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  2. Ironic - The head of the ECPL moaning about "The suits" and how they are "ruining everything" - Completely different story when a league official is questioned about something - then they DEMAND respect.
  3. The ground grading and availability of grants could make a big difference. Whether that is viewed as positive or negative will depend on each individual club’s outlook.
  4. Oh what have they done. Don't worry it will all change next season when the suits in London sit down and decide to change it again when they look back on double digit results. Shame when football becomes the loser.
  5. Steve Carpenter. Nothing has changed when half the teams in the new set up can't be promoted anyway just as before. Some progress. You have all jumped on the bandwagon because the suits 200 odd miles away say so. The only thing that will change is the name. The clubs stay the same promotion and relegation will stay the same so what's changed.
  6. cornishteddyboy Seems like you no more than the league. I just love clairvoyants. Can you do my lottery numbers. The jackboots have won. That's life I had no idea we lived in a state where the suits rule everything. I can just see them all at the cup final quaffing their champers and stuffing their faces with prawn sandwiches. To destroy two leagues is beyond me..
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  8. Parkway are staying in the same league .
  9. I must admit, St Just were a bit thin at times this season with a lack of players for some first team games. Even Steve Curnow had to name himself on the teamsheet and even had to appear a couple of times. Even Rodney must admit without Jack or Ashley they would have finished much lower than their 10th place. Between them they scored 66 goals (according to full-time) whilst the other 43 players used by the side only scored 12 between them. Rodney will moan, but I fear that St Just will do a "Ludgvan". Ludgvan relied on Gerens James to get them into the SWPL and when he left the team collapsed. St Just may have the same problem if Ashley or Jack left as, and no disrespect to the other squad members, I can't see where their goals will come from without an injection of new blood.
  10. As high as that. We’re obviously doing better than I thought 👍😀
  11. Camborne, Falmouth?? Try Plymouth and there were more brown envelopes being passed around in your time at the Club than Penzance sorting Office And I say again that’s what has put the Club in the position it is in today ! Yours and others personal agendas have held the Club back for years, this is the un silent majority speaking here, if you are such an asset to the Club and everyone loves you why are they so hellbent on keeping you out of the place and it’s affairs ? Your living in the past, you injected money in for a small period of time and then pulled the plug and thought you were going to have a statue built ? The reality is once money is injected it becomes like a drug habit it requires more and much more than a pretender like yourself can commit to.
  12. Never deceitful. Your analysis in paragraph three is incorrect, except insofar as I brought money into the club from sources which those like the bed and breakfast bloke from Smacktown Seapies failed to keep up subsequently through uselessness. You are obviously a mouthpiece for a couple of the resentful local ex-players who spent time in what was then a real reserve team because "outsiders" came. Shock, horror, they came all the way from Camborne or Falmouth. I lived in Summercourt at the time. When you have real commitment, distance is no object. Strange that such a criticism comes from a supporter of a team that has always brought in mercenaries. "Building" and "developing" them ? What do you do with people who drink heavily on Friday nights and live on crisps ? Look at them. They've certainly built themselves since they stopped playing. Go away. You're starting to bore me.
  13. Not sure your response is terribly diplomatic given you are a "Life President" of a club wishing to cancel your withdrawal and indeed enter the league. The "jokers" may not take it very well and it doesn't show your club in a good light. Correct in your observation, it should be <5% and not >5%, however, this doesn't detract from your amateurish post in the first place! Wally! Get back to homes under the hammer sunshine.
  14. So in a nutshell you are saying you’ve deceitfully manufactured yourself a role for yourself to ensure you have complete control over the Club for your remaining years ? You talk about people flitting in and out ? That pretty much sums your involvement up these days other than to show your face occasionally to make sure there is no change in the on field management ! You had a couple of seasons where you bought a couple of trophies for (I’m guessing) roughly the cost of half of Penzance’s debts which you claim they have ? Your buying and fast-tracking of said trophies rather than building and developing the local players you had at your feet put the Club into a position where it has never recovered from ! I stand by my word if you don’t let go of the affairs of that Club and let change take place you’ll bury it, it’s on one knee now and soon will be on two if you don’t allow the good people make the decisions they wish to make ! I’m amazed these good honest people still support your regime after all the insults and mistreatments, you say they do nothing but who looks after the books, Clubhouse, pitch, bar runs the teams etc the only reason your left to do it all is because when your at the place you deter all the locals away !
  15. "And when we come to London Wall, A pleasant sight to view, Come forth, come forth, ye b******s all, Here's better men than you..." (Revd.R.S.Hawker, Vicar of Morwenstow, "The March of the Cornish Men.")
  16. Only slightly ? Perhaps this is reflective of the degree of dignity the FA interference with Cornwall deserves, then. Been dealing with two jokers in the Combo for years, Mick, who are as amateur as you can get. Old habits, eh ? I'm not a warrior either; more an absurdist philosopher. Your mathematical symbol appears to be the wrong way round and I suppose apostrophes are a bit old hat when your emoticons are so expressive. Never mind, eh ?
  17. Didn't realise it had been amended, sorry Dave. Just didn't want you getting into trouble with the nit picking big wigs in London! You're far too good for them!
  18. It was - I subsequently amended the opening post of this thread when the actuals were released. However the embargo was in any case only between the FA and the leagues.
  19. Slightly unprofessional to do that on here. I also wouldn't have thought the league would take any notice of the clubs apparent intent on here. A formal letter or email to those in question would be the protocol not via a keyboard warrior in a forum that has <5% accuracy in any statements written in it.
  20. St Just FC would like to reanimate their application and to join the Western Section of the new St Piran League, Steve.
  21. I thought this was under embargo until 0730am Sunday morning ?
  22. hi Steve, St Just FC would like to rejoin the Western Division of the new St Piran League, rescinding previous withdrawal. I understand we have already paid the necessary subscription . Kind regards, Rod Beer, Life President.
  23. WHAT Committee ? Where are they ? When I arrive from Gloucestershire and have to put out corner flags and run the line ten minutes later, then run round collecting gate money at half time, the question is especially pertinent. The order of precedence at most AGMs is that the election of (Life) President precedes that of committees. All I will say in response to your incorrect questioning of my election is that I wonder whether those whom you allege not to have supported me failed to turn up by the advertised start of the meeting and wandered in after this part of the business had been concluded ? The subsequent minutes were displayed and circulated according to the normal methodology. Do you think it is possible that some of the complainants didn't read them at the time ? Shocking lack of due diligence ! Alas, your complaint shows why politically naive Cornwall is always stuck in the Dark Ages. Nobody has ever asked me to relinquish the position. They could always murder me, of course. Is that what you are advocating ? It is particularly amusing to me that you suggest I am reactionary, when my relationship to change is generally extremely welcoming. No doubt you are one of the idiots down there who will be voting for Farage on Thursday. Thank goodness for Europe to save the Cornish from themselves. Without Poles and Latvians to crimp the pastry, you couldn't even get a proper pasty nowadays. I don't know whether you will appreciate this allusive (but not abusive) analogy, but try hard ! "What cared Duke Ercole , that bid The mummers to the market place What the onion sellers thought or did ? So that his Plautus set the pace For the Italian comedies." (W.B.Yeats: "To A Wealthy Man Who Promised A Second Subscription To The Dublin Municipal Gallery If It Were Proved The People Wanted Pictures."
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