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    Message from management and Perranporth football club On behalf of myself (Lee Denton & Justin Miles) & Perranporth football Club would like to wish Steve Brewer a full & quick recovery from a bad leg break today against Perranwell. We would like to thank staff & players at Perranwell football club for there quick response to the injury and also our amazing physio Shelley Wort. Emergency services also for quick response within 20 minutes. Perranporth football Club will support Steve & his family through this bad injury and make sure he comes out the other side fully fit and back with the club again. maybe we could leave the discussion of the challenge now and all wish Stevie a full recovery!
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    How about another suggestion...... How about completely ignoring the idiots on here. Big Al for example, how about not even responding to a single thing he/she posts? Soon enough if not a single soul responds to their comments, they will soon stop posting. It really is as easy as that. I stopped responding and even reading Big Als posts long time ago. My suggestion is everyone else follow suit.
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    Thanks for that 100%, appreciate it, hope you and Smokie are keeping well mate. Recorded it straight after a 12 hour night shift so don’t know how it’ll come out!? Enjoyed the hour with Ross though, had a good laugh and brought back some nice memories over the last 40 seasons! Thanks for the kind words Rob, Sticker and Dave, must admit I enjoyed my “career” anyway!! ? Don’t know how long you’ve been in Cornwall or what level you played at Zac, but I can assure you even though you don’t seem to rate it there were and are some really talented players in the SWL. Played with and against some fantastic players, some were ex pro’s and some didn’t quite make that level for one reason or another. I know I’m proud of those worthless 480 odd goals at that level anyway!! ? Must admit most of them felt good at the time!! ? I will agree that an interview with the likes of Chris or Quinny who’s a good mate of mine would be far more interesting than listening to me though!! Anyway whoever decides to tune in hope you enjoy it and have a bit of a laugh ?. #cornishfootballisdecent ?
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    Jordan Annear signs for Parkway

    Including Parkway who he has played and scored for. Loyalty to a club who are at a lower level? No it's a player wanting to further himself. As mentioned above, the exact same that the Landricombe's, Rocky Neale, River Allen etc have done. Good on any player who wants to test themselves at a higher level. Massive credit to them
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    Attended his funeral today to pay respects to my old teammate Billy at an overflowing St Day Church . A very emotional service and some amazing words from family members who did him and themselves proud at this sad time . This truly hit home what a special loving and caring man he was . RIP Billy
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    Ryan Richards playing for parkway

    “Greedy little ****”. Who do you think you are? These players aren’t on thousands a week, who are you to begrudge someone who works everyday a little extra cash at the weekend?!
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    Penwith exiles coming on the forum talking about verbal and physical abuse has to be one of the most contradicting things since Dave bartlem got sin binned a couple of weeks ago.
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    So, when he moved to Falmouth via Porthleven and Newquay, nobody on here mentioned loyalty. Looks more like a player on an upward curve who has always looked to push himself at bigger clubs and tougher leagues. If he catches the eye at Parkway, then bigger clubs again will look at him. Nothing wrong with this, it is how it works.For example, nobody at Parkway has a bad word to say about Levi Landricombe and what he has achieved at Tiverton.
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    S Abbo

    SWPL - Saturday 27 October 2018

    I would say Falmouth can be happy with what they have...team full of pretty much local boys.. win most weeks and are one of the most exciting teams in the league. Also lets not forget 80 percent if not more of that team were playing swpl west league not too long ago and deemed not good enough!.
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    Lizard Argyle

    Like to say thanks to lizard argyle on behalf of Perranporth F.C.! We somehow decided to forget to pick our kit up and they washed it and packed it all back in the bag for us. Nice to have some positive things to say and for others to read instead of the normal negative stuff on this forum
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    Falmouth 2 St Dennis 1 . A tough game for town against a very well organised defensive st dennis who scored from their one threat on goal in the 1rst half,going in at the break 1- 0 up . What a great bunch the St. Dennis lads were. Even though they lost, they stayed in the clubhouse until 7pm spending their money over the bar. Unlucky on the day as I think that they may, just may have been awarded a penalty in the first half. However, they did themselves proud and have a few players who could step up into the Premier Division. Good luck for the rest of the season. A pleasure to have entertained you and good luck for the rest of the season.
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    There was no intent to hurt anyone by either player. The fact that one suffered a break is regrettable, but the Well's player did not go out with the intention of "breaking someone's leg". As the Perranwell player also suffered significant swelling and bruising to his shin from the coming together, with both players sliding into the challenge, I and many others watching thought it was a 50/50 with a very regrettable outcome. I guess the question I would ask is, if the player hadn't suffered a break, might the challenge have been judged differently? The decision doesn't actually matter, a player has suffered a serious injury and for that we are all very sorry and we wish him a speedy recovery.
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    Bit harsh on us, our game plan was to lure them into a false sense of security for 86 minutes then swarm all over them for the last 5 but as usual the ref goes with big club. Shocking. In all seriousness Saltash are a really good side who play the game in the right way, and do it with a swagger that doesn't make you feel that they are taking the piss. We played some decent stuff at times and put our foot in on them to try and slow them down and I feel we didn't deserve the 8-0 but they are a very good side and will beat better teams than us this season. Put a bit of money over our bar as well which helps a club like ours.
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    Why is every topic ruined by the BIG AL either commenting to wind people up who then stupidly take the bait and the actual proper discussion gets lost in loads of posts of tedious boring arguments . Ruining a good local football forum to be honest.
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    And you would have played for a bag of chips! Enough money to maybe start buying a house possibly.....well done from me.
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    Pastyman, how do you manage to produce all those acres of empty space at the end of your posts? I couldn’t work out if the topic had ended or my iPad had blinked out on me (again)!
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    Billy Davies


    Hi Bri Hope you are well mate. I can remember moaning at a ref once after dropping yet another corner claiming I had been fouled. The reply from the ref has stayed with me, he said " You should be called Spill Davies so stop moaning at me until you can do your job half as well as I do mine" I had to laugh, bought him a pint after and learnt a lesson. We all just do our best and try and enjoy the game and I have never tried t be crap unless bribery was involved??? Lets all get along and get back to enjoying our football.
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    Billy Davies


    Well said BighairyDave. If we all act more respectfully to refs then we might retain and add to the refereeing pool and lets be honest most refs operate at the same levels as most players with good and bad days mixed in.
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    Keith B

    Managers, what do they know?

    They say that elephants have good memories - I hope yours is good. As a member of this forum for some years now Elephant, I have realised and of course life teaches us that, some folk have had the benefit of good education, others haven't or, didn't make the best of what they had. One should keep this in mind and be understanding. No insults or offensive jibes - just accept the forum as it is and enjoy it, or, leave it.
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    PARKWAY 2 Brislington 3.

    Whilst the top 6 or 7 clubs in the Swpl are undoubtedly of Western league standard, this was always going to be a big step up for the club due to the leagues strength in depth. Unlike swpl there are no easy games, where you can rest and rotate players and still pick up easy wins. Parkways first 11 is strong but the clubs is exposed by injuries much more than it would have been in the past. The club will finish this season in its highest ever league position, has enjoyed its best ever fa cup run, and remains in two cups. It is also about to build a new clubhouse. Plenty to be cheerful about!!
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    Went to take in the St Day vs West Cornwall game yesterday. On paper, I expected a wider margin, but have to say WC gave a very good account of themselves that belied their league standing. WC nearly took the league, a delightful lob catching the keeper off his line, unfortunately just drifted wide. St Day had the lions share of the ball, but their often use long ball into the channels didn't create anything more than half chances. WC were happy to let the Saints have the ball, and use their pace on the counter attack, which brought about the opening goal of the game. Jowan Kitchener put a lovely cross to the back post, and was bundled in at the back post. Some claims of a hand but could have hit anything! Saints kept pushing and eventually got back into the game, defensive error gifted them an opportunity that was well taken, via a deflection that probably would have been saved. WC then had another glorious chance but when 1 on 1, the striker lifted the ball over the onrushing GK and found the roof of the net. From the goal kick, the ball went up the other end, Saints won a fee kick and scored from the ball in. These things always happen when you're looking up the table! HT 2-1. 2nd half Saints looked to take control of the game and in fairness had most of the ball and looked the only team likely to score. Eventually they did when sub Cleverly cut in from the right and hit one through a crowd of players. After some protests about a possible offside, the goal was given. Saints had a few more chances to extend their lead, and WC had another great chance to close the gap but no more goals were scored a day it finished 3-1. Saints deserved the win, but that was a performance from WC that would have beat a few teams on the day. If only they took the early chances, it would have been a different game. Stood on the touchline I counted 8/9 players that could come back in if they wanted, that's a huge difference from last season, but the many 2nd team players that stepped up yesterday held their own, and credit to them for doing so. Shame others don't have that commitment. Easy to walk away when the chips are down, but if they play for each other like they did yesterday, results will certainly turn around.
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    From past experience, squad announcements are only the start of it. Things tend to shake out as pre-season goes on, then into the start of the season as players don't get the game time they expected/were promised, or the signings for the rest of the squad don't materialise. Used to love the supplement that the Indy produced at the start of each season (would be good to see it back, hint), it was entertaining to spot the players appearing in multiple team groups.
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    Is this forum becoming a farce?

    Christ it’s only a local football forum I doubt people needing to show their passports is really needed . I enjoy the topic discussion it’s just a few that seem to wind everyone up surly they can be suspended or something if they don’t listen to warnings.
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    Is this forum becoming a farce?

    I think the main issue is a vast majority of topics on this forum no matter what the opening subject is about turn into Cornwall FA bashing or taken over by certain individuals banging on about the same old things (Big Al). It all becomes a bit boring and farsical. As mentioned above, whenever certain individuals become involved i generally don’t respond and avoid reading that topic any further, if others do that, said parody/troll/fake accounts will soon lose interest
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    Home Waters


    May be its down to mileage, Newquay - Sidmouth return 195 miles. Plymouth - Evesham (where Gloucester play) return 345 miles.