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  2. DIVISION ONE WEST (11.00am) Bere Alston United v Plymstock United 2-3 Bude Town v Holsworthy 0-2 Liskeard Athletic v Dobwalls (3.00 PM) 1-0 Mousehole v Penzance (12.00 PM) 3-0 Porthleven v Wendron United (2.00 PM) 1-2 St.Blazey v St Dennis (2.00 PM) 2-2
  3. Bere Alston United 2-0 Plymstock United Bude Town 1-3 Holsworthy Liskeard Athletic 4-1 Dobwalls (3.00 PM) Mousehole 4-0 Penzance (12.00 PM) Porthleven 1-3 Wendron United (2.00 PM) St.Blazey 2-2 St Dennis (2.00 PM)
  4. Bodmin Town 2-1 Camelford Callington Town 2-1 Launceston Cullompton Rangers 1-3 Exmouth Town Elburton Villa 3-2 Ivybridge Town Falmouth Town 2-3 Helston Athletic Godolphin Atlantic 3-1 Newquay (12.00 PM) Millbrook 4-3 Torpoint Athletic Sticker 1-4 St Austell Tavistock 3-2 Saltash United
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  6. PREMIER DIVISION (11.00am) Bodmin Town v Camelford Callington Town v Launceston Cullompton Rangers v Exmouth Town Elburton Villa v Ivybridge Town Falmouth Town v Helston Athletic Godolphin Atlantic v Newquay (12.00 PM) Millbrook v Torpoint Athletic Sticker v St Austell Tavistock v Saltash United DIVISION ONE EAST (11.00am) Alphington v St Martins Bovey Tracey v Liverton United Budleigh Salterton v Sidmouth Town Crediton United v Elmore FC Honiton Town v Axminster Town Stoke Gabriel v Waldon Athletic Teignmouth v Newton Abbot Spurs DIVISION ONE WEST (11.00am) Bere Alston United v Plymstock United Bude Town v Holsworthy Liskeard Athletic v Dobwalls (3.00 PM) Mousehole v Penzance (12.00 PM) Porthleven v Wendron United (2.00 PM) St.Blazey v St Dennis (2.00 PM)
  7. SOCCER FOLLOWER Bodmin 4 Camelford 1 Callington 2 Launceston 3 Cullompton 1 Exmouth 3 Elburton 2 Ivybridge 0 Falmouth 1 Helston 2 Godolphin 2 Newquay 3 Millbrook 2 Torpoint 1 Sticker 0 St.Austell 4 Tavistock 2 Saltash 1 BARBS Bodmin 3 Camelford 0 Callington 2 Launceston 0 Cullumpton 1 Exmouth 3 Elburton 3 Ivybridge 1 Falmouth 2 Helston 1 Godolphin 1 Newquay 2 Millbrook 2 Torpoint 1 Sticker 0 St Austell 4 Tavistock 3 Saltash 0 CORNISHLEGEND Bodmin Town 3v1 Camelford Callington Town 2v1 Launceston Cullompton Rangers 1 v3 Exmouth Town Elburton Villa 3v2 Ivybridge Town Falmouth Town 2v2 Helston Athletic Godolphin Atlantic 3v1 Newquay (12.00 PM) Millbrook 3v2 Torpoint Athletic Sticker 1v 4 St Austell Tavistock 4 v2 Saltash United
  8. Bere Alston United v Plymstock United 1-3 Bude Town v Holsworthy 2-3 Liskeard Athletic v Dobwalls 4-1  Mousehole v Penzance 4-2 Porthleven v Wendron United 2-2  St.Blazey v St Dennis 2-3
  9. Bodmin town 2 Camelford 1 Callington 1 Launceston 1 Collumpton 1 Exmouth 2 Elburton villa 1 ivybridge town 1 Falmouth town 2 Helston Athletic 1 Godolphin Atlantic 2 Newquay 2 Millbrook 3 torpoint athletic 2 Sticker 0 st Austell 4 Tavistock 3 saltash 1
  10. The club is planning on renovation work with the toilets at the stadium, including the development of toilets suitable for people with disabilities as part of the club's aim to cater for all
  11. I don't expect the promotion opt-out to last any more than two seasons, perhaps even one.
  12. What will Saltash do with money? Ground hasn’t been improved in years.
  13. Not picking on Cornish clubs at all. Just feel some of the bigger clubs could have shown a bit more ambition. Of course Devon clubs have turned down promotion in the past as well. Just don’t think Millbrook can blame Fa for situation. They have already adapted the rules for the far southwest. When referencing the promotion opt out, I referred to Cornish clubs as they are much more likely to use it.
  14. Time to vote for the Truro City Supporters - Player of the Season https://strawpoll.com/cghycwrd
  15. AFC St.Austell: A.Lake, Z. Smith-Brokenshire, K. Powell, C.Appleby, B.Thomas, K. Friendship, H.Hann, M.Searle, K.Bishop, C.Bidgood, C.Kilbey. Subs: J.Craddock, L.Prince, J.Street, A.Dingle, O.Burt Plymstock: D.De Gea, then an awful lot of u18’s!! 😆
  16. Bodmin Town 2 v 1 Camelford Callington Town 2 v 1 Launceston Cullompton Rangers 0 v 3 Exmouth Town Elburton Villa 1 v 2 Ivybridge Town Falmouth Town 2 v 3 Helston Athletic Godolphin Atlantic 2 v 2 Newquay (12.00 PM) Millbrook 2 v 2 Torpoint Athletic Sticker 1 v 3 St Austell Tavistock 4 v 1 Saltash United
  17. Theirs to loose now Dave in my opinion. Great season had by the lads down there
  18. Take nothing away-defended well and did what you had to do. Park the bus/10 men behind the ball call it was you want. Regardless it worked and credit to you. Bit of an exaggeration saying all but 2 have appeared for first when 4 of the starters haven’t played once this year and another with 1 appearance. but I take your point. Pete got an early shower so had load of time to clean up around us mate lol
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