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  2. Fenman, I can understand what you are saying however there were also community members that donated last year. It all depends on peoples circumstances. The forum has been going for over a decade now and will continue until people feel there is no more need. But in the mean time we are up and running and people are contributing. Thanks for all the donations so far!
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  4. I have just seen on the Cornwall Council planning site that the club has received permission for flood lights. I assume this was required to satisfy the criteria for the new set up for next season?
  5. I like the idea...anything that keeps their gobs shut today has my full backing.
  6. I've just donated. Keep up the good work guys, the cornish football scene is certainly a better place with the forum.
  7. I must be honest and admit I wasn't in favour of this idea . I foresaw all sorts of problems , many of which are expressed on another post . However we've used it here as part of the national experiment and it's worked well . Dissent has been reduced , bookings are down and the referees say that there is very little problem with the time keeping . The major problems have been , as always , the players and club officials who haven't taken the time and effort to attend the courses , and are also unaware that the sin bin rule exists .
  8. Great news , however , without wanting to pour cold water on it , it's a very sad reflection of the times that with the huge number of followers its been such a struggle to raise the money .
  9. Cornwall is another country (I am Cornish by the way).
  10. Cullompton V Falmouth in the Semi Final of the League Cup at Saltash.
  11. Thanks Rappo!!! We have just gone past the 95% milestone this morning.
  12. Yeah agree Keith, must admit I get Football Weekends, Fourfourtwo, World Soccer and WSC but always enjoy the Cornish Soccer Mag dropping through the door more than any of them!! Local football, local players and Dave does a great job with all the stats and info, great piece on Mousehole in this months mag and an interview with Chappy, one of the best Cornish keepers for many a season also Steve Nute who used to be hell of a keeper who is now a ref! All for a couple of quid! For anyone who has never tried it you’re missing out !!! 👌👍⚽️
  13. Dry and mild spring evening forecast. Argyle not playing. No Peninsula games in the area. No Premier League, Champions League or international matches on the telly. Bolitho Park is the place to be for all the football fans of Plymouth on Wednesday night.
  14. When does his suspension start, and does the St Luke Bowl count towards this? If it is seven days after the offence (and assuming 3 matches including St Lukes game) then Bitton, Cullompton (St Lukes semi) and Bridgewater. Big, season defining, games. If Jamie Lowry is not available, then wonder if Lee Hobbs might be looking to bring someone in to cover.
  15. You better bring your wallet with you .............. you tight git !
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