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  2. https://team-picker.files.bbci.co.uk/England_alltime_xi-e7db643af25208696b2e5e6307d67d2f.html
  3. Steer clear of promotion...bad shout there Jeff! Godolphin away mid November, better hope the wind and rain stops or that will be a lovely evening out. Be like a night out at Wendron this time of year...no thanks!
  4. As long as a team complies with League Rules, they are perfectly entitled to select players as they see fit.
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  6. Nothing what so ever to do with Helston myself, but these players are playing for their club.Was at training with our club last night and afterwards first team players were asking to play for the development team because our firsts do not have a game.It goes on all the time.
  7. Godolphin away tomorrow night. Was there earlier in the season, we lost to a last minute screamer from 25 yards. Dominated the game with some great possession, but possession doesn't win football matches !!. Don't really mind the odd lose tbh, at least it means we steer clear from promotion, we know what we are !!! We love Cornwall !! See you there lads & lasses.
  8. The var reviewed it and didn’t feel it was deliberate handball. Not once has a ref used the pitch side monitor
  9. Yesterday
  10. Just transferring the criticism from the ref/lino to the VAR official. If A-A didn't handball then I'm a chinaman.
  11. West Cornwall vs Southgate seniors looks a decent tie too. St Merryn with a nice trip down to St Just good couple of hours! Nice bus journey too.
  12. Same old tricks as always. Seen in days of the past pen prem playing for Helston 3rds in div 6. I believe it was against marazion blues yet failed to win the league.
  13. I was runner up for Volunteer of the Year last year and won it this year. I run a club (every job in the club with three teams), a Flexi league (on my own), I am a Reg Sec. of Trelawny, I also help with referee recruitment and a few other things around the County... I was humbled to win the award this year because people have to vote for you. If we do this work for recognition, you will be disappointed. Most volunteers do it because they want to make a difference to people or simply because (and more often the case), because no-one else will step up. I think it's a bit disrespectful to say that they're pointless because they aren't - getting a runner up and a winners trophy meant alot to me because people took the time to vote for me. In a world where volunteers get little appreciation, these things make a huge difference. People moan that it's "always the same people" however do they actually know how these people get to the awards night? The FA release a voting system every year - this season I believe they had the most votes to date... Just over a hundred. Just one hundred people in the whole County voted... That is mental! Volunteers should be recognised however, they can't be recognised if no-one can be bothered to vote. I vote every season for those people that I know are doing a fab job for their clubs. More should do the same - then it won't be the same old faces
  14. ‪Some interesting and helpful answers and suggestions already received. So thank you to those that have spared the time re the RAPPO & DEACS FRIDAY FIX podcast ‪But one can never have too much feedback, so the link is‬ ‪surveymonkey.co.uk/r/TB7RQPH‬
  15. No, as far as I’m aware it’s the same as normal. Which do you listen to it on - anchor, apple, Spotify or another? https://anchor.fm/cornishsoccer/episodes/RAPPO--DEACS-FRIDAY-FIX---Friday--November-8-2019-e8sht8/a-a10mpbk
  16. I listen regularly Dave, but the last two episodes I havn't been able to engage with the link-have you changed the broadcast?
  17. Helston 1st team...minted.
  18. Most would probably do the same. Lauded? Not yet surely, win a few things first.
  19. They were reviewed though!
  20. I'm sure the people who come up with the awards ideas genuinely believe they are doing a good thing but sadly they mostly don't seem to have any idea how things really are at the (true) grassroots and the thousands of long-serving good club men (and women) will always go largely unnoticed - i'm sure most of us are not particularly bothered about recognition although it is nice to be bought a pint now and then accompanied by a few words of appreciation. I broadly agree with 'baldy' & Darin but it is quite nice for documented long service to be marked by a simple certificate or badge from the FA (no need for a ceremony) - something to pass to the grand kids. If I remember correctly (doubtful) Cornwall FA circulated all clubs maybe 15/20 years ago to get details of members who had served for a long time but i'm not sure if they kept a record or have repeated the exercise lately.
  21. Well said baldy! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks awards are unnecessary and frankly embarrassing.
  22. Totally against all awards. Gongs, oscars anything. Often just the opinion of a group of “experts”. Do it because you enjoy it.
  23. It’s a strange one because I agree with all the posts about Helston fielding first team players - it’s frustrating but it’s in the rules and down to fist team managers to decide if they want to play (and presumably pay) their higher ranked players in Reserve sides. It happened last year in the Prem with Argyle - one week 6 or 7 full time pros the next a squad of 17 year olds. It should motivate teams to play better but does make a bit of a mockery of league positions. The flip side is when some teams play reserve players for the first side (like St Austell in last weeks Senior Cup, Mullion didn’t complain). Postman Pat summed it up best -‘ suck it up and get on with it’.
  24. Heard an interesting comment on the radio yesterday. In athletics a race is decided by the torso, why not for offside in football.
  25. Way of the world I’m afraid fenman
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