the scenes at Penryn 👏. We could all do with a few more like Tom involved with our clubs. We're lucky to have such a wonderful band of volunteers & committee members at St Day, especially the younger generation like Mark Leah 👏.
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    Penryn 2, St Ives 1

    I can see young Tom Blewitt (I think that’s the surname) sticking around at Kernick for decades. From what ive heard he does a huge amount of work behind the scenes and rightly won clubman of the year last season, and not the first/last time I’m sure!
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    Because they have no responsibility anymore. Brought up with everything done for them, and given everything as well. They have no affiliation to anyone but themselves.
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    kevin richards

    St Just Withdraw

    I think that anyone who knows anything about local football will appreciate what Rodney has done for St Just Football club over the years. We all know he has put his hand in his pocket on occasions, but only for the sake & never to the detriment of his club. No one can dispute his efforts, commitment & loyalty to 1 club. Rodney will never be everyone’s cup of tea, however, love him or hate him, everyone would love a Rodney Beer at their football club.
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    Premier Holman Sc 3-1 Mawnan The day started really well and rather bloody early because Marksy was on the phone at 0830 as the 1sts only had 1 sub!! My ray of sunshine mood probably not helped by me checking out the new Gin bar in Truro for the wife’s birthday the previous evening so the sheer joy of a Saturday morning lie in was slightly disturbed by the ‘Sophie’s Choice’ of remaining with the reserves for a trip up the hill to Troon with the wind forecast to achieve ‘Biblical’ conditions or a nice warm tracksuit behind the Blaythorne Trees warming the bench for the 1sts so you can guess where I went 😁 We were awful for the first 30 with a proper turgid heavy pitch performance and Mawnan fully deserved their 1-0 lead. Luckily Liam had been down the local Blockbusters and rented out a VHS copy of Platoon so was able to recreate the William Defoe death scene on 3 separate occasions, once even with a little squeal sound that Peppa Pigs dad would be proud of but one of his little Oscar Winning Performances that bodes well for Sunday’s Award ceremony was in the penalty box so Kyle drew us level.....to be fair it was such a cast iron penalty it was wrapped in a big cast iron pot that had ‘ Cast Iron’ written on the side of it so 1-1 at HT. Playing with the wind 2nd half helped and we edged ahead 2-1........I got the nod for a slightly longer then my normal 5 min cameo with 25 to go to which some weird ‘Stranger Things’ other dimension stuff happened where I hit the crossbar and scored the 3rd......not with my head either you will all be shocked to hear but an electrifying turn of pace scramble!!!!.........who am I kidding I toe poked it in from 3yds out but happy days a 3-1 win and a rather nice way to finish as in true Star Wars tradition I go to the ‘Dark Side’ next week in an attempt to help out the referee shortage to do my 5 trainee ref matches.........who ever is unlucky enough to get me i apologise in advance 😄 5 games to go for the 1st team and still in our hands but TMS with a big win today and Illogan with a win at Probus taking it down to the wire 😮
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    Dave Bartlam

    Match officials

    You do realise that these referees read this forum don’t you? I think it’s quite appalling that you are calling them out for their fitness levels. This isn’t the Premier League, they aren’t going to be elite athletes. Have you ever considered that some of these may not actually want to ref at SWPL level and are doing so to help the Appointments Officer out? I’m as fit as any referee in Cornwall - I smash the fitness test each year but I’m not anywhere near the best. At this level, fitness is good to have for that extra ten yard run into the corner for a turn out of the exit zone, however it’s not essential. Each of the referees you’ve called out are more than capable of reffing well in that League! And people wonder why there are a lack of officials!
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    Postman Pat


    Paul c to be fair the game was played in good spirits. Well reffed by Ian Roberts who awarded a penalty for handball when their fullback picked the ball up from a clash of heads to stop the game, Ian made the right decision but it was harsh. We did the right thing by kicking the penalty wide on purpose. When you consider that both teams needed the points it summed up the game.
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    Kernow Stone Cup Draw

    Bude are at home so unless they are picking St Day up and dropping them back 🙈
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    Perranporth FC

    Blimey PP you only had to say it ONCE!
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    This is no doubt due to the rain in the last few seasons bringing the fines/silt to the surface. The net result being no air spaces in the top of the soil profile, without them grassland will retain water in the top structure of a pitch...soft slow draining will be the result. Solution, we will have to hollow core the pitch and use a silicate sand to put air spaces back into the top of the profile. Hollow coring and sanding is the only solution to this problem, vertidraining will not resolve this as the action of the vertidrain although relieving compaction does produce compacted holes that close again. You can see from the cores that the rubber crumb that was used some 10+ years ago is still very much doing its job maintaining air spaces...happy with that. I have posted this suggest that many other pitches could be suffering from the same problem. If you go back to your school days and your science lessons, remember the soil in the test tube with water, the fines come to the surface and the large particles go to the bottom, the same happens to soil that is continually soaked flooded. Hollow core and sanding it is then. Hope this helps.
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    kevin richards

    Ludgvan withdraw from the League

    It may well be very high Dave, however, youngsters these days have the retention spans of goldfish & if someone says something they don’t like or get upset by, they then go somewhere else or say they don’t want to play with a load of ruffians. The youth football set up is all well & good but it just means someone else is doing all the running around for them. Young kids wearing club tracksuits, when did I miss that. !! Everything is put on a plate for them & then when they are asked to help run a club, they are not interested. Get these kids to respect the club they are playing for, make them stay with that club until they old enough to play men’s football & then stick with that club through thick & thin. The only problem being, their parents are just as fickle & would also walk, taking little Jonny with them, slagging off the club & the people running it as they drive out the gate. Does anyone reading this think that these kids will be playing for the club they are at now in 15/20 years time. ? No, me neither. Therein lies the problem. ......
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    Yet another fully established club falls by the wayside. Cornish football is in the biggest mess it’s every been in. We need to cut down the leagues & the number of clubs massively. Too many teams & not enough players, sponsors, committee members, supporters or general volunteers to keep the amount of teams running, sustainable. I know & appreciate what your answer will be Steve, we’ve had this conversation before, however, no one from the FA has ever been down to Cornwall to access & discuss the geographical location & issues we have here, basically, they don’t actually care. This is their toy & they will make the rules. What they are doing, is killing Cornish football. !!!!!!!
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    In my opinion, what all Clubs need is loyalty from their "local" players. Once those players are replaced by others from outside of their "normal" catchment area, they rarely return to "their" club. The only solution then is for the Club to continue to "import" players - if they can. Sad but true!
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    Ray Jennings (aka Rayvon) RIP

    Good afternoon to you all, some of you will know me but a lot won’t, I am Brendan and Ray “Rayvon” Jennings was my father. I have sat with my iPad in front of me trying to work out what to say but I am still struggling as the tears have steadily flowed at such kind messages. All I can really do and say is thank you to you all for such kind comments regarding my father. He was certainly a Truro fan through and had many qualities unfortunately missing from today society and he will be truly missed. Once again thank you all, and I wish you all the best for the future regards Brendan Up the City! Up the Owls
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    Dobwalls 0 Falmouth Town 3 You've gotta put your chances away against renowned Cup Battlers, sadly little Dobwalls didn't create many and those they did narrowly missed the target. Falmouth ran out deserved victors in this gritty (or should I say soggy) encounter up the top field. They had a tad more composure and cohesion amidst the chill breeze and icy showers. On a rice pudding surface they still managed to execute a game plan and looked the more dangerous overall. My dodgy 112 headcount resembled a 75% increase from the last time I visited Lantoom Park. You can guess why? Whatever your opinion nobody can ignore the significant impact the F Troop have had on the Falmouth club, particularly this season. Despite the FBB Boot Boy regalia on show this appears to be a genuine movement of decent normal people who've been addictively propelled to passionately support their football club. From the noisy flag waving march to the gate, the pop song back beat to their jovial singing and the busy trade at the ale & grub counters, the F Troop bring a vibrant unique presence that appears to be sadly lacking in modern non league, especially in the South West. Some people at games keep well away from the theatrics but every time I've bumped into them they've always been friendly and in no way aggressive. When you listen in on their comments surrounding what's happening on the pitch they're so enthusiastic and supportive of their players you get to realise that the cheesy headline about them being the 12th man actually makes sense. Anyway enough waffle, I just wanted to note that in a game like today a big name side like Falmouth could have genuinely struggled at a ground like this, miles from home, cold breezy setting, wet heavy surface and a capable Dobwalls squad just itching for a scalp. I reckon the FBB descendants might just have pinched man of the match again?
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    Dave Bartlam

    RESULTS - Saturday 4 JANUARY 2020

    I went and officiated Ludgvan and Hayle today. Enjoyable game for me personally with not a massive amount to do. Hayle just too strong for Ludgvan all across the park - hopefully Ludgvan can recruit some new players and put an end to their recent misery which is obviously having a huge effect on confidence. I made a point of staying around after the game today to have a chat with some of the guys that work behind the scenes at Ludgvan. All of them hurting because of the struggles the club is currently facing. I really hope things can turn around for them as they're a bloody good club. I must say that the assistants I had today were the best I've had all season. Some challenging calls and some very honest ones at that. Top stuff. Ludgvan stalwart John Matthews (who's almost 62 might I add) was superb on the line - I couldn't believe it when he told me he's just had a knee operation. I had a good ten minute chat with him (first time I've met him), he hit the nail on the head about local grassroots football and it's struggles. He told me about the season he played 79 games.. that's the sort of pedigree and desire to play that's needed right now.
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    Ray Jennings (aka Rayvon) RIP

    Absolutely gutted by this sad news .Used to work with Ray ,and always had daily banter with him about truro city and his beloved sheffield Wednesday .He was Truro City through and through from when he was a young lad through the good times and the bad .A real stalwart for the club carrying out many duties . Ray my friend ,you never got to see your team at the stadium for cornwall but at least you saw them win a Wembley final ,something the rest of us can only dream of. R.I.P Mate NIGE
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    Harry Pope


    mate, if you want to talk about embarrassments, lets talk about the boy Jack in your dugout. When you beat us at our place in the cup, he celebrated in my face... and yesterday during the game he was constantly throwing insults my way for the whole game, i had to chase him down just to get a handshake after the game, making gestures about the size of my nose, calling me the same this as BigBadBarry did until he deleted his comment. lets be clear...my nose is a biggun, but you should be embarrassed to have him as a part of your club! so yeah, i may have celebrated slightly over the top, but my advice to you would be if you cant take it, dont give it!! Luckily Rappo jnr has no break in his leg, hopefully he will be back playing again sooner rather than later! Up The RYN
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    PENRYN (1) 1 Jack Rapsey 34’ MOUSEHOLE (0) 0 ATT: 63 (counted just before HT) MOM: Micky Flores (Mousehole) REF: Dave Rowe 9/10 very good. Penryn got the new St.Piran League season off to a winning start but were made to fight all the way to the final whistle by the Seagulls at Kernick Road. The hosts started on the front foot and forced 8 corners in the first 25 minutes without really threatening the goal too much. Penryn took the lead in fortuitous fashion ten minutes before the break when centre half Nick Boase up from the back struck a fierce shot from 25 yards that was heading wide but deflected off the thigh of striker Jack Rapsey and spun into the bottom corner totally wrong footing the excellent away keeper Micky Flores. The pacy Ryan Reeve then burst clear on the left in the 41st minute but Flores sped off his line to block the shot. The always superb Bradley Leivers wriggled into the area and was clipped on the ankle and the excellent referee Mr Dave Rowe pointed to the spot. Reeve blasted the penalty to Flores right but the keeper dived to beat the ball away and right on half time Reeve picked up a booking for a 50/50 challenge with Flores for a through ball they met at the same time. The only decision from Dave I disagreed with all game to be fair, thought it was the strikers right to make a challenge for the ball in that situation, brave keeping from Flores all the same. Penryn totally dominated the second half with Mousehole always looking dangerous on the break. Penryn finished with a total of 21 corners at full time and the visitors defended brilliantly in numbers to slide in and whip the ball away from Rapsey and Reeves toes from pinpoint Leivers and Jake Shaw crosses on several occasions. Star of the show though was Flores who made an incredible full stretch save in the 58th minute from a spectacular Rapsey overhead kick that was heading for the top corner. As so often happens Mousehole had a pacy breakaway attack down the left and from a great cross young Pasha Wilson headed wide at the far post in the 66th minute. Leivers sublime low driven cross was side footed past the far post by Reeve from close range before Flores again was lightening off his line to just get a touch and divert Shaws goalbound lob wide. Five minutes from time Reeves electric pace saw him clean through and he rounded Flores only for the keeper to dive backwards and get his fingers to the ball once more. He wasn’t finished yet tipping a Keegan McPhilburn free kick over the bar in the 88th minute to deny the rampant hosts once again. Mr Rowe added on 5 minutes of injury time but some clever possession passing saw the hosts see the game out to claim maximum points. On another day it might well have ended 7-2 but credit to the Seagulls for some valiant defending in front of an inspired keeper on the day. Penryn manager Harry Pope will be wondering how his team only scored one goal but it’s a winning start to life in the new St.Piran league on a fantastic Kernick Road surface provided by the multi award winning Bakes. 👌👏🏼👍
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    St Just Withdraw

    Watching as a fascinated observer from the East of the county, it baffles (and angers/amuses me) that anyone would pay players to play at this level of football. In the St Piran and ECPL up this way , nobody is paying, or has done (to my knowledge) in the last 10 or more years. In fact, the majority of clubs probably rely on players’ subs to pay their way and, in some cases, keep their clubs solvent. With many clubs struggling to survive these days, the pressure to bring in players is becoming ever greater and things become desperate, with players offered money by teams they probably aren’t good enough for. Money being paid to very average players is one of the causes of the current demise of clubs. Every year we see a shrinking pool of players and clubs, committee people and volunteers. Imagine working all week and all summer on the upkeep of facilities to see a mercenary rock up to your club, get paid, then move on when a fiver more is offered. Insanity.
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    isaac rosenberg

    St Just Withdraw

    I will not dignify david187 with an answer. He is a sad man, deeply antipathetic to the interests of St Just AFC. St Darren is uncannily accurate....I left Cornwall in 2009. As a point of information, I was not the sponsor under debate in this thread. While I may make occasional donations, they are not in that league. Every little helps: perhaps le boss would like to show the same spirit of generosity to Carharrack. My only future involvement at St Just will be as an occasional supporter: there is no "black cloud" from me. After a very helpful chat to Joe Sturgeon, I wish him and his family well in taking the club forward. Just one observation about the contrast between Cornwall and elsewhere. Here in Gloucestershire, I have watched an entertaining series of pre-season friendlies between Forest Green Rovers, Cirencester, Brimscombe, Yate Town, Slimbridge, Shortwood United and Chalford. All are within 15 miles of the others. All have proper referees. Most have excellent facilities and are solvent, despite some crowds not being much bigger than we see in Cornwall. There is the same tooth-gnashing angst about the awful, awful imposition of changed league structures from a London-based FA. Cornwall needs somebody to communicate that its geography and demography are not typically English and to articulate this at the upper reaches of the FA. In Gloucestershire, there is an air of local co-operation and comparative affection between neighbouring clubs. I am not alone in watching all of the above, probably attending 80 matches a year. By contrast, the interplay of Cornish clubs is more like a group of reptiles trapped in a sack biting each other to death for the last gasp of air. The standard of football in Cornwall is comparatively so abysmal that, in all honesty, a club importing the best four players from my entirely amateur local side in Brimscombe every week would have won last year's JCCL by twenty points. I appreciate that things are so tough that for many young men in Cornwall even £20 to play football keeps the wolf from the door, Expense begets expense. I heard of a player yesterday, offered that amount by a local club, who on hearing that the rest of the team were also to receive the same, insisted that, as he thought he was better, he would now demand £40 a game. Of course, this is all unsustainable. Ultimately the unbridled development of capitalism permitted by the nonsense neo-liberal economics which gave us austerity and the SKY TV business plan have dominated the policies of the FA at every level of the game. In simple terms, the rich are richer and the majority are scat. Unsurprisingly, the youngsters prefer getting fat playing FIFA and watching the best players in the world from their sofa to going out in the fog down St Just. It's a cheap, isolated activity, if your diet is pickle flavoured crisps. A lot of them are understandably quite depressed... That's the world you are in, folks ? Gonna keep fighting each other to death, or try to change it by biting your way out of the sack co-operatively ? Change the politics.
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    Knew you were going to say that...
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    As the official County FA Observer to the Falmouth DC v Praze game-a few points of clarification. Yes it was the Referee's very first game and as a referee myself (and Observer at County, Supply and National League levels) I felt that this game would have been a test for a seasoned official. Each team has to be commended for playing in the manner in which they did albeit that the away side played a robust but fair game (my opinion). There were six infringements in each half including that in the second half for which she had to issue a caution and several Key Match incidents including 3 penalty shouts, one of which was given. There was a element of a possible "hand" being involved in the first Praze goal, not hand ball but (with the law changes last year) a goal being scored having come off the hand? Here she consulted the "linesman" which is something we would expect an experienced official to do and not one in their very first game. She consulted the linesmen on several instances not for their decisions but for clarification of hers. As for the tears, yes there were some, but at the end of the game these were for the fact that she had just gone through a very tough 90+ minutes...and she may not get many more like this. There are areas where I have given instruction for development but I believe that when I observe her again I will see a different (more composed) referee. I'm please to see that no one has suggested that she was poor....my response to which would be "You try before you judge!"
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    RESULTS - Saturday 8 February 2020

    He wouldn't go if it was in his bloody back garden.
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    Jeff  Chambers


    Tomorrow we welcome Saltash Utd to Bickland Park. A top team packed with lots of quality throughout. But we are ready and waiting for this challenge. 2 cracking cup finals last season between us were split evenly, they were great days for both clubs and probably the perfect outcome. Tomorrow is also a special day where we pay our respects and love to Malcom "Peewee" Mclean, one of our own, who passed away just a week ago. A minutes silence for Malcy will be observed before the game. Malcy has been with us every step of the way since the rebirth of the F-Troop, he will be sadly missed by everyone. It comes so soon after the passing of John "Turks" Martin, another great F-Troop lad, tough times. Expecting another bumper crowd at Bickland tomorrow to cheer our lads on. We don't intend letting our Cornwall Senior Cup go easily. Roll on tomorrow. "WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE...…. WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE....CHAMPIONS OF CORNWALL...WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE"...…………………………. UTT
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    RESULTS - Saturday, 25 January 2020

    Sure I saw a few flares in Camborne main Street last week. Be a shame if there was an arrest for that! probably the only trousers the poor blokes have got!!!?? 😂
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    le boss

    Ludgvan withdraw from the League

    Some of the blame has to be laid at the door of the local leagues who accept new teams each season when there clearly isn't the number of players to go round. It's been happening for the last 6 or 7 years and I know the new teams are voted in by the member clubs but where will it all end?
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    Tania at Godolphin has done all she can for her club and i am sure she didn't expect such an exodus .There are so many clubs suffering the same problems and if it wasn't for the efforts of some very loyal old heads and some very enthusiastic younger lads i am pretty sure St Teath would have been in the same boat.We took a decision to stay in the ecpl after finishing bottom the previous season .We could have taken a place in the new St perrins league at the expense of St Mawgan or St Dennis res.Godolphin and a few others filled the gaps left by clubs taking the opportunity to move up from the lower duchy leagues into the new county formed league.That is where the problems started ,a league that was to be county wide with 16 teams which did not get the support because of the travelling involved suddenly split east and west with 32 teams The result of that was panic at ecpl meetings and 18 teams elected with 2 from plymouth (not there fault) and teams having to adapt to a bigger senior league. The St perrins league also have teams that have not been able to field teams Wadebridge St Dennis .It is so easy to dismiss the efforts of some to keep clubs alive but perhaps now that the St Perrins is up and running then things may settle down a bit and well all realise that the majority of us are village sides.Be a great help if the FA let kids play from 14 again maybe
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    Refusing promotion

    With Parkway, Exmouth and Tavistock all in the top 6 this season there’s no doubt our teams would do well in the Western League, always said it, hardly ever remember losing to a Western league team in the Vase or FA Cup over the many years!? Like everyone says it’s just the 5 hour round trip to Bristol every other weekend for the next 5 to 7 seasons while all our ambitious clubs are getting promoted. Be decent after that when our clubs make up half the league!? It’s just getting to that process! Good luck to all our ambitious clubs though, be good to see when it eventually happens 👍⚽️👏🏼
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    Showcase Cornish talent when they move up! There wont be many Cornish men in the team. At this time with all of Helstons self promotion for many it smacks of rubbing your noses in it. I mean...what the hell are all of these videos about...mirror, mirror on the wall who is the vainest of them all? What's next...behind the scenes in Helstons kitchen...lol Best of luck to Helston from me...but REALLY!
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    RESULTS - Saturday, 11 January 2020

    If your gona make stuff up Leeds at least get your facts right. £170 for Levi. You must be joking. A good £300 plus a private jet to Newquay. Levi comes with good contacts in the game and we were going to pick up Ali Daei, Irans top goalscorer but we thought better off it. He is expensive. Dodged a bullet there. Anyway we gave him a lift from Newquay to Mousehole. Thanks to the club for laying on the limo to Mousehole. It certainly struggled up that stoney road mind to the ground. A bit unlucky yesterday. Thats football. The wind being the real winner. Poor Levi, handed him his packet, well two actually, one for each half. Suddenly the wind got up and it blew away back towards Penzance and out to sea!! Lucky for him, one keen supporter gave him a lift home in his fiat punto. Anyway, onto Friday night against Sticker.
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    RESULTS - Saturday, 11 January 2020

    Having been back in the dugout today to help out the G, I'd just like to say that the players gave everything today. Yes we lost again, yes we conceded 8 again, but this isn't a quick fix. Alot of the players are playing well above their level but keep trying regardless and turn out put a G shirt on and help as we try to sort everything out. We went in just 2-0 down at half time but better quality and fitness will always show and it did in the second half for Camelford, the lads tried and kept going. I was proud of the effort and attitude displayed by the players and it is only with the commitment that the G will get back to its best. Finally well played Camelford a really good footballing side, great to see Bobby there after his injury and always nice to see a former player in Luke Howarth who had a really good game at right back. Good luck for the rest of the season Camelford.
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    St Piran applicants for SWPL

    It’s the same all year round
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    Mike Odgers

    Ray Jennings (aka Rayvon) RIP

    Totally shocked-Me and Ray had a great rivalry with Truro and Falmouth but always had respect for each other- A very sad day for West Cornwall football to a most genuine and passionate football follower -RIP RAY the forum will never be the same without your banter---- I will be thinking of you at 3pm tomorrow.
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    Rugby hooligans game played by gentlemen, football gentlemen’s game played by hooligans!!! 😀😀👍
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    Way Of The Park

    FA Cup- Parkway 5 Paulton 2

    Sounds like one hell of a game down at Bolitho Park as they knocked out step 4 Paulton from the FA Cup. Two down inside the first 20 minutes or so, goals from Shane Krac and Ryan Lane levelled just before the break. Second half efforts from Jordan Copp, Mikey Williams and Billy Palfrey completed the comeback and put Lee Hobbs' team into Monday's draw for the first qualifying round.
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    Kernow Stone Cup Draw

    We have all opted for this league so let’s make it a good one guys, I’m personally looking forward to it and like to say good luck to all sides for the coming season ⚪️⚫️⚽️
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    New players and ones departing

    Why are you asking me if the management get paid - you know it all don't you ? According to this thread alone - you know that: - Parkway are being paid 5 times more than other squads in the league (some teams don’t even pay). (Meaning most teams' budget is £600 per game) Big LOL - Jordan Bentley, Billy Palfrey, River Allen & Tyler Harvey has all been made lucrative offers from Plymouth Parkway in recent days. - Club have supposed to have made a name your price policy to Andrew Neal which he has declined to stay at Taunton. - 4 Players are on £250 plus so there is nearly a 1/3 gone already. (All very laughable statements) - Tiegan Rosenquest being a Tavistock boy is going back to Langsford Park and also heard Mike Smith is joining him. - Tavistock will reportedly have the 2nd biggest budget in the league. (LOL - really?) - Winning the league is the minimum requirement coming from the Bolitho hierarchy this season. (If that's the minimum, what more could they do?) -  Club have invested a lot of money into the team and weren’t happy to finish 2nd to team who pay out approximately £500 a game, the cup win did lighten the thoughts however. - Gates and Senior figures is where the money comes from. (I am interested in how many pass through the gate at home games and what the shortfall is for a league budget of £114,000 to be raised for your proposed £3k a game) (Oh and Parkway won the cup this year, so add some cup games into the mix to increase the budget) . Just in the league if 500 people actually paid £6 to get into the ground (they wouldn't) that arguably is enough to cover the home game budget. You're telling me "Senior Figures" then pay £57,000 in per year to cover players wages (league games only) then in addition pay for travel, ground maintenance, upgrading club house, and all the other stuff that goes with running a football club? All in all, you must be on the board at Parkway to know so much inside information. You know the budget, you know what players are being paid (if 4 are on £250 EACH), you know the disappointment and objectives for next season and are in the loop with the transfer targets and what they are being offered. You sir are a dreamer and to quote you one last time - maybe you are the one needing the "wake up call". Thanks for the entertainment though
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    Steve Carpenter

    St Piran update

    I understand where you're coming from and you obviously have a strong affinity to the ECPL. I don't know what you know of the process that we've gone through to get to the point we're at now and I'm certainly not going to run through it here in great detail. Feel free to get in touch if you want the brief. You could make the argument that nothing has changed yet everything has changed. I would make the following three comments/observations. 1. The 'suits' you refer to are the various committees and boards within the FA. Whether you like it or not they govern the game all the way down and if they say this is 'the structure that we want in place' then that is what happens. The changes to the NLS have been going on for a few years and are now reaching there conclusion. They were signed off by the FA Council and are not optional. This coming season will see pretty much all of the changes implemented with some fine tuning to come a year from now. 2. The policy is that ANY club can start at the very bottom and have a clear path to the very top. The entry point to the NLS is at Step 7 and these are County based leagues so not to have one is not an option. During the early discussions (I was out of the country at the time so this is what I've been told) the solution we now have was suggested but not taken for whatever reason. Also, the Combination and ECPL Leagues were given the option of getting involved at Step 7. For whatever reason(s), and I'm sure they were strong and valid reasons for each of those leagues, they declined the opportunity. Some months later the embryonic committee picked up the reins with the one division solution which started with strong interest which sadly waned in the east. At that point we had to change tack to ensure that the clubs in the east had good opportunities to progress and we were fortunate to get our amended plan sanctioned. 3. In essence nothing has changed as regards the ECPL. I don't wish to speak too much out of turn here but they have always had a plan that in general terms reduced the ECPL down to one division as a result of the Step 7 changes and Ken at the meeting last week clearly had a plan for the way ahead for his league. Nothing new in this at all. No bandwagon to jump on, the policy is passed down for implementation and somebody has to do it. You may not like the solution and that is your prerogative. The only sure thing is that if you keep banging your head against this wall all you're going to get is a headache similar to the one I've had for the last week.
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    Nothing wrong with Wendron buddy, just need to move it two miles down the road to warmer climes...lol
  47. 5 points

    RESULTS - Saturday 4 JANUARY 2020

    If only that were the case Dave, Dave Bartlam was spot on, you can take so much crap and it's water off a duck's back, being called a cheating c..t, f..king useless, any other collection of choice phrases by away teams, coaches, spectators, and yes even players from your own team, it does make you think why do I bloody bother, all we want to do is try and support the game we all love! We all get things wrong, it's part of being human, and yes some linos cheat, it's a regrettable fact! But if there's any player, any ref, or any other lino who has says they never made a mistake during a match, then they're a bloody liar. Looking forward to the advert "Linesman wanted for local football side, just not too honest!"
  48. 5 points
    Thanks, proud of what we’ve achieved considering we are just a farmer’s field in the middle of nowhere Best of luck in the next round and for the rest of the season. Good bunch of lads and although I felt we played some good stuff, Torpoint were more than worthy winners, really capitalising on some individual errors.
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    Match officials

    I think refs get enough stick on match day , then to be questioned about fitness , without the refs and there are less and less each season the game as we know it will be finished very soon , with clubs being told games have to be played with out official refs , let's back them not slate them .😈
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    Harry Pope

    Kernow Stone Cup Draw

    all the way to st just!!!!! weve been stitched 😂 good idea to have both east and west in one cup competition in my opinion! will make for a very competitive cup! looking forward to the start of the new league!
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