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    Another local boy gone up country!
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    kevin richards

    St Just Withdraw

    I think that anyone who knows anything about local football will appreciate what Rodney has done for St Just Football club over the years. We all know he has put his hand in his pocket on occasions, but only for the sake & never to the detriment of his club. No one can dispute his efforts, commitment & loyalty to 1 club. Rodney will never be everyone’s cup of tea, however, love him or hate him, everyone would love a Rodney Beer at their football club.
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    And that is the attitude that means we have a shortage 🤬🤬🤬
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    John Dunn

    Dobwalls FC

    I dropped into Lantoom park last night to see what progress has been made after the devastating fire. I was pleasantly surprised to see that things are taking shape which is due to the fantastic community support the club has received. The new roof is almost complete with just the new corrugated sheets to be fitted. The inside has also been transformed from a burnt out shell with the plumbing already replaced and the electrics ready to do the second fix after the ceilings have been plastered. It looks like the club is on target to meet the deadline they have set for playing games in early September. Congratulations to all concerned, it is great to see the community pull together to restore the facility in times of a crisis.
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    Let's get rid of all the officials and give all the spectators a whistle and flag...then every decision will be perfect! Have you ever refereed a match or run the line? no - didn't think so. Official bashing from the off ...pathetic!
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    John Mead


    How? Players just need a modicum of self-control and accept that Referees are there to apply the Laws of the Game to the best of their ability.
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    Plenty of the Bristol teams moan about going to Pakway. Wait till they find out where Mousehole is!!
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    Kernow Stone Cup Draw

    Bude are at home so unless they are picking St Day up and dropping them back 🙈
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    le boss

    Combo Clubs looking for new managers

    Why and who underrates him? Think it is common knowledge throughout local football that Steve is and has always been a top man and top manager who has that extremely rare quality - loyalty. Wasn't a bad player either mind.
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    Perranporth FC

    Blimey PP you only had to say it ONCE!
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    For 0-0 draw this was a very good game. Mousehole have some very classy players, but their finishing let them down. Would give the first half to the visitors. Second half, Town came back into the game and near the end had a couple of very good chances and Mousehole have their keeper to thank for sharing the points. Excellent crowd of well over 200 with the resurgent Falmouth Boot Boys/F-Troop singing throughout creating a real old fashioned atmosphere. Long may it continue!
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    St Just Withdraw

    Watching as a fascinated observer from the East of the county, it baffles (and angers/amuses me) that anyone would pay players to play at this level of football. In the St Piran and ECPL up this way , nobody is paying, or has done (to my knowledge) in the last 10 or more years. In fact, the majority of clubs probably rely on players’ subs to pay their way and, in some cases, keep their clubs solvent. With many clubs struggling to survive these days, the pressure to bring in players is becoming ever greater and things become desperate, with players offered money by teams they probably aren’t good enough for. Money being paid to very average players is one of the causes of the current demise of clubs. Every year we see a shrinking pool of players and clubs, committee people and volunteers. Imagine working all week and all summer on the upkeep of facilities to see a mercenary rock up to your club, get paid, then move on when a fiver more is offered. Insanity.
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    isaac rosenberg

    St Just Withdraw

    I will not dignify david187 with an answer. He is a sad man, deeply antipathetic to the interests of St Just AFC. St Darren is uncannily accurate....I left Cornwall in 2009. As a point of information, I was not the sponsor under debate in this thread. While I may make occasional donations, they are not in that league. Every little helps: perhaps le boss would like to show the same spirit of generosity to Carharrack. My only future involvement at St Just will be as an occasional supporter: there is no "black cloud" from me. After a very helpful chat to Joe Sturgeon, I wish him and his family well in taking the club forward. Just one observation about the contrast between Cornwall and elsewhere. Here in Gloucestershire, I have watched an entertaining series of pre-season friendlies between Forest Green Rovers, Cirencester, Brimscombe, Yate Town, Slimbridge, Shortwood United and Chalford. All are within 15 miles of the others. All have proper referees. Most have excellent facilities and are solvent, despite some crowds not being much bigger than we see in Cornwall. There is the same tooth-gnashing angst about the awful, awful imposition of changed league structures from a London-based FA. Cornwall needs somebody to communicate that its geography and demography are not typically English and to articulate this at the upper reaches of the FA. In Gloucestershire, there is an air of local co-operation and comparative affection between neighbouring clubs. I am not alone in watching all of the above, probably attending 80 matches a year. By contrast, the interplay of Cornish clubs is more like a group of reptiles trapped in a sack biting each other to death for the last gasp of air. The standard of football in Cornwall is comparatively so abysmal that, in all honesty, a club importing the best four players from my entirely amateur local side in Brimscombe every week would have won last year's JCCL by twenty points. I appreciate that things are so tough that for many young men in Cornwall even £20 to play football keeps the wolf from the door, Expense begets expense. I heard of a player yesterday, offered that amount by a local club, who on hearing that the rest of the team were also to receive the same, insisted that, as he thought he was better, he would now demand £40 a game. Of course, this is all unsustainable. Ultimately the unbridled development of capitalism permitted by the nonsense neo-liberal economics which gave us austerity and the SKY TV business plan have dominated the policies of the FA at every level of the game. In simple terms, the rich are richer and the majority are scat. Unsurprisingly, the youngsters prefer getting fat playing FIFA and watching the best players in the world from their sofa to going out in the fog down St Just. It's a cheap, isolated activity, if your diet is pickle flavoured crisps. A lot of them are understandably quite depressed... That's the world you are in, folks ? Gonna keep fighting each other to death, or try to change it by biting your way out of the sack co-operatively ? Change the politics.
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    Truro City v Falmouth Town

    That's what Bodmin get for the season !
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    Match Recommendations

    Bought the players....may as well buy the fans too.
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    We Two

    New Manager

    Good luck to Truro and their new manager for the coming season. Whatever opinion of the club you hold, their ambition to play in a higher standard of football is credit to them and puts to shame the attitude of some clubs who wouldn't even give the Western League a try. Are we Truro supporters ? no never seen them play, but we will always back a tryer
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    We Two

    St Blazey v Windmill

    Probably someone who prefers to be in the background and is keen to help those less fortunate than himself, such as Childrens Hospice South West. All the best " Mr Nobody '' pity there aren't a few more like you in our game where the mantra seems to be " What's in it for me? ''
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    Knew you were going to say that...
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    RESULTS - Wednesday 14 August 2019

    Why does anyone bother responding to the fool - please everyone just ignore him.
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    Easy afternoon for £40 There's the answer for your shortage of funds...go and do it. Free food after as well, save another £3 Plus remember Al you have had plenty of offers of free entry and free trips. No(?) didn't think so.
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    Mr Mo

    RESULTS - Wednesday 14 August 2019

    what a bellend comment!
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    Penzance Chairman Nick Duncan Removed

    Can’t see how anyone would take pleasure out of a great club like Penzance being duped by a con man. Let’s be honest, any club would be delighted to take on board an individual promising the world for their club whether it’s trackies, polos, bags, boots or a healthy player budget, we all want the best for our team. In reality there’s not many i.e Steve Masseys at Helston who actually put their money where their mouth is and improve the facilities as well as attracting the best local players on the pitch and actually care for the club. Hope the Magpies can regroup and get some player loyalty when they need it most. Penlee Park is still one of the best football venues in the county to play your footy and are a massive sleeping giant of Cornish football. Penzance won’t be the first or last club to be conned, remember a guy rocking up at Man Utd in the 80’s doing keepy uppies on the pitch at OT and smashing a ball into the net promising about 10 million at the time, crowd cheering him on, had bout £50 quid in his bank account after being declared bankrupt! Plenty of these big time Charlie’s around just bad luck to PZ for getting mugged off by one of them. Good luck for a good season to all the hard working people at Penzance 👍⚽️👏🏼
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    I like the old way. Have a smoke before KO, then a smoke after the whistle...finally warm down with a few beers....head home around 12 or 2-ish. Completely warmed down by then!
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    Way Of The Park

    New Manager

    Good appointment, means money can be saved by not having to change the initials on the manager's overcoat.
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    We Two

    St Blazey v Windmill

    But has been at Windmill ( the opposition ) for 11 years, why do people search for a negative angle about such worthy attempts to help a cause that we all hope that we will never have to use.
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    Kernow Stone Cup Draw

    We have all opted for this league so let’s make it a good one guys, I’m personally looking forward to it and like to say good luck to all sides for the coming season ⚪️⚫️⚽️
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    We Two

    Bodmin start to recruit for new season

    We heard it was two strikers, Bryant & May, a match for anyone !.
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    New players and ones departing

    Why are you asking me if the management get paid - you know it all don't you ? According to this thread alone - you know that: - Parkway are being paid 5 times more than other squads in the league (some teams don’t even pay). (Meaning most teams' budget is £600 per game) Big LOL - Jordan Bentley, Billy Palfrey, River Allen & Tyler Harvey has all been made lucrative offers from Plymouth Parkway in recent days. - Club have supposed to have made a name your price policy to Andrew Neal which he has declined to stay at Taunton. - 4 Players are on £250 plus so there is nearly a 1/3 gone already. (All very laughable statements) - Tiegan Rosenquest being a Tavistock boy is going back to Langsford Park and also heard Mike Smith is joining him. - Tavistock will reportedly have the 2nd biggest budget in the league. (LOL - really?) - Winning the league is the minimum requirement coming from the Bolitho hierarchy this season. (If that's the minimum, what more could they do?) -  Club have invested a lot of money into the team and weren’t happy to finish 2nd to team who pay out approximately £500 a game, the cup win did lighten the thoughts however. - Gates and Senior figures is where the money comes from. (I am interested in how many pass through the gate at home games and what the shortfall is for a league budget of £114,000 to be raised for your proposed £3k a game) (Oh and Parkway won the cup this year, so add some cup games into the mix to increase the budget) . Just in the league if 500 people actually paid £6 to get into the ground (they wouldn't) that arguably is enough to cover the home game budget. You're telling me "Senior Figures" then pay £57,000 in per year to cover players wages (league games only) then in addition pay for travel, ground maintenance, upgrading club house, and all the other stuff that goes with running a football club? All in all, you must be on the board at Parkway to know so much inside information. You know the budget, you know what players are being paid (if 4 are on £250 EACH), you know the disappointment and objectives for next season and are in the loop with the transfer targets and what they are being offered. You sir are a dreamer and to quote you one last time - maybe you are the one needing the "wake up call". Thanks for the entertainment though
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    Steve Carpenter

    St Piran update

    I understand where you're coming from and you obviously have a strong affinity to the ECPL. I don't know what you know of the process that we've gone through to get to the point we're at now and I'm certainly not going to run through it here in great detail. Feel free to get in touch if you want the brief. You could make the argument that nothing has changed yet everything has changed. I would make the following three comments/observations. 1. The 'suits' you refer to are the various committees and boards within the FA. Whether you like it or not they govern the game all the way down and if they say this is 'the structure that we want in place' then that is what happens. The changes to the NLS have been going on for a few years and are now reaching there conclusion. They were signed off by the FA Council and are not optional. This coming season will see pretty much all of the changes implemented with some fine tuning to come a year from now. 2. The policy is that ANY club can start at the very bottom and have a clear path to the very top. The entry point to the NLS is at Step 7 and these are County based leagues so not to have one is not an option. During the early discussions (I was out of the country at the time so this is what I've been told) the solution we now have was suggested but not taken for whatever reason. Also, the Combination and ECPL Leagues were given the option of getting involved at Step 7. For whatever reason(s), and I'm sure they were strong and valid reasons for each of those leagues, they declined the opportunity. Some months later the embryonic committee picked up the reins with the one division solution which started with strong interest which sadly waned in the east. At that point we had to change tack to ensure that the clubs in the east had good opportunities to progress and we were fortunate to get our amended plan sanctioned. 3. In essence nothing has changed as regards the ECPL. I don't wish to speak too much out of turn here but they have always had a plan that in general terms reduced the ECPL down to one division as a result of the Step 7 changes and Ken at the meeting last week clearly had a plan for the way ahead for his league. Nothing new in this at all. No bandwagon to jump on, the policy is passed down for implementation and somebody has to do it. You may not like the solution and that is your prerogative. The only sure thing is that if you keep banging your head against this wall all you're going to get is a headache similar to the one I've had for the last week.
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    FT: Brislington 2 (Buck 26, 33) Plymouth Parkway 3 (Annear 12, Carter 49, Farkins 63) Parkway met Brislington for the third time this season having beaten them 5-1 at home in the FA Vase in September but losing the earlier league encounter 2-3 by a last minute own goal. Parkway made one change from last Saturday's victory at Bridport with Sam Hillson replacing the unavailable Shane Krac in midfield. Playing down the slope with a strong wind behind them, Parkway applied early pressure with Les Afful seeing his shot saved on 4 minutes. Brislington forced a couple of early corners which were comfortably defended but it was Parkway who took the lead on 12 minutes. From a long ball, Jordan Annear bravely won a header and reacted instantly to his own flick on by racing forward and, showing good control and composure, hammering home a rising shot into the top corner from just inside the box. A quality goal. The game developed into a competitive affair with the blustery conditions precluding too much quality play but it was Parkway, with Annear and Adam Carter, supported from midfield, combining well up front looking the more dangerous. A teasing cross from the right from Annear on 15 minutes just evaded the onrushing Carter. Brislington started to look dangerous down their left with Ricky Chandler and Connor Biggins prominent and linking well. Parkway had a let off on 17 minutes with Clarke Taylor picking up a loose clearance and firing just wide as Brislington came more into the game. As play swung from end to end Parkway had the next chance with Carter and Mikey Williams linking well on the right allowing Williams to cut inside and curl a good effort on target which was well saved by Chris Humphries. Both sides were guilty of overhitting too many long balls into the channels which were generally easily dealt with by both defences. On 26 minutes one such long ball was not dealt with and hesitant Parkway defending allowed Oaklan Buck to pounce on a loose, bouncing ball and prod a close range effort past Kyle Moore. Parkway almost retook the lead immediately with Annear cleverly setting Carter free only for Humphries to race from his goal and reach the ball just ahead of Carter on the edge of the box. The resulting collision required lengthy treatment for the keeper. With Parkway losing their early dominance in midfield and unable to retain possession, Brislington took the lead on 33 minutes. More good play down their left between Chandler and Biggins ended with a deep cross to the far post where the alert, unchallenged Buck nodded home. Brislington continued to threaten and almost increased their lead on 40 minutes with Biggins firing just wide. The half ended with Hillson having a speculative shot from around 40 yards comfortably saved as Parkway's early promise had faded with Brislington coming more into the game for the last 20 minutes of the half. Parkway started the second half in the ascendancy playing at a higher tempo and deservedly equalised on 49 minutes. Carter, showing admirable strength and persistence, won the ball some 30 yards out, shrugged off a couple of challenges, powered forward, rounded the keeper and finished calmly. A deserved reward for his hard working performance throughout the game so far. Parkway now looking much the sharper, created further chances with Affull having a shot blocked on 56 minutes and Tiegan Rosanquest firing narrowly over on 59. Mike Smith, returning after a 3 game suspension, replaced Affull on the hour with Williams moving to the left of midfield and Smith on the right. Smith immediately got into the game seeing his shot blocked as Parkway increased the pressure. They duly retook the lead on 63 minutes. A corner on the left was only partially cleared to Christian Pople whose intelligent ball found Jordan Trott wide on the left. Trott crossed deep to the far post with central defender Rob Farkins rising above everyone to thump a header home in his customary manner. Farkins almost repeated the dose a couple of minutes later with another header going narrowly over after good work by Smith. Reuben Kane replaced the quietly efficient Rosanquest on 74 minutes with Hillson dropping to right back and Kane slotting into central midfield. Brendan Abood was replaced by James Peart on 76 minutes as Brislington went searching for the equaliser however it was Parkway who almost increased their lead when a fierce shot from Kane was blocked after more good work by Smith. Always vulnerable with just a single goal lead, Parkway now had to display their defensive qualities as Brislington had a period in control and a powerful strike from Biggins was superbly and bravely blocked by Nick Milton around 12 yards out. On 80 minutes Stewart Yetton replaced Carter who had caused Brislington problems throughout and whose partnership with recent signing and strike partner Annear has shown early encouraging signs. Jimmy Woolland replaced Jayden Neilsen for Brislington shortly after. Parkway continued to work hard to maintain their lead but were dealt a blow on 86 minutes when they were reduced to 10 men. Smith, who had impressed since coming on, was clearly tripped just inside the Brislington half but sadly his reaction and a moment of petulance resulted in the referee consulting his assistant and subsequently showing him a straight red card. Unfortunately as this was his first game back after a 3 game ban for a previous straight red, a further increased suspension looks likely. Brislington replaced Biggins with George Saunders for the last few minutes but Parkway remained strong and saw out the game to gain yet another hard earned 3 points which sees them climb a place to 5th, ahead of Clevedon on goal difference, still with games in hand over most teams around them. Yet another win based on hard work, graft and resolve which is becoming increasingly obvious is the requirement in this league with manager Lee Hobbs no doubt heading off into the Bristol night for his birthday bash in good spirits! The M5 beckons again on Tuesday as Parkway head for 6th placed Division 1 side Wells City in the 2nd round of the Les Phillips League Cup. Next Saturday sees the visit of mid table Hallen to Bolitho Park, the first home game since the start of the build of the exciting new clubhouse project. Short term pain for long term gain.
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    Glen Patterson

    Combo favourites

    Carharrack, Carharrack, Carharrack. Not in that order.
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    My apologies Older. You're right, i missed the sarcasm. Don't get some of the anti Mousehole stuff on here, and find some of the rhetoric (especially surrounding players names and origins) a little unsettling.
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    At your level of the game?? Sorry, it will require strong management and players having to accept the blame for not respecting the ref. Simple as that. If the ref is respected then no dissent....then no sin bins.
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    isaac rosenberg

    St Just Withdraw

    Firstly, thanks to Rappoi and others for their kind comments about St Just, past and present. In answer to the question about responsibility for the application to the St Piran's League, I took emergency Life President action to meet the deadline and asked the Club Secretary to ensure that appropriate notification was given. The subsequent AGM and EGM were held without any notice as required by club rules and I did not know about either. However, it is not my intention to raise politica,legal or procedural objections to this. It is in the interests if St Just AFC that those who have striven to take control of the club from previous stalwarts now step up to the positions of responsibility they apparently wanted. I would much prefer a junior club to no club at all. In moving to this new situation, however. I think the new hierarchy should avoid suggesting that the timing of Steve Curnow''s relinquishing the role if manager had anything to do with the current difficulty. Steve has not received good off field support for some time. He would prefer to remain actively involved in the club. After hus quarter- century of recent service, suitable commemoration and thanks should be provided. Looking forward, as a supporter, I am puzzled by the committee's decision to turn down a major team sponsor, but look forward to their creative funding ideas and campaign for the Trelawny League and Junior Cup. Those St Just youngsters who refused to step up to the first team will, I hope, now that the committee has sanctioned their actions and put them at the heart of the club, reward the faith the committee's localism implies with loyalty, conscientious training, club spirit and engagement. From the bottom of my heart, I wish them success. I now plan to step up my involvement with Forest Green Rovers instead. Had the decision been mine, St Just would be embarking on a senior season with an experienced manager and a lucrative sponsor. I understand the counterarguments and I hope Mr Gray, the younger Mr Sturgeon and Mr Stephens prove that their alternative views are better for St Just AFC. Come on you Tinners !
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    Bruegel the Elder

    Match Recommendations

    Agree with Older (for a change!). Go to whichever one is closest. My deepest sympathy to your spouse, a grass widow in under a week! P.S. Ideally shouldn’t it be “We’re coming down to Cornwall for our honeymoon”
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    We Two

    Truro City 1 Plymouth Argyle 0

    Have you considered by how much the gate was boosted by the Bodmin supporters coming down to see a massacre. We have been reliably told they were both there !😉
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    Steve Carpenter

    St Piran Full-Time

    The St Piran Full-Time site is now live and can be found at: http://fulltime-league.thefa.com/ProcessPublicSelect.do?psSelectedSeason=252470536&psSelectedDivision=282895523&psSelectedLeague=656725252 There's a bit of tidying up to do from the standard lay-out but hopefully that and populating the fixtures will be sorted over the next few days.
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    I should go a bit careful teflon if I was you, as your statement that you can say things true or untrue because its a forum, is so wide of the mark, its ridiculous. You on the forum are subject to the same civil law of libel as anyone else, forum or not. What is even worse is the the burden of proof for libel is less than the criminal law, it is 'on the balance of probabilities' not 'beyond reasonable doubt'. So as you say, you sometimes repeat comments you hear from people in the game. Unfortunately that is no excuse to libel, should there be any. You also seem to know all the financial matters from Penzance to Plymouth plus everything else, so you get around. Someone might think that on the balance of probabilities, which only has to be 51%, that you are making some of it up. You cannot tell 'porkies' about individuals without risking libel and the web site operators would not be able to keep your details secret. By all mean views, comments, ideas, criticism , but naming people or organisations you are on a tightrope.
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    Harry Pope

    Kernow Stone Cup Draw

    all the way to st just!!!!! weve been stitched 😂 good idea to have both east and west in one cup competition in my opinion! will make for a very competitive cup! looking forward to the start of the new league!
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    Steve Carpenter

    St Piran League AGM

    The AGM is on Monday 10th June. The Officers were appointed about 6 months ago for an 18 month period and their names were well publicised. The season will start on 17th August. The cup draw will be made on the evening. The constitution of the two (East and West) divisions was publicised a couple of weeks ago. The fixtures will be completed over the next couple of weeks. The SWPL fixtures only came out yesterday and these were needed before ours could be progressed.
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    Morwenstow must like to travel 👏👏👏👏👏👏 my old mate grosey will win that league with st Dennis with the signings he’s got up his sleeve
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    Good luck.Well done on your achievements so far.
  43. 5 points
    Long journey and a thumping victory. Four goals (including a first half hat trick) for Jordan Annear. Up to fifth in the table now, can Parkway make a late run at the promotion positions?
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    Give the bloke a break. Apparently just an ordinary punter, not a paid journo. Probably travels miles to every away game at own expense, stands in pouring rain and freezing cold and then likely spends a couple of hours putting it all together when he eventually gets home only to be slaughtered by your pedantic comments. Don't be surprised if you don't see another report but I hope he is not put off! If you want to see the lineups do as I do and look on the TSWL and/or Parkway websites. They are there in all their glory along with every other team's lineups for the whole season so far. Subs, officials, attendance, cards and all!! The whole nine yards.
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    PARKWAY 2 Brislington 3.

    Whilst the top 6 or 7 clubs in the Swpl are undoubtedly of Western league standard, this was always going to be a big step up for the club due to the leagues strength in depth. Unlike swpl there are no easy games, where you can rest and rotate players and still pick up easy wins. Parkways first 11 is strong but the clubs is exposed by injuries much more than it would have been in the past. The club will finish this season in its highest ever league position, has enjoyed its best ever fa cup run, and remains in two cups. It is also about to build a new clubhouse. Plenty to be cheerful about!!
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    Difference between abuse and noise though. Don’t think I have ever heard a more ridiculous reason to aim abuse at officials in my life.
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    Richard Rundle

    Newquay vs St Blazey

    Why is abusing match officials on Twitter far more serious than abusing them face to face?
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    The free Indian on a Saturday would sway it for me.
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    When you look at expenses of £200 + , think about it £800 a month ( that's a heavy mortgage paid for ) , are these players really that good ? I do not think so . If you were to pay Rocky Neal or Levi Landricombe that ( as match winners / game changers ) well maybe for the bigger picture . But even the very average player seems to get £50 -£70+ a game . This is crazy in my eyes . Just a very very smaller scale of what the hells going on with football like the Permier league figures . Cant quite get my head round it Just my opinion.
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    In addition to using Full-Time, Whole Game and the Matchday App and of course the Cornwall Football Forum the League will also have it's own website. This is currently under construction but is now live at: http://stpiranfootball.co.uk/index.html It has limited information on there at the moment but will be more fully populated over the coming weeks. Take a look and let us know what you think and what you would like to see on there.
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