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  2. I suppose though in their defense, at the cup final and other big glamorous games, the fireworks are set off in a controlled and secure manner, with extinguishers at hand in event of a mishap. Well you would hope so anyway.
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  4. I try not to get involved. I wish people would give Harry and the lads a break. We were lucky I approached Harry when he was managing family members of mine at under 18 level, he rejected and wanted to manage his home club understandable. I had everything in place and knew the club could go further, what happen was parabolic, we had a team that had played together at their peak and it was a privilege to watch each week winning all the trophies. Teams change thats football. If I was told that the new St P league had grants we would be in a totally different position than we are now, the fact St P league are giving two years grace Harry would of stayed no doubt. Personally I think Harry is a superb motivator, wouldn't surprise me like a big club like St Austell in SWPL P where he played approaches him in the very near future.
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  6. Exiles 3 csm 1 well deserved win for the exiles dominated the game pretty much from start to finish glad to have the 12 players today gotta say Dave Rowe in the middle was brilliant and my last game as the exiles manager on to pastures new for me but the lads have been a credit to me and the club I love them all.
  7. Well done hat off to you 👍 Diabetes.org.uk. Or you can simply phone 0345 123 2399. Well done & appreciate your sportsmanship. We will pick again next season perhaps 👍 Roy D the only reason I left Holmans was to watch my son play a higher level no one resigned due to the combo & we won the supp cup . The team that was relegated from the combo last season but spent two further years after I left in it had up until this week the same manager all the way through all be it as assistant to reno who stepped aside for work purposes & once again we have a lovely bunch of youngsters coming through nicely. West Cornwall went in last season as I recall but I could be wrong . Final point I agree Penryn do get grief I’ve given plenty myself over the seasons but I’m not sure anyone is saying they haven’t done a good job as a group of mates friends etc . I personally don’t think the manager has endeared himself to the other teams therefore the whole team gets showcased. I’ve been there done that as quite a few will agree 😂. Needless to say I’m not a pope fan 😆I’m sure he knows I had to get that in Roy D 👍
  8. 1 thing thing gets overlooked. Carharrack came up to Combo around the same time as Holmans & West Cornwall. Both of those clubs managers realised it's not easy to be competitive in combo & keep decent players & both resigned. Holmans are now a mid table junior team & West Cornwall folded altogether. & yet it's Penryn & the ex catharrack players that get the grief?
  9. That was me Marksy!! Let me know the charity and I’ll do it come the 31st May! ‘The rest of you left carharrACK’* !?!? When will this die old!? Jesus Christ. There have been many occasions in which a manager and players have left a club to join another. The fact it was Harry Pope means it has been magnified by sad individuals such as Poochy. im sure everyone at Penryn is delighted with Popes first year, considering the club finishing in the bottom half last season. Unfortunately for Pope, when you’re the most successful manager over the past 5 years you’re expected a trophy every year - football doesn’t work like that - sorry poochy, thanks for thinking of Penryn thought despite Perrans success. Congrats to Perran and for st day and Penryn for taking it to the last day. Next year should be great
  10. Would like to congratulate Perranporth on back to back league titles from all at Redruth United.And as Rappo said the other teams running them close. Its testament to our league that the title was not decided until the last weekend of the season. And if this is the last one ever of the Combination League what a way to go out
  11. Congratulations all at ponsmere valley ! Well done to Ryan Reeve at penryn,but for the rest of you the left carharrick in the shit just deserves...unlucky.
  12. You read it wrong sir - sarcasm not intended. It really was good to hear something positive from you. Happy for you !
  13. What league are 2nd team in please?
  14. We at St Cleer FC are looking for pre season friendlies commencing throughout July and August, Home and Away please contact Jon Colenzo on 07920 497425
  15. Tyler Harvey wont leave Truro hes 1 of there better players heard from a Bodmin supporter Adam Carter is coming back there next season hes fed up with the travelling Parkway does and hes no youngster now ,still my favourite striker
  16. PERRANPORTH (1) 2 Searle 27’ Wort 81’ CULDROSE (0) 0 Congrats to Perranporth on back to back league titles. Well done to Penryn, St.Day and St.Ives who pushed them all the way throughout the season. Thanks to everyone who I’ve badgered for results, goalscorers, highlights, minutes, etc all season, it’s been much appreciated. CTB for his great coverage of a league I’ve still got a lot of affection for 👍 👏🏼 Well done to Luke if it was your last senior game, nice way to go out mate 👏🏼 Hope you all have a good summer and rest away from football. I know I will apart from the Copa America, African Nations Cup, U21 Euros and the Women’s World Cup!!! 😂 👍
  17. Ecpl you really don’t do your self or the league any favours
  18. Yes Dave, Dennis will be joining us on board after this Wednesday s meeting & we are delighted to have him at the club for the coming season. 👍
  19. Congratulations Perran 👍. And here’s hoping St Day can finish third another good season under Joff & co. I do believe I had a little bet they’d defo finish top 4 for £20 to charity don’t suppose I will hear from the culprit now who said they wouldn’t. 🤣🤣🤣
  20. Sad times the Reserves sides will be pushed aside. You’ve a side down your neck of you woods just folded in Madron help them out Sounds like bully boy tactics by Mousehole
  21. CTB. You having a laugh 😂
  22. again nothing about disrespecting anybody or judging anyone’s commitment, with all this taken into account whoever it may be they should not be exempt from a change at the helm, yes I applaud anybody for lengthy service but it inevitably becomes “stale” and attracting players becomes more and more of a task
  23. Yes, well done, sorry I couldn't be there, a little domestic problem: what a brilliant season it has been at the top end of the table. The Combo has seen some really good football this season.
  24. So what happens to the last 3 years of ground renovations etc at Mouseholes pitch? And what about the junior side who just won the junior Cup??
  25. And one of the funniest guys around if you take time to have a pint with him after a game.
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