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    Glen Patterson

    Ruan Minor

    A message from long standing Carharrack treasurer Val Chown. She put this on Facebook but I highly doubt anybody from Ruan would see it. May I say through Facebook how impressed I was with Ruan Minor Football Team. Not only were they friendly, well presented and a good team, they cleaned the changing room as they found it , thank you this never happens, cheered Carharrack team after the match. Back at Carharrack Sports Club after they had eaten their food they all returned their plates to the table and all took the time to thank us for their delicious food. Your Manager should be very pleased with such a team. Well done 👍
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    Trelawny League Sat.7th Sept.

    The problem is rappo there are too many players who should be playing higher divisions dropping down playing against lower “struggling “teams Then you got teams in combo struggling for players to compete in that league cos the players that can are knocking in 5 goals a game in the lower trelawney league. For example last season Carharrack and porthlevan and others at the lower end of the combo league. then in the lower trelawney league u got teams getting spanked double figures cos the players are too good for that league . then you got the players in the lower league losing interest cos why give up your saturdays to be humiliated and then pay your subs for that privilege. Some people may disagree but it’s my opinion and you can’t deny it when you got double figure score lines
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    Uwdi Krugg

    Results - Saturday 17 August 2019

    Spent an enjoyable afternoon at St Dennis 2 Falmouth Town 2 Have to admit I more or less expected the visitors to win this one but St Dennis certainly had other idea's. Jaffa Rowe struck the home side into the lead in the 10th minute which proved to be one of the few occasions they got near the Falmouth 18 yard area first half. Falmouth had massive possession advantage but disappointingly failed to finish where it counted. 8 minutes into the second half the visitors finally got one back and it was 1-1. There was a feeling Falmouth would be bagging a good few more this half. St Dennis were having none of it and hassled Falmouth tirelessly, they even increased the number of counter attacks into visitor territory. Their plucky defence and never say die attitude played havoc with the Falmouth game plan. I thought the show was finally over when Falmouth went ahead with just 12 minutes left. Once again St Dennis proved me wrong. On they battled. Surely they couldn't force a comeback? With 5 minutes left St Dennis broke forward down the left and got a cross in, there was confusion in the Falmouth six yard area and after some ping-pong panicked clearance attempts the ball broke to that man Jaffa Rowe again who stabbed home a crucial critical equaliser... 2-2! The F Troop were heart broken. The drums fell silent. Banners were being folded. At the final whistle the home supporters looked like lottery winners. The more sedate travelling fraternity from Falmouth trudged back to the car parking area shaking their heads in dismay. Jolly good result for the battlers of St Dennis, not so sure it had the same appeal for the Falmouth Management team? Who says this season is all too predictable....
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    John Dunn

    Dobwalls FC

    I dropped into Lantoom park last night to see what progress has been made after the devastating fire. I was pleasantly surprised to see that things are taking shape which is due to the fantastic community support the club has received. The new roof is almost complete with just the new corrugated sheets to be fitted. The inside has also been transformed from a burnt out shell with the plumbing already replaced and the electrics ready to do the second fix after the ceilings have been plastered. It looks like the club is on target to meet the deadline they have set for playing games in early September. Congratulations to all concerned, it is great to see the community pull together to restore the facility in times of a crisis.
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    Wednesday sees the grand opening of the new floodlights at Bickland Park, kick off 7:30pm. In attendance will be the Falmouth Marine Band, with their drums & tambourines making a noise, aided by the loyal F- Troop! The club are doing excellent in bringing Bickland Park back up to scratch. Still plenty to do but a great start. Up the Town!
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    RESULTS - Wednesday 14 August 2019

    Why does anyone bother responding to the fool - please everyone just ignore him.
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    Quiet Man


    Whatever happened to correct spelling and grammar? The writing on this forum is appalling!
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    Glen Patterson

    Combo favourites

    Carharrack, Carharrack, Carharrack. Not in that order.
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    Kernow Stone Cup Draw

    We have all opted for this league so let’s make it a good one guys, I’m personally looking forward to it and like to say good luck to all sides for the coming season ⚪️⚫️⚽️
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    Stand out referees so far

    Sian Massey
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    Absolute disgrace missing a match to watch a pop concert!!!............unless it was J LO or Alisha Dixon that would be perfectly understandable 😂👏🏼👍
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    The ref got this one wrong he did spit but not intentionally at our player, I know this as Cam told me himself it didn’t hit him nor did he think it was directed at him.
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    Tommy Matthews


    Josh, why don’t you go and train with Falmouth Town and find the level you’re at. Some of your former school mates are already there. There are also other great clubs in the area that I’m sure would welcome you that are a stone’s throw away and wouldn’t put your mum out too much getting you there. Someone would probably give you a lift once they know you. Good luck!
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    John Mead is a top bloke and clubman , has done lots for local football on various committee's , In my playing days most top players in the Penwith area wanted to play for Penzance , but also there were lots more clubs back then in junior football , so the better players could move up and wanted to . Penzance had three sides the first team , the combo team and the 3rd team , I played the last season of the 3rd team , John came out of retirement to play in goal , that was one of favourite memories being able to play on Penlee under lights , good crowds banter you felt part of something . That was the club of the area , shame football has moved on less teams , less supporters , smaller group of players to pick from , volunteers getting less or more put on . More money to pay before a ball is kicked , less sponsors around , weekend work , ground rents goining up . There is no magic trick to change things . Good luck to Penzance and all clubs and just remember instead of putting the boot in or coming up with they should do this get involved and try to help to change things , when teams ,clubs fold they don't come back . I know from personal experience .
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    My apologies Older. You're right, i missed the sarcasm. Don't get some of the anti Mousehole stuff on here, and find some of the rhetoric (especially surrounding players names and origins) a little unsettling.
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    Steve Carpenter

    St Piran Full-Time

    The St Piran Full-Time site is now live and can be found at: http://fulltime-league.thefa.com/ProcessPublicSelect.do?psSelectedSeason=252470536&psSelectedDivision=282895523&psSelectedLeague=656725252 There's a bit of tidying up to do from the standard lay-out but hopefully that and populating the fixtures will be sorted over the next few days.
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    Steve Carpenter

    St Piran League AGM

    The AGM is on Monday 10th June. The Officers were appointed about 6 months ago for an 18 month period and their names were well publicised. The season will start on 17th August. The cup draw will be made on the evening. The constitution of the two (East and West) divisions was publicised a couple of weeks ago. The fixtures will be completed over the next couple of weeks. The SWPL fixtures only came out yesterday and these were needed before ours could be progressed.
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    Give the bloke a break. Apparently just an ordinary punter, not a paid journo. Probably travels miles to every away game at own expense, stands in pouring rain and freezing cold and then likely spends a couple of hours putting it all together when he eventually gets home only to be slaughtered by your pedantic comments. Don't be surprised if you don't see another report but I hope he is not put off! If you want to see the lineups do as I do and look on the TSWL and/or Parkway websites. They are there in all their glory along with every other team's lineups for the whole season so far. Subs, officials, attendance, cards and all!! The whole nine yards.
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    Duchy League Saturday Sept 7th

    Not our proudest moment in being unable to raise a side, and can only apologise to the referee and to Gorran for the late notice; our manager did everything he could to scrape 11 together (including himself) with players away, at a wedding, working and injured, but got let down by a (small) group of players as he was on his way to the game. An unfortunate sign of the times when many players see football as something they do when there is nothing else going on on a Saturday. Ironically, our first team had a full squad of 16, but we couldn’t use any of them as 2 of the reserve side have already helped the first team in 2 games recently, meaning we’d have fallen foul of the senior players rule. But, we’ve regrouped, paid the fine and will move on to Saturday.
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    Trelawny League Sat.7th Sept.

    One thing I have noticed over the last couple of seasons Neil, is the amount of players that stay behind for a drink, or who are genuinely up for a laugh. There's not as much atmosphere or commeradary anymore. To me, when I started, Football years ago, it was about having a day with the lads, wind ups, Jokes, playing for each other, having a few hours in the clubhouse after a game. All that is gone. Such a shame
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    Get over it! People have got lives outside of football (thank God!). Will probably be the only match they miss in what is now becoming a ridiculous 10 month season. Hope they enjoyed the concert and ignore the football anoraks!
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    Includes interview with John Mead http://www.aseasoninhelston.com/standing-in-the-way-of-control/
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    Results for Wednesday 28 August 2019

    I'd think you'd know all about your team getting pumped by Mousehole after Bodmin's thrashing a few weeks back. By a team from the fish and chip league indeed. How embarrassing!
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    It's a shame I'm reading this if a player or player's have had issues with a certain referee at least give him a chance and don't think of what happened before after all if you don't have these people there will be no game to play and we're wondering why we are so short of the men in the middle, don't forget they want to enjoy the game aswell.
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    TUESDAY 27 AUGUST 2019

    REDRUTH UTD (0) 0 PENRYN (4) 7 Jack Rapsey 2’ 61’ Ryan Reeve 15’ 84’ Harry Roberts 7’ Reggie May 28’ Jake Shaw 77’ ATT: 66 REF : Mr Kevin Knowles 10/10 Excellent as usual. MOM: Jake Shaw (Penryn) Penryn produced a ruthless first half hour at Clijah Croft to go to the top of the table on goal difference from Mullion who have also won their first 3 games. It took the visitors just 70 seconds to take the lead when the blistering pace of Ryan Reeve saw him cut in from the right but his shot was parried by home keeper James Issacs and fellow striker Jack Rapsey snapped up the finish from 6 yards. The lead was doubled 5 minutes later with an almost carbon copy when this time Reeve sprinted down the left and shot, this time Issacs block fell to Harry Roberts to lash in from 10 yards. On the 15 minute mark Reeve ripped the home defence apart once again running on to a through ball before rounding Issacs and rolling the ball into the net. To their credit Redruth moved Will Eva from right back to central defence to make a three and sat the full backs in making a virtual five man defence which stemmed the tide a little bit. Bradley Leivers uncharacteristically headed wide of the far post on 22 minutes before great work down the right saw Jake Shaw square the ball to Reggie May to make no mistake from close range for a four goal lead within 28 minutes. There were a few more half chances for Penryn with Issacs saving well with his feet off Reeve, Rapsey and Roberts (triple R gang)! before the break with Utd not really testing Penryn stand in keeper Dan Lord. The onslaught continued after the interval with the impressive Shaw fizzing a 30 yard bullet an inch wide of the post before it looked like Leivers got clipped on the ankle in the area on the hour mark but who am I to argue with Kev, one of my favourite refs and top bloke with it as well. How easy footy would be if they all reffed like him!? It mattered little as two minutes later a strong run down the right ended with Reggie May drilling a low cross for Rapsey who didn’t even have to break stride to smash home from 8 yards. Another Leivers header just went the wrong side of the post on 73 minutes before man of the match Shaw finished off a fine flowing five man move shooting across Issacs and into the far corner. Reeve joined Rapsey on a brace with the darkness setting in by cleverly flicking the ball just inside the far post and it was good to see him celebrate behind the goal with another legendary old Penryn striker Andy Stivey, what a finisher Stives was in his day! Did I ever tell you the true story bout the time me and Stives scored against Arsenal but lost 6-2!?! 🤔 Anyway there was still time for substitute Lewis Pellow to hit the inside of the post-in the 89th minute and it was hard to believe this was somewhat of a makeshift Penryn team tonight as well with Billy Williams outstanding in an unfamiliar centre back role alongside the always impressive captain Russell May. Luke Osborne was classy in the heart of midfield with Reeve and Rapsey a lively front two sharing 4 goals. Manager Harry Pope even rotated most of his players using his rolling subs well with Helston the visitors on Saturday and a tough old trip to Perranwell next tuesday. Another fabulous evenings entertainment for £2 in the Redruth tin that was going around. Like what the club have done with Clijah but it’s back to Bakes bowling green for the Penryn lads on Saturday 👍⚽️ One little stat from tonight was there was a Lewis Pellow on the bench for both teams!! Remember that old song “there’s only two Lewis Pellows” 😂⚽️
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    We don't do Mars or yorkies but a toffee crisp or a kit kat and deal on hahah
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    Hi Dave, good to see you mate. Thought you had a great game 👍 Yeah no one will ever agree on every decision, all you can ever do is give what you see mate. Think it looked worse as Reevey is so quick and they got there the same time and collided. Catch you again later in the season no doubt mate 👍⚽️👏🏼
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    Difference between abuse and noise though. Don’t think I have ever heard a more ridiculous reason to aim abuse at officials in my life.
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    Why don’t they devote the 2 pages they cover Bournemouth fc to local football!!? Does anyone in Cornwall or Devon care how a Premier League team 250 miles away are getting on to be honest? Even Forest Green Rovers!!? 2 pages, really!? Fair enough the rest but oh for the old days of the pre season pull out and photos of all the local teams we are actually interested in! Premier league is in your face non stop if I wanted to know how Bournemouth are getting on I could!! 🙄
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    Parkway 7 v Cadbury 1.
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    Billy Davies

    TCFC Comings and goings.

    Steve Tabb, Legend.
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    Darin Morse

    V A R

    My opinion hasn't changed - get rid of it altogether!
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    The draw for the first round of the Kernow Stone Cup was made at tonight's AGM and is as follows: St Just v Penryn Athletic Launceston Reserves v St Austell Reserves St Agnes v St Ives Millbrook Reserves v Lanreath Bude Town v St Day Hayle v Callington Reserves Perranporth v Sticker Reserves Ludgvan v St Mawgan Wadebridge Town Reserves v Polperro Saltash Borough v Mullion Perranwell v Torpoint Athletic Reserves Helston Athletic Reserves v Saltash United Reserves Liskeard Athletic Reserves v Morwenstow Illogan RBL v Wendron United Reserves Falmouth Town Reserves v St Dennis Reserves Redruth United v Mousehole Reserves Dates for the ties are yet to be fixed.
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    New players and ones departing

    Teflon you’re an absolute Beaut 🤣🤣🤣 Talk me through Parkways “£3k per game” budget - I’d love to hear this. That’s approx £187.50 per player per game for a 16 man squad. Where is this money coming from ? Can’t wait for this....
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    I'm not going to go over old ground here as there's little to be gained from that. Those of us that put ourselves forward to run with this project could only deal with the scenario we were presented with and we've given it our best shot. The situation we found ourselves in over the last week or so was not where we wanted to end up but we did. It had been anticipated as a possibility but only when we very quickly got to the the weekend situation could we get definitive answers as to what would be an acceptable solution. We now move ahead with a positive approach and a revised plan that meets the FA's mandate. During the course of today we have had 6 firm applications to join and advance notice of another 2 so the early signs are good. We'll see where we are on the 24th and go from there.
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    Sorry ECPL but I dont agree. You ask what good the grants would do? Try better facilities for players, officials and spectators, floodlit grounds for more evening ties, improved equipment and grounds maintenance increasing playability of pitches. These grants will not be available outside of Step football...My understanding is that many ECPL and Combo clubs pay players...so why do you say no "recompense"? Does anyone actually take unpaid time off from their regular Saturday employment to play?? "Junior" football clubs often have huge trips to make...try Holywell,Godolphin or Newlyn up to Boscastle, North Petherwin, Stoke Climsland...these are 6hr days just for 90mins football...And I doubt any drivers get any mileage payments. Every club has sponsors...try getting just one extra to cover mileage for your 10 away league games and the burden of cost that you see as possibly destroying all local football would vanish...football has to develop and move with the times. Perhaps a solution would be move it all to Sunday mornings...oh...sorry..if it aint broke dont fix it right....sin bins?? Never work...oh..it does actually..... I'm astonished so many clubd are being short sighted regarding this....there are great opportunities and possible success stories in the making...North Petherwin may yet get in and open up all manner of funding streams...I for one will raise a glass if in a few seasons they have created facilities fit for a local cup final .... Everyone is entitled to their opinion...and this is just mine ...
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    Attendances will drop a litttle whilst in the western league, due to a lack of local derbies. However joining that league is a necessary step towards the longer term aim of becoming a senior non league club. The clubs would then start to pull in more fans. Imagine the crowd size if Parkway had drawn Torquay in the Fa cup. The clubs profile is growing all the time, and a lot of people in Plymouth have started following their results. There is the potential for decent sized club there.
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    Mike Odgers

    Malcolm Mullis RIP

    Malcolm Mullis 1981 Manager of Bugle SWL
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    We Two

    Official statement from Penzance AFC

    That word can't used by so many so often. Perhaps we can learn from the poem below written by Walter Wintle over 100 years ago entitled THINKING, or perhaps we can't . THINKING If you think you are beaten you are If you think you dare not, you don't If you'd like to win but you think you can,t It's almost a cinch that you won't. If you think you'll lose, you're lost For out in the world we find Success begins with a fellow's will It's all in hIs state of mind If you think you are outclassed, you are You've got to think high to rise You've got to be sure of yourself before You ever can win the prize Lifes battles don't always go To the stronger or faster man But sooner or later the man who wins IS THE MAN WHO THINKS HE CAN !! We're indebted to a friend of ours for forwarding the above to us,which in our humble opinion sums up life, and everything we believe about the word CAN'T
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    Jordan Annear heads North

    South Shield are currently 4th in the Northern Premier League - same level as Truro City so he has already stepped up several leagues and with exposure in that league every opportunity to go further.
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    Ruan Minor

    I've never had an account on here but thought I'd set one up to reply, and the fact ruan are in combo, only best i represent. Glen, can you tell val thank you for the kind words. The food was really good to be fair 👌. All the best to your boys for the season, I know the returning fixture will be a much tighter affair.
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    FT: Plymouth Parkway 1 (Carter 26) Exmouth Town 0In front of an impressive attendance of 308 which included a large number of vociferous away fans, Parkway entertained newly promoted Exmouth Town with both sides having won all 3 of their opening games of the campaign. Parkway again rotated their squad making 3 changes from last Saturday’s 5-0 victory at Bridport. Aaron Bentley replaced the unavailable Nick Milton the centre of defence, Jordan Copp came in at left back for Ryan Lane and Adam Carter returned up front for Curtis Damerell. Exmouth started strongly making the early running and creating a couple of half chances neither of which tested Kyle Moore in the Parkway goal. With both sides content to feel each other out neither were able to gain control of the game with few chances being created and both defences remaining on top. On 12 minutes an Exmouth break through the Parkway centre of midfield created the first real opportunity of the game with Jack Calver tracking back superbly and making a perfectly timed tackle on the edge of the 18 yard box to deny Exmouth a scoring chance. With play becoming increasingly competitive, Parkway gradually gained some decent possession in midfield with Shane Krac, Billy Palfrey and Calver supported by wide players Mikey Williams and Teigan Rosenquest beginning to move the ball well but unable to penetrate a resilient Exmouth defence who unsurprisingly had only conceded 1 goal in their first 3 games. Parkway created their first clear chance on 19 minutes when a neat interchange between Williams and Will Tinsley set up Carter who headed just wide from around 8 yards. With Parkway now beginning to exert some pressure and Exmouth content to play on the counter, a strong run from the back by Bentley saw him fire just over from around 25 yards. With the game being played at a high tempo, an Exmouth break on 25 minute saw an Aaron Denny effort from 20 yards parried by Moore who gathered the ball at the second attempt. The deadlock was broken on 26 minutes when a strong covering tackle midway inside his own half from the imperious Rob Farkins saw his clearance worked through the midfield and crossed in to Carter free on the right who hit a powerful angled drive from around 15 yards giving Chris Wright no chance. The goal was the prolific Carter’s sixth in 4 games. With Parkway now looking the more fluent side, a long diagonal ball to the left by Farkins found Jordan Copp in space whose first time volleyed cross was headed just wide by Carter. On 29 minutes a mazy run down the right by Williams ended with his shot being easily saved by Wright. Exmouth’s Karl Rickard became the first player to be booked on the half hour after a series of persistent, niggling infringements. On 32 minutes another Parkway attack saw Williams once again proving dangerous as he linked well with Palfrey to set up Krac who shot narrowly wide from the edge of the 18 yard area. With Exmouth continuing to compete strongly and play on the break, Ace High headed just wide on 33 minutes when well placed however with defences remaining strong and the midfield area being fiercely contested, clear chances were at a premium. Exmouth spurned a glorious chance to equalise on the stroke of half time with High breaking free into the 18 yard box only for him to miscontrol the ball at the vital moment when clean through allowing the alert Bentley to clear the loose ball to safety. An absorbing, closely contested half with neither side able to gain the upper hand and only being separated by a piece of clinical finishing. Exmouth started the second half strongly creating a couple of early half chances with strong defending required by Farkins to deny them a scoring opportunity. Parkway’s first attack of the half on 49 minutes saw a Williams shot fly just wide. Exmouth replaced Rickard with Callum Shipton on 51 minutes with Krac receiving a yellow card on 52 minutes for apparent simulation in the penalty area after a sharp, incisive Parkway move. Exmouth continued to press and exert pressure with Ben Steer slicing a shot over from around 15 yards on 55 minutes when in the clear on the left. As the game ebbed and flowed, on 57 minutes more neat build up play on the right between Tinsley and Palfrey saw the latter’s shot fumbled on to the cross bar by Wright who recovered quickly to claim the loose ball. With Parkway now gaining an element of control in midfield, another good move resulted in Carter laying the ball off to Krac who shot well over when under pressure. On the hour Carter turned sharply in the box with his close range shot being well blocked by Tom Gardner. Another good Parkway move between Krac and Tinsley down the right on 62 minutes saw a delicate chip by Krac headed behind for a corner. Calver then saw a driven cross flash across the danger area as Parkway pushed for the second goal. As the game opened up, both sides made substitutes at regular intervals with Steer being replaced by Kieran Willdiggs for Exmouth on 64 minutes followed by Jamie Lowry for the hard working Krac on 65 and Lane for Rosenquest, who appeared to have picked up an injury, on 68. Parkway continued to threaten with more good play by Williams releasing Carter whose delicate chip from around 12 yards just cleared the bar. On 72 minutes a cleverly flighted ball by Farkins found Lane in space on the left who fired his first time shot well wide when a bit more composure was required. Exmouth continued to look dangerous on the counter with Parkway having to defend strongly to maintain their narrow lead. On 76 minutes High saw yellow after a strong challenge on Bentley. From the free kick more good work between Williams and Calver saw the latter’s cross cleared behind for another Parkway corner which was once again well defended. On 79 minutes Lane was the next to enter the book after a foul as Exmouth continued to press. Moore who had been relatively untested and well protected by his defence kept Parkway’s lead intact on 82 minutes when he superbly pushed a powerful strike from around 20 yards over the bar at full stretch. With Willdiggs a constant threat down the left, Exmouth continued push hard for the equaliser as Parkway were forced deeper and on 85 minutes a stinging cross from the right somehow flashed across the 6 yard box with no one able to get a finishing touch. With the game coming to it’s conclusion, Parkway looked to retain possession but continued to be pressed into their own half by Exmouth who despite their best efforts were unable to penetrate the resolute Parkway defence who held firm. Parkway made their final substitution in stoppage time with Fletcher Williams replacing Calver as they looked to run the clock down. A thoroughly entertaining game with contrasting styles of play between two evenly matched, well organised sides with defences generally on top and clear chances few and far between. Exmouth will probably consider themselves unlucky not to have taken at least a point from the game from the chances they created but with Parkway having their sternest test of the season so far, they showed their defensive qualities when under pressure along with the desire and determination not to be beaten. Parkway now sit second in the table on goal difference from Bitton who won at Cribbs 6-0 on Tuesday but have played a game more. Parkway and Bradford Town remain the only 2 sides with 100% records. Parkway and Exmouth now face higher league opposition in the Emirates FA Cup on Saturday with Parkway entertaining Southern League South Division 1 side Paulton Rovers at Bolitho Park where another touch challenge is envisaged and Exmouth going to Yate Town. . Attendance 308 PARKWAY MOORE TINSLEY FARKINS BENTLEY COPP ROSENQUEST WILLIAMS KRAC CALVER PALFREY CARTER ⚽ EXMOUTH TOWN WRIGHT RICHARDS COULTER DURRANT ROWE GARDNER DENNY BILCOCK HIGH RICKARD STERN
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    The Merlin centre is a Charity. Football clubs are not. People will pull out the stops for good causes but not to see their hard earned contributions spent on over rated prima donnas for 90 minutes once a week. I support a lot of charities and local football in my area, but I draw the line at helping to line someone else's pocket.
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    The love affair with box nets continues! Had to beat him with an iron bar to get him out of them!
  45. 3 points
    Wrong again, we get £20 + travel expenses in junior football. Expected to arrive 45-60mins before kick off, check the pitch, nets etc. 90minute match + stoppages and half time. Potentially travel to check a pitch in inclement weather. Pay for our own kit £60+ for a full kit minimum. Pay registration fees, pay for the original course and occasionally have to finish work early to get to evening games (again losing money!) Equates to 2 1/2 hours minimum on a Saturday for £20. The shortage grassroots football is faced with is down to attitudes like yours. Why would I give up a Saturday afternoon with my family for less than minimum wage if everyone was of the same opinion as you?
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    Too old, no money...you got problems. Try pension credit, you maybe able to enjoy football and life again!
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    Exmouth Town

    So MTC stands for Match Transport Coordinator then ! 😁
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    Div 2 New Inn Titans Res 4.1 Falmouth Utd h/t 3.0 Entertaining game and result about right , although Titans keeper also made some vital saves which could have changed things. Oh yeah the ref was ok too 😁
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    Quite probably. If Graham was any sort of supporter he would have someone give him the commentary down the phone, and then type the report up from his hotel room. 😁
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    New Clubhouse

    Hi Rob, the new clubhouse we are expecting to start towards the end of this year, it will be built onto the end of the changing room block, and will be an open plan area, it will utilise the existing toilets and kitchen and will have a bar, which will double up as a function room for private parties, we expect it to hold about 100 people and will have a dance area, as well as numerous TV's and a big screen to show live football. We hope to have it completed by April 2019, subject to weather and any unforeseen delays. Hope this helps?
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