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    John Dunn

    Dobwalls FC

    I dropped into Lantoom park last night to see what progress has been made after the devastating fire. I was pleasantly surprised to see that things are taking shape which is due to the fantastic community support the club has received. The new roof is almost complete with just the new corrugated sheets to be fitted. The inside has also been transformed from a burnt out shell with the plumbing already replaced and the electrics ready to do the second fix after the ceilings have been plastered. It looks like the club is on target to meet the deadline they have set for playing games in early September. Congratulations to all concerned, it is great to see the community pull together to restore the facility in times of a crisis.
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    Spent an enjoyable afternoon at St Dennis 2 Falmouth Town 2 Have to admit I more or less expected the visitors to win this one but St Dennis certainly had other idea's. Jaffa Rowe struck the home side into the lead in the 10th minute which proved to be one of the few occasions they got near the Falmouth 18 yard area first half. Falmouth had massive possession advantage but disappointingly failed to finish where it counted. 8 minutes into the second half the visitors finally got one back and it was 1-1. There was a feeling Falmouth would be bagging a good few more this half. St Dennis were having none of it and hassled Falmouth tirelessly, they even increased the number of counter attacks into visitor territory. Their plucky defence and never say die attitude played havoc with the Falmouth game plan. I thought the show was finally over when Falmouth went ahead with just 12 minutes left. Once again St Dennis proved me wrong. On they battled. Surely they couldn't force a comeback? With 5 minutes left St Dennis broke forward down the left and got a cross in, there was confusion in the Falmouth six yard area and after some ping-pong panicked clearance attempts the ball broke to that man Jaffa Rowe again who stabbed home a crucial critical equaliser... 2-2! The F Troop were heart broken. The drums fell silent. Banners were being folded. At the final whistle the home supporters looked like lottery winners. The more sedate travelling fraternity from Falmouth trudged back to the car parking area shaking their heads in dismay. Jolly good result for the battlers of St Dennis, not so sure it had the same appeal for the Falmouth Management team? Who says this season is all too predictable....
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    Let's get rid of all the officials and give all the spectators a whistle and flag...then every decision will be perfect! Have you ever refereed a match or run the line? no - didn't think so. Official bashing from the off ...pathetic!
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    le boss

    Combo Clubs looking for new managers

    Why and who underrates him? Think it is common knowledge throughout local football that Steve is and has always been a top man and top manager who has that extremely rare quality - loyalty. Wasn't a bad player either mind.
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    RESULTS - Wednesday 14 August 2019

    Why does anyone bother responding to the fool - please everyone just ignore him.
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    Kernow Stone Cup Draw

    We have all opted for this league so let’s make it a good one guys, I’m personally looking forward to it and like to say good luck to all sides for the coming season ⚪️⚫️⚽️
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    Glen Patterson

    Combo favourites

    Carharrack, Carharrack, Carharrack. Not in that order.
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    My apologies Older. You're right, i missed the sarcasm. Don't get some of the anti Mousehole stuff on here, and find some of the rhetoric (especially surrounding players names and origins) a little unsettling.
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    We Two

    Truro City 1 Plymouth Argyle 0

    Have you considered by how much the gate was boosted by the Bodmin supporters coming down to see a massacre. We have been reliably told they were both there !😉
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    Steve Carpenter

    St Piran Full-Time

    The St Piran Full-Time site is now live and can be found at: http://fulltime-league.thefa.com/ProcessPublicSelect.do?psSelectedSeason=252470536&psSelectedDivision=282895523&psSelectedLeague=656725252 There's a bit of tidying up to do from the standard lay-out but hopefully that and populating the fixtures will be sorted over the next few days.
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    I should go a bit careful teflon if I was you, as your statement that you can say things true or untrue because its a forum, is so wide of the mark, its ridiculous. You on the forum are subject to the same civil law of libel as anyone else, forum or not. What is even worse is the the burden of proof for libel is less than the criminal law, it is 'on the balance of probabilities' not 'beyond reasonable doubt'. So as you say, you sometimes repeat comments you hear from people in the game. Unfortunately that is no excuse to libel, should there be any. You also seem to know all the financial matters from Penzance to Plymouth plus everything else, so you get around. Someone might think that on the balance of probabilities, which only has to be 51%, that you are making some of it up. You cannot tell 'porkies' about individuals without risking libel and the web site operators would not be able to keep your details secret. By all mean views, comments, ideas, criticism , but naming people or organisations you are on a tightrope.
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    Steve Carpenter

    St Piran League AGM

    The AGM is on Monday 10th June. The Officers were appointed about 6 months ago for an 18 month period and their names were well publicised. The season will start on 17th August. The cup draw will be made on the evening. The constitution of the two (East and West) divisions was publicised a couple of weeks ago. The fixtures will be completed over the next couple of weeks. The SWPL fixtures only came out yesterday and these were needed before ours could be progressed.
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    Difference between abuse and noise though. Don’t think I have ever heard a more ridiculous reason to aim abuse at officials in my life.
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    Parkway 7 v Cadbury 1.
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    Billy Davies

    TCFC Comings and goings.

    Steve Tabb, Legend.
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    Hi Pat, yeah me mate. Same drill as last season if that’s ok please. A text or call as quick as you can after the final whistle. Much appreciated mate 👍⚽️
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    Darin Morse

    V A R

    My opinion hasn't changed - get rid of it altogether!
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    St Blazey v Windmill

    Its not about who its for. Its about getting minutes under the belt before we face Argyle youth next week and raising a few quid for a great cause. Nice day for it. Why not come and watch it.
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    gutted! I manage Tregony. Runners up in Tralawny 4 last year expecting promotion along with threemilestone res who won it! Yet still a league below the teams who finished bottom of the league above they should now be a league below us. promoted alongside every team we competed against last season. We’re still in the bottom league. As a volunteer I feel all the work put in is for nothing. We did the double over marazion who have now gone into the combo
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    The free Indian on a Saturday would sway it for me.
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    The draw for the first round of the Kernow Stone Cup was made at tonight's AGM and is as follows: St Just v Penryn Athletic Launceston Reserves v St Austell Reserves St Agnes v St Ives Millbrook Reserves v Lanreath Bude Town v St Day Hayle v Callington Reserves Perranporth v Sticker Reserves Ludgvan v St Mawgan Wadebridge Town Reserves v Polperro Saltash Borough v Mullion Perranwell v Torpoint Athletic Reserves Helston Athletic Reserves v Saltash United Reserves Liskeard Athletic Reserves v Morwenstow Illogan RBL v Wendron United Reserves Falmouth Town Reserves v St Dennis Reserves Redruth United v Mousehole Reserves Dates for the ties are yet to be fixed.
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    New players and ones departing

    Teflon you’re an absolute Beaut 🤣🤣🤣 Talk me through Parkways “£3k per game” budget - I’d love to hear this. That’s approx £187.50 per player per game for a 16 man squad. Where is this money coming from ? Can’t wait for this....
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    I'm not going to go over old ground here as there's little to be gained from that. Those of us that put ourselves forward to run with this project could only deal with the scenario we were presented with and we've given it our best shot. The situation we found ourselves in over the last week or so was not where we wanted to end up but we did. It had been anticipated as a possibility but only when we very quickly got to the the weekend situation could we get definitive answers as to what would be an acceptable solution. We now move ahead with a positive approach and a revised plan that meets the FA's mandate. During the course of today we have had 6 firm applications to join and advance notice of another 2 so the early signs are good. We'll see where we are on the 24th and go from there.
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    Sorry ECPL but I dont agree. You ask what good the grants would do? Try better facilities for players, officials and spectators, floodlit grounds for more evening ties, improved equipment and grounds maintenance increasing playability of pitches. These grants will not be available outside of Step football...My understanding is that many ECPL and Combo clubs pay players...so why do you say no "recompense"? Does anyone actually take unpaid time off from their regular Saturday employment to play?? "Junior" football clubs often have huge trips to make...try Holywell,Godolphin or Newlyn up to Boscastle, North Petherwin, Stoke Climsland...these are 6hr days just for 90mins football...And I doubt any drivers get any mileage payments. Every club has sponsors...try getting just one extra to cover mileage for your 10 away league games and the burden of cost that you see as possibly destroying all local football would vanish...football has to develop and move with the times. Perhaps a solution would be move it all to Sunday mornings...oh...sorry..if it aint broke dont fix it right....sin bins?? Never work...oh..it does actually..... I'm astonished so many clubd are being short sighted regarding this....there are great opportunities and possible success stories in the making...North Petherwin may yet get in and open up all manner of funding streams...I for one will raise a glass if in a few seasons they have created facilities fit for a local cup final .... Everyone is entitled to their opinion...and this is just mine ...
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    S Abbo

    Perranporth FC

    Bloody hell....Big Al agrees with someone on this forum and it happens to be me. Wow! I feel privileged!! 😀😀😂😂
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    We don't do Mars or yorkies but a toffee crisp or a kit kat and deal on hahah
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    Way Of The Park

    Bridport 0 Parkway 5

    Goals from Mikey Williams (2), Jack Calver, Adam Carter and an own goal helped Parkway cruise through a potentially awkward trip to Bridport. Keeps the Bolitho Park side's 100% start to the league going, and sets up a mouth watering clash at home on Wednesday night against Exmouth, who won away against previous leaders Bitton yesterday to keep their perfect start in place.
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    The love affair with box nets continues! Had to beat him with an iron bar to get him out of them!
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    Why were we worried!!!????!!

    A lot of people have suggested lately, and me and Deacs have even mentioned it on our podcast show about the concerns of the leagues amalgamating and the relevant gap in standards between the two leagues? I think after yesterday’s results we can all stop worrying about big scorelines and one sided matches etc which to be honest you’ll get in any league in the country! The West teams from last season more than gave their Premier opponents a game, think these results yesterday proved that Cornish Football is competitive and in decent shape 👍⚽️👌 Be interested to know your opinions? Helston 1-2 Liskeard Launceston 0-2 Wendron St.Dennis 2-2 Falmouth St.Austell 2-0 Porthleven Callington 0-5 Wadebridge
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    Hi Dave, good to see you mate. Thought you had a great game 👍 Yeah no one will ever agree on every decision, all you can ever do is give what you see mate. Think it looked worse as Reevey is so quick and they got there the same time and collided. Catch you again later in the season no doubt mate 👍⚽️👏🏼
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    Wrong again, we get £20 + travel expenses in junior football. Expected to arrive 45-60mins before kick off, check the pitch, nets etc. 90minute match + stoppages and half time. Potentially travel to check a pitch in inclement weather. Pay for our own kit £60+ for a full kit minimum. Pay registration fees, pay for the original course and occasionally have to finish work early to get to evening games (again losing money!) Equates to 2 1/2 hours minimum on a Saturday for £20. The shortage grassroots football is faced with is down to attitudes like yours. Why would I give up a Saturday afternoon with my family for less than minimum wage if everyone was of the same opinion as you?
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    Too old, no money...you got problems. Try pension credit, you maybe able to enjoy football and life again!
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    Darin Morse

    Mount Gould

    Here's my view from an ECPL side - Mount Gould are perfectly entitled to sign whoever they like, just like any team!
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    Exmouth Town

    So MTC stands for Match Transport Coordinator then ! 😁
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    FT: Plymouth Parkway 1 (Calver 45) Buckland Athletic 0 Friday night football returned to a wet and windy Bolitho Park where fellow Western League side Buckland Athletic were the visitors in the Extra Preliminary Round of The Emirates FA Cup. Despite the adverse weather conditions, a decent sized crowd of 181 had braved the elements. Parkway made two changes from last Saturday’s emphatic victory over Cadbury Heath. Ryan Lane replaced the unavailable Mikey Williams in midfield with Nick Milton returning to central defence and Aaron Bentley moving to right back replacing Will Tinsley who was named amongst the substitutes. Playing with a strong wind at their backs and in frequent heavy showers, Buckland made the sharper start with Chris McGrath heading over from a free kick on 6 minutes. With Parkway unable to get a foothold into the game, Buckland continued to threaten and a strong run down the right from the dangerous Richard Groves saw his angled low drive tipped round the post for a corner by Kyle Moore in the Parkway goal. Parkway did manage a break on 8 minutes when after good build play Lane shot well over. Buckland continued to push forward and Parkway had a fortunate escape on 12 minutes. A powerful free kick from around 25 yards by Groves smashed against the crossbar and was cleared to safety. This seemed to galvanise Parkway who gradually upped the tempo and started to gain some decent possession with their central midfield trio becoming more influential. On 15 minutes a good interchange of passes between Lane and Billy Palfrey resulted in Adam Carter slicing a dangerous cross just wide followed by another Lane effort being blocked. Play now became more even with the two defences generally coping well in tricky conditions. On 26 minutes a Buckland break down the left created a good chance with the alert Groves glancing a header just wide from a teasing cross. With Jamie Lowry, Jack Calver, Teigan Rosenquest and Palfrey beginning to dominate midfield, Parkway had a reasonable shout for a penalty turned down on 36 minutes with Rosenquest seemingly brought down just inside the area. Rosenquest subsequently received the game’s first yellow card for remarks made to the referee. Parkway were now the more dominant side looking dangerous down both flanks with full backs Lane and Jordan Copp able to push forward in support. Buckland’s Joe Belsten then saw yellow on 41 minutes after a series of persistent infringements. From the resultant free kick on the left, Palfrey flashed his header just wide. With Parkway continuing to press they took the lead on the stroke of half time. A surging run from midfield by the ever improving Rosenquest saw him play the ball into Carter who, with his back to goal, held the ball up well and cleverly set up the supporting Calver who calmly stroked home a low shot from around 10 yards for his second goal in successive games. Palfrey then received a yellow card in first half stoppage time for an unnecessary foul. A fairly even half with Buckland starting the brighter and creating a few decent chances with Parkway gaining more control as the half progressed and just about deserving their half time lead. Copp appeared to have picked up an injury towards the end of the half and was replaced by birthday boy Antonio Costa at half time with Lane dropping to left back and Costa slotting into midfield. Parkway almost increased their lead on 47 minutes when a break by Rosenquest along the right saw his deep cross to the far post blasted well over by Calver. With Buckland being forced more on to the defensive, another penetrating move down the right on 53 minutes ended with Rosenquest’s cross being well defended. With the pressure mounting around the hour mark, further shots from Rosenquest and Palfrey were blocked by an increasingly overworked Buckland defence. On 62 minutes a fine through ball put Carter clear only to be denied by an excellent covering challenge in the 18 yard box by Danny Gaze. Carter was then replaced by Curtis Damerell on 65 minutes. With Buckland now being forced to play on the counter, Gaze fired well over from distance as the Parkway defence continued to remain strong with Moore rarely being tested. Ryan Bush replaced Nick Rudge for Buckland on 68 minutes with Connor Bryant replacing the impressive Groves shortly afterwards. The experienced Kenny Griffiths in the Buckland goal was being called more and more into action as Parkway continued to threaten with another dangerous cross by Lane being smothered by the keeper on 70 minutes. With Buckland continuing to counter attack they forced corner on 76 minutes but were exposed at the back as Parkway raced clear from the corner to create a quick 3 on 2 break with Griffiths saving well to deny Calver. Buckland made their final substitution on 77 minutes with Stuart Morgan replacing Dan Western. The lively Damerell then linked well with Rosenquest whose teasing cross skidded just wide. Calver was replaced by Fletcher Williams on 85 minutes as Parkway continued in the ascendancy with another Rosenquest cross just evading the incoming Costa who was just unable to get the final touch from close range. Griffiths then kept his side in the game in the last 5 minutes with a series of fine saves from Damerell, Williams and Costa as Parkway kept up the pressure to the end. Buckland threw more players forward going into stoppage time and, always being vulnerable with just a single goal lead, Parkway had a few nervy moments with the final action seeing a free kick from Cameron Kelly being blocked and going for a corner which was cleared with full time being called shortly after. A decent game in difficult conditions with Parkway coming into their own after a strong start by Buckland. The second half was more one way traffic and but for some fine goalkeeping, solid defending and profligate finishing, the scoreline could have been more comfortable for Parkway with their defence generally in control and Moore rarely being called into action. Parkway will now entertain Evo Stik Southern League Division 1 South (step 4) side Paulton Rovers in the next round on Saturday 24 August with the planned league visit to Bridgwater Town having to be rescheduled. Parkway return to league action next Saturday with the relatively short (168 mile round trip) visit to Bridport. Match report courtesy of Graham Lloyd
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    Joe Slovo

    Penzance Chairman Nick Duncan Removed

    A considered reply will be released after our regular monthly committee meeting tonight. Anyone who has the guts to post with their real name may get a reply but all the anonymous crap posted above is just that, crap. We are actually in a much stronger position. Anonymous lies and gossip do not help. Some of these idiots actually claim to support Penzance. You couldn't make it up. Charlie Farley Penzance AFC Secretary
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    Div 2 New Inn Titans Res 4.1 Falmouth Utd h/t 3.0 Entertaining game and result about right , although Titans keeper also made some vital saves which could have changed things. Oh yeah the ref was ok too 😁
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    Thanks, Kevin, that's kind. We all do our best and, like life itself, football introduces us to the full range of human behaviour, ranging from the sublime to the obscene, mostly somewhere between. St Just can be quite an extreme place, not only geographically. As you say, I am somewhat Marmite too. Growing up there as the son of somebody who taught some of my fiercest critics at primary school but sent me off to prep school elsewhere had its influence on how I was perceived from the age of about 5. As a passionate fan from the age of 7, I only ever wanted St Just to do well. As Darren says, 75%, at least, of the clubs in the Combo before this year's dramatic shake-up have had individuals attached who paid other individuals from time to time. Why this led to my getting more flak than most others doing the same I am not sure. I don't want to be negative about anybody, but back in the seventies and eighties St Just's performance, considering that, before more recent managers, some players seldom trained, was sensational, but it couldn't last. There are two or three "stalwarts" who, to the bottom of their refilling tankards, bitterly resented their replacement by the likes of Andy Trathen, Ben Leonard, John McCallum, Andy Dyer, Shane Richards, Gary Edmunds, Gary Bell and Jerry Ede, several of whom were based in West Penwith or just beyond. Only in St Just would that be regarded as "foreign". I was once called out for "outsider" abuse because my father had actually been born elsewhere....all the way over in Marazion. To pay players or not to pay them...the debate goes on. The purist "loyal village players" position would be great if we didn't live in a poor economy where the ambitious still tend to leave the county during prime footballing years. I was away from 18 to 34 too, but not much loss there ! And back then, Dave Wadd's Penzance sought to entice the best of St Just, Marazion and Mousehole to "higher standard" football. And yes, they offered brown envelopes. Even those who epitomised club loyalty, like the sainted Will James, much older than me, were also seduced into a spell as a Magpie. That village spirit has gone now, partly because most people buy cars, most jobs require travel, and education, for all the degree courses I used to help to develop at Truro and Cornwall Colleges, is mostly up the line. It has been a long time coming. In 1969, I had to sing the verse underneath as part of the Humphry Davy School Song. Even then, our identity was defined by a melancholic awareness that we were over the hill: "As mighty waters ebb and flow Against the granite shore, So we, an ebbing tide, must go, This place be ours no more. For other waves from ocean deep Are surging in to land, Another race will take our place And bear the torch in hand........... By memory's chain we linked remain Whatever may befall Our (club) be still the first and last, Our motto "One And All."
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    Great to see Friday night football back at Bolitho. Hopefully we will see a few more Friday night home games this season!
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    Newquay vs Frome

    Watched the friendly this afternoon or it was suppose to of been a friendly no one told the players ,the 1st half was pretty poor but the 2nd half certainly wasnt and Newquay went in front by a acrobatic goal from Jack Bray Evans who doesnt score tap ins all his goals are always pretty special still think he should be playing in a higher league i think hes good enough for Truro ,Newquay then not long after go 2-0 up when the Frome goalie gets in a right mess and Alex Cole steals the ball and walks into a empty net , there was a unsaviory bit then when a Frome player was crudely taken out by Harry Tillson i think, well the Frome players sought revenge and took it out on poor Harry ,time for all the players to have a good old shoving match handbags at dawn.Frome then stepped up a gear and scored a scrappy goal and then got another to make it 2-2 and it stayed that score until the end .Right at the end Newquay goalie Dan Peters went down at the end injured with no one near him hope hes fit for the 1st league game Vs Helston .My MOM has to be JACK BRAY EVANS this is a superb Newquay team and they could do very well this season . One last thing i came across a pic in my photo album of when Frome manager Danny Greaves played for Southend in 1982 at Plymouth i printed a picture off to give to him but it must of fallen out of my bag on the way out if anyone finds it could they pass it onto him .Thankyou Well done Newquay and Thankyou for Frome for travelling down to play at Mt Wise hope you have a good season
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    Truro City 1 Plymouth Argyle 0

    Not a bad result by a team already destined for relegation back to the fish and chip league by the doom and gloom merchants and just for our old friend from Bodmin it was the biggest crowd at Treyew Road since the Vase semi final against Curzon Ashton, at least 2000 at the game. I have already bought my season ticket for next season down Malpas Park.
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    Womens World Cup.

    Loved it. No cheating, no diving, no histrionics. The premiership should take note...bunch of wussers by comparison.
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    Tbh the money being bounded around is ridiculous it will ruin Cornish football it’s not sustainable and is giving false expectations to players, I can not believe we have got to the point where players are getting thousands of pounds to sign for clubs when all you win for winning the league is two grand! The idiots who persist with this tactic will ruin Cornish football, what’s happened clubs will go under great work guys
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    St Blazey v Windmill

    Off the subject slightly Paul, what a cracking job you have done down at Blaise Park with the pitch, best I have seen since the early Trevor Newton years, fantastic. Just need to get some better players to do it justice. Absolute great job well done Paul.
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    A bit embarrassing all round I would think.
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    grammar not Grammar. MQx :)
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    Have to agree with you The Bald One
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    Proper game of football from two good sides.. great result .. good crowd .. great send off for Jim 💛💙💛
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    Way of the Park you still owe me 3 ciders and 3 pasties from the treble season .... so think your the tight git. Older .................. behave you tart
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    You will need better bait than that.
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