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    We have nothing to lose in applying. The very worst that can happen is we get relegated and end up in Trelawny Prem, where we would be any way. At least we can say we tried.
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    Plenty of the Bristol teams moan about going to Pakway. Wait till they find out where Mousehole is!!
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    Kernow Stone Cup Draw

    Bude are at home so unless they are picking St Day up and dropping them back 🙈
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    If you're going to have a pop I don't mind, I'm a big boy and can take it but at least have the decency to 1. Use your proper name instead of hiding behind a username and 2. Get at least 1 fact right. Dave covers most of it above and I'm not going to repeat again here what has been stated on various threads across the forum and on Facebook. Please do some research, you may then have a more accurate idea of how we ended up where we are in all this.
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    le boss

    Combo Clubs looking for new managers

    Why and who underrates him? Think it is common knowledge throughout local football that Steve is and has always been a top man and top manager who has that extremely rare quality - loyalty. Wasn't a bad player either mind.
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    Perranporth FC

    Blimey PP you only had to say it ONCE!
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    Match Recommendations

    Bought the players....may as well buy the fans too.
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    We Two

    New Manager

    Good luck to Truro and their new manager for the coming season. Whatever opinion of the club you hold, their ambition to play in a higher standard of football is credit to them and puts to shame the attitude of some clubs who wouldn't even give the Western League a try. Are we Truro supporters ? no never seen them play, but we will always back a tryer
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    We Two

    St Blazey v Windmill

    Probably someone who prefers to be in the background and is keen to help those less fortunate than himself, such as Childrens Hospice South West. All the best " Mr Nobody '' pity there aren't a few more like you in our game where the mantra seems to be " What's in it for me? ''
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    Fire at Dobwalls FC

    Good luck to Dobwalls, always sad hearing bad luck stuff like this when a good club has worked hard to improve their facilities over the last few years. Hope it doesn’t take too long to sort the damage out ⚽️👍
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    Knew you were going to say that...
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    Way Of The Park

    New Manager

    Good appointment, means money can be saved by not having to change the initials on the manager's overcoat.
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    We Two

    St Blazey v Windmill

    But has been at Windmill ( the opposition ) for 11 years, why do people search for a negative angle about such worthy attempts to help a cause that we all hope that we will never have to use.
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    Kernow Stone Cup Draw

    We have all opted for this league so let’s make it a good one guys, I’m personally looking forward to it and like to say good luck to all sides for the coming season ⚪️⚫️⚽️
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    We Two

    Bodmin start to recruit for new season

    We heard it was two strikers, Bryant & May, a match for anyone !.
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    New players and ones departing

    Why are you asking me if the management get paid - you know it all don't you ? According to this thread alone - you know that: - Parkway are being paid 5 times more than other squads in the league (some teams don’t even pay). (Meaning most teams' budget is £600 per game) Big LOL - Jordan Bentley, Billy Palfrey, River Allen & Tyler Harvey has all been made lucrative offers from Plymouth Parkway in recent days. - Club have supposed to have made a name your price policy to Andrew Neal which he has declined to stay at Taunton. - 4 Players are on £250 plus so there is nearly a 1/3 gone already. (All very laughable statements) - Tiegan Rosenquest being a Tavistock boy is going back to Langsford Park and also heard Mike Smith is joining him. - Tavistock will reportedly have the 2nd biggest budget in the league. (LOL - really?) - Winning the league is the minimum requirement coming from the Bolitho hierarchy this season. (If that's the minimum, what more could they do?) -  Club have invested a lot of money into the team and weren’t happy to finish 2nd to team who pay out approximately £500 a game, the cup win did lighten the thoughts however. - Gates and Senior figures is where the money comes from. (I am interested in how many pass through the gate at home games and what the shortfall is for a league budget of £114,000 to be raised for your proposed £3k a game) (Oh and Parkway won the cup this year, so add some cup games into the mix to increase the budget) . Just in the league if 500 people actually paid £6 to get into the ground (they wouldn't) that arguably is enough to cover the home game budget. You're telling me "Senior Figures" then pay £57,000 in per year to cover players wages (league games only) then in addition pay for travel, ground maintenance, upgrading club house, and all the other stuff that goes with running a football club? All in all, you must be on the board at Parkway to know so much inside information. You know the budget, you know what players are being paid (if 4 are on £250 EACH), you know the disappointment and objectives for next season and are in the loop with the transfer targets and what they are being offered. You sir are a dreamer and to quote you one last time - maybe you are the one needing the "wake up call". Thanks for the entertainment though
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    Steve Carpenter

    St Piran update

    I understand where you're coming from and you obviously have a strong affinity to the ECPL. I don't know what you know of the process that we've gone through to get to the point we're at now and I'm certainly not going to run through it here in great detail. Feel free to get in touch if you want the brief. You could make the argument that nothing has changed yet everything has changed. I would make the following three comments/observations. 1. The 'suits' you refer to are the various committees and boards within the FA. Whether you like it or not they govern the game all the way down and if they say this is 'the structure that we want in place' then that is what happens. The changes to the NLS have been going on for a few years and are now reaching there conclusion. They were signed off by the FA Council and are not optional. This coming season will see pretty much all of the changes implemented with some fine tuning to come a year from now. 2. The policy is that ANY club can start at the very bottom and have a clear path to the very top. The entry point to the NLS is at Step 7 and these are County based leagues so not to have one is not an option. During the early discussions (I was out of the country at the time so this is what I've been told) the solution we now have was suggested but not taken for whatever reason. Also, the Combination and ECPL Leagues were given the option of getting involved at Step 7. For whatever reason(s), and I'm sure they were strong and valid reasons for each of those leagues, they declined the opportunity. Some months later the embryonic committee picked up the reins with the one division solution which started with strong interest which sadly waned in the east. At that point we had to change tack to ensure that the clubs in the east had good opportunities to progress and we were fortunate to get our amended plan sanctioned. 3. In essence nothing has changed as regards the ECPL. I don't wish to speak too much out of turn here but they have always had a plan that in general terms reduced the ECPL down to one division as a result of the Step 7 changes and Ken at the meeting last week clearly had a plan for the way ahead for his league. Nothing new in this at all. No bandwagon to jump on, the policy is passed down for implementation and somebody has to do it. You may not like the solution and that is your prerogative. The only sure thing is that if you keep banging your head against this wall all you're going to get is a headache similar to the one I've had for the last week.
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    Bruegel the Elder

    Match Recommendations

    Agree with Older (for a change!). Go to whichever one is closest. My deepest sympathy to your spouse, a grass widow in under a week! P.S. Ideally shouldn’t it be “We’re coming down to Cornwall for our honeymoon”
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    We Two

    Truro City 1 Plymouth Argyle 0

    Have you considered by how much the gate was boosted by the Bodmin supporters coming down to see a massacre. We have been reliably told they were both there !😉
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    Steve Carpenter

    St Piran Full-Time

    The St Piran Full-Time site is now live and can be found at: http://fulltime-league.thefa.com/ProcessPublicSelect.do?psSelectedSeason=252470536&psSelectedDivision=282895523&psSelectedLeague=656725252 There's a bit of tidying up to do from the standard lay-out but hopefully that and populating the fixtures will be sorted over the next few days.
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    I should go a bit careful teflon if I was you, as your statement that you can say things true or untrue because its a forum, is so wide of the mark, its ridiculous. You on the forum are subject to the same civil law of libel as anyone else, forum or not. What is even worse is the the burden of proof for libel is less than the criminal law, it is 'on the balance of probabilities' not 'beyond reasonable doubt'. So as you say, you sometimes repeat comments you hear from people in the game. Unfortunately that is no excuse to libel, should there be any. You also seem to know all the financial matters from Penzance to Plymouth plus everything else, so you get around. Someone might think that on the balance of probabilities, which only has to be 51%, that you are making some of it up. You cannot tell 'porkies' about individuals without risking libel and the web site operators would not be able to keep your details secret. By all mean views, comments, ideas, criticism , but naming people or organisations you are on a tightrope.
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    Harry Pope

    Kernow Stone Cup Draw

    all the way to st just!!!!! weve been stitched 😂 good idea to have both east and west in one cup competition in my opinion! will make for a very competitive cup! looking forward to the start of the new league!
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    Steve Carpenter

    St Piran League AGM

    The AGM is on Monday 10th June. The Officers were appointed about 6 months ago for an 18 month period and their names were well publicised. The season will start on 17th August. The cup draw will be made on the evening. The constitution of the two (East and West) divisions was publicised a couple of weeks ago. The fixtures will be completed over the next couple of weeks. The SWPL fixtures only came out yesterday and these were needed before ours could be progressed.
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    TRELAWNY LEAGUE - Saturday 18 May 2019

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    Imagine someone like St Austell and their ex Truro management team changing at The Coppice then hiking up Tresavean Hill to the pitch! Long live the Cornwall Senior Cup!
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    John Mead

    from Penzance AFC

    It saddens me that a supposed supporter of PzAFC feels the need to post such negative comments on here. With friends like that you don't need enemies!
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    Porthleven Football Club are delighted to announce & welcome Jamie Thomson & Graham Blake to the club as the new joint management team of the Peninsula league team for the coming season. This will be Jamie’s first venture into management & he will be ably supported By Graham who will be leaving his role as manager of Helston’s combination league team to join us. They come to us with a long term plan that we are sure will benefit Porthleven Football Club for a long time to come. Good Luck Guys.
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    Morwenstow must like to travel 👏👏👏👏👏👏 my old mate grosey will win that league with st Dennis with the signings he’s got up his sleeve
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    Good luck.Well done on your achievements so far.
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    Long journey and a thumping victory. Four goals (including a first half hat trick) for Jordan Annear. Up to fifth in the table now, can Parkway make a late run at the promotion positions?
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    PENRYN (6) 9 Jack Rapsey 8’ 16’ 25’ 33’ 55’ Russell May 7’ Jake Shaw 14’ Jack James 47’ Harry Roberts 59’ TMS (2) 2 1’ 21’ Good win for Penryn against a TMS club where it all started for manager Harry Pope and his team. Unfortunately no report for the fellow stattos on this game as I was at work!!! 🙄 Luckily I could follow Matt Fridays great coverage on Twitter! TMS took the lead inside a minute but Penryn replied by racking 6 up before the break! Great to see the youngest boy back loving footy again with his mates after being out all last season injured making it 9 goals in 3 games with another 5 tonight. Good luck to TMS and their reserve team for the season, good to see the club going strong again after an uncertain period. 👍⚽️
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    isaac rosenberg

    St Just Manager Vacancy

    Steve has been a superb manager and clubman for some 23 seasons and is indeed a hard act to follow. I thank him for all the good times when a number of people on and off the field were able to support his leadership,which contrbuted a good spirit, entertaining football and success including two cup wins and a league runners-up spot to the westernmost senior club. I hope that those taking forward the responsibility for running this historic club will act prudently and find a worthy successor. Good luck to the alumni of the future.
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    I like the old way. Have a smoke before KO, then a smoke after the whistle...finally warm down with a few beers....head home around 12 or 2-ish. Completely warmed down by then!
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    A few updates from the CWFL AGM: A busy and well attended CWFL AGM with just one club from next season's 17 teams absent (their apologies were sent!) Season start 1st September although clubs can as always clear dates ahead of season start as within any league. The CWFL welcomed 6 new teams elected into the CWFL for 2019/20 Season! League set up: Div 1 Helston Illogan Mousehole Wadebridge Culdrose (requested promotion) Callington (new team went for Div 1 on their potential squad) AFC St Austell (new team requested starting in Div 1 owing to squad make up) FXU Div 2 St Agnes St Breward St Teath Saltash (new team) Bodmin (new team) Newquay (new team) Foxhole (new team) Porthleven Penryn (requested return to Div 2 to regroup) Cup draws were made for start of League and Supplementary Cup. New committee elected: Chair Mandy Kimmins Vice Paul Parfitt Secretary, Fixture, Registrations etc Denzil Lobb Minutes Danielle Smith Charter Standard Lisa Marley CCFA Rep Roger Hannaford Welfare Officer Dawn Bateman This set up constitutes the largest number of teams within the CWFL for many years and represents such a positive time for the ladies game in Cornwall! With Bude, St Agnes 1sts and Callington 1sts all playing in SWWFL we are totalling 20 Ladies teams in Cornwall for 2019/20 Season! No teams from Cornwall were promoted to or demoted from SWWFL and Charlestown who had applied for promotion have withdrawn this season to rebuild and regroup. For any enquires re Ladies football contact: the following who will all signpost players etc to the nearest club. Mandy Kimmins 07974 370666 bolsterpaper@gmail.com Vicky Fisher CCFAVicky.Fisher@cornwallfa.com Denzil Lobb 01872 552091 d.lobb48@btinternet.com
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    Hi Pat, yeah me mate. Same drill as last season if that’s ok please. A text or call as quick as you can after the final whistle. Much appreciated mate 👍⚽️
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    TCFC Comings and goings.

    I got a song for your Bodmin team Leeds, it's from Talking Heads "We're on the Road to Nowhere" Get your own house in order before you criticize others.
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    Deal done!

    That they are still in a higher league than any other Cornish side?? That's why a lot of fans moan about Truro and say, they will play at Malpus etc. If they didn't care, they wouldn't be on here posting in the first place.
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    St Blazey v Windmill

    Its not about who its for. Its about getting minutes under the belt before we face Argyle youth next week and raising a few quid for a great cause. Nice day for it. Why not come and watch it.
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    The 20/20 vision Cup
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    fal lad


    I feel the whole situation has been dealt with relatively well considering. Both leagues are still running, both leagues have enough teams in them to run in accordance to their own constitutions, while both leagues have taken a huge hit from the teams moving into the St Pirans league. It is a shame that both Duchy and Trelawney leagues have taken a battering with teams stepping up, but isn’t that all part of football? Teams that do well want to progress. Would all those teams from lower leagues have reached the ECPL or Combo, who knows. But they have taken their opportunity to move up. A lot of hard work behind the scenes has been done by all committee members from all the leagues over the previous months to try and find the best outcome for Cornish football. They can’t keep everyone happy and never will. I tip my hat to all who have had to work tirelessly to make this happen
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    Titus Bramble


    Are you aware that you come across as a very bitter, hypocritical old man? You complain about the FA stripping your league of clubs and yet, as stated above, you didn’t hesitate to pillage the Duchy League of clubs to protect your own interests. The same can be said of the combination league, they’ve just been less bitter publicly childish about it all! The actions of your league show that you’re no different to the “fat cats” you so publicly despise. No consideration for the future of Cornish football or the bigger picture. You could have come out of this looking quite good had you done the logical thing and merge with Duchy Prem and take on a role within the Duchy Committee. As it turns out, you only come across as a spiteful, childish antique who refused to change for the greater good of local RECREATIONAL football in Cornwall.
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    The draw for the first round of the Kernow Stone Cup was made at tonight's AGM and is as follows: St Just v Penryn Athletic Launceston Reserves v St Austell Reserves St Agnes v St Ives Millbrook Reserves v Lanreath Bude Town v St Day Hayle v Callington Reserves Perranporth v Sticker Reserves Ludgvan v St Mawgan Wadebridge Town Reserves v Polperro Saltash Borough v Mullion Perranwell v Torpoint Athletic Reserves Helston Athletic Reserves v Saltash United Reserves Liskeard Athletic Reserves v Morwenstow Illogan RBL v Wendron United Reserves Falmouth Town Reserves v St Dennis Reserves Redruth United v Mousehole Reserves Dates for the ties are yet to be fixed.
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    When you look at expenses of £200 + , think about it £800 a month ( that's a heavy mortgage paid for ) , are these players really that good ? I do not think so . If you were to pay Rocky Neal or Levi Landricombe that ( as match winners / game changers ) well maybe for the bigger picture . But even the very average player seems to get £50 -£70+ a game . This is crazy in my eyes . Just a very very smaller scale of what the hells going on with football like the Permier league figures . Cant quite get my head round it Just my opinion.
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    Why would the quality of the pitch matter when the ball spends most of the afternoon in the air where we're concerned
  45. 4 points
    But will it be the Peninsula Premier League teams or the St Piran League teams from Helston & Falmouth? Sadly over the past few years the teams from every club have been very "diluted" in some games which is a great shame - I guess the current crop of players have very little idea who or what Dave meant to local football and people who knew him.
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    New players and ones departing

    Teflon you’re an absolute Beaut 🤣🤣🤣 Talk me through Parkways “£3k per game” budget - I’d love to hear this. That’s approx £187.50 per player per game for a 16 man squad. Where is this money coming from ? Can’t wait for this....
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    Sorry ECPL but I dont agree. You ask what good the grants would do? Try better facilities for players, officials and spectators, floodlit grounds for more evening ties, improved equipment and grounds maintenance increasing playability of pitches. These grants will not be available outside of Step football...My understanding is that many ECPL and Combo clubs pay players...so why do you say no "recompense"? Does anyone actually take unpaid time off from their regular Saturday employment to play?? "Junior" football clubs often have huge trips to make...try Holywell,Godolphin or Newlyn up to Boscastle, North Petherwin, Stoke Climsland...these are 6hr days just for 90mins football...And I doubt any drivers get any mileage payments. Every club has sponsors...try getting just one extra to cover mileage for your 10 away league games and the burden of cost that you see as possibly destroying all local football would vanish...football has to develop and move with the times. Perhaps a solution would be move it all to Sunday mornings...oh...sorry..if it aint broke dont fix it right....sin bins?? Never work...oh..it does actually..... I'm astonished so many clubd are being short sighted regarding this....there are great opportunities and possible success stories in the making...North Petherwin may yet get in and open up all manner of funding streams...I for one will raise a glass if in a few seasons they have created facilities fit for a local cup final .... Everyone is entitled to their opinion...and this is just mine ...
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    In addition to using Full-Time, Whole Game and the Matchday App and of course the Cornwall Football Forum the League will also have it's own website. This is currently under construction but is now live at: http://stpiranfootball.co.uk/index.html It has limited information on there at the moment but will be more fully populated over the coming weeks. Take a look and let us know what you think and what you would like to see on there.
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    Personally, I think there should be a 3rd, "Intermediate" Cup between SC & JC. This would give more teams the chance of winning something and - if structured carefully - would give more 2nd and/or 3rd teams a chance to be part of the Country Cup competitions.
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    "Plenty of dribbling, and then a mazy run." (that was Bald One after one of the lesser quality pasties on offer).
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