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  2. Both will walk into that Helston side
  3. A lion, a witch and a wardrobe walked into a pub. The Landlord screamed "OUT" and pointed to the door. "I am not serving Narnia"!!!!!!!!!
  4. There is plenty of sand with in the goal mouth below the surface. It might need a bit more as we gradually top up as it settles over the weeks ahead. Another bit of rain this morning. Nothing much but better than nothing.
  5. Dave - long term, yes it would make sense but I was assuming some of the Helston team from two years ago or their internal progression of players would get an occasional game next season? I suppose with local cups, the FA Vase and potentially the FA Cup they will need a strong squad of 22!
  6. You'll have to keep it watered but dont drown it especially early on, hopefully you worked a bit of sand in as well to give the roots chance(?)
  7. Yesterday
  8. Isn’t that a reason for keeping the current Devon-based players?
  9. Surely the FA will do everything within their power to ensure whatever length the next season is that promotion and relegation is a part of it!
  10. I was tempted to turf the area but last season it took ages to blend in and when it did it turned to mud!! ☹ This year i dont think we will be rushing so im giving seed ago. Im hoping its not to late.
  11. More rain than we've had buddy, could count the number of raindrops here on one hand! You're a braver man than me sowing seed in June! Tough summer ahead keeping the grass alive for sure at the moment.
  12. plenty of stuff going on in lockdown at the home of Football . The Mtc are busy with the support of Manager Kevin Hill Utt Enjoy UTT
  13. Lots of talk and Player movement at Plymouth Parkway . I understand you need to plan for next season , but at the moment there is no idea what shape or form it will take. Who knows, if its a late start , that could mean NO FA Cup (there has already been talk of starting it in November at the first round proper!} No Vase or promotion is a possibility. I like the ambition of Parkway ,but you just wonder if there could be a lot of banging your head against the wall going on later this year.
  14. Early start tomorrow. The pitch is being over seeded and both goal mouths being well seeded. Then out with the hose pipes. Sprinkler system out at the weekend and then water the pitch well. Weve had a shower of rain in the last hour. Enough to leave it wet for the evening. Would be nice to keep the grass a bit greener going into the summer. The burnt areas are gona need some tlc now.
  15. 100% - firstly good to see you are ‘up to’ posting again, you are in our thoughts. Firstly, Helston is a very well founded community team with good support and even without Mr Massey appear financially on the right footing. However, I have to agree, last season Helston were prepared to buy the league (and good on them for their ambition). But next season, whenever that may be - they will have Calver, Tinsley, Dingle, Brokenshire, Slateford, Eddy, Goldsworthy all ex St Austell (yes a couple with Helston roots and three of them regular last season) so whilst Mr Massey has deep pockets one can only assume some current players won’t be there - perhaps some of their N Devon squad? Whatever happens they will still be very very strong and will buy the season. My only concern is that once promoted to the Western Prem - most of the players mentioned have or certainly could have played at that level but ‘chosen’ not to - for work or family reasons, no doubt - so why would they once Helston get promoted?? In reality they won’t, all the youth Helston have will play bit parts next season against weaker teams and not be ready for a league higher - so what will Helston do?? Presumably bring in players from way out of Cornwall, which if they continue to progress is a logical move - it’s just a shame that so many aspiring Cornish players will miss a couple of steps playing for a Cornish team.
  16. Bumped Into Ed Timmons at the beach the other day, he says a few players unhappy with the amount of signings going on, hes off to Bodmin and taking Slateford with him.
  17. Dingle and Tinsley are no better than what is already at Helston who should change there name to St Austell rejects , Helston have so many good youngsters they should be given a chance like the had been
  18. With a few more looking in on here again following some transfer news and the like - if you can, it would be great if you could give a little donation to another 12 months worth of forum please. https://www.gofundme.com/f/cornwall-football-forum-2020?utm_source=widget&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet
  19. Nope...no rain as yet! Put down some chicken manure pellets on the bottom goalmouth today, just want to see how effective it is, very low Nitrogen content 2% that's all, be interesting on the result. Did spray them with a bit of water to soften them up a bit quicker and will do that again tomorrow to speed their break up into the ground. Both goalmouths are predominantly sand and rubber so not a lot for the grass or bacteria to work with so this should help. The arrow showing a Ryegrass stalk and seed, will brush the surface tomorrow to stand them all up for nipping off with the rotary.
  20. I have a friend who collects Halifax programmes is looking for this ( it does exit I am assured) Anyone have a spare? Peter
  21. Oh yeah sorry for any confusion, forgot to mention the club! Helston 👍
  22. Irrespective of how long before the next season, we know from past experience it doesn't stop players moving around! 🙂
  23. Strange making a big fuss of announcing signings now on social media as we don’t know when the next season is going to start. August, October, January???? Players could end up signing for 3 or 4 different clubs before a ball is even kicked!!!!
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