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  2. Speak as I find! You must be one of the lucky few!
  3. RobinVanParkway


    I believe it will be available very soon ...watch this space
  4. But that's the thing, if it is unsanctioned and unaffiliated, what do you expect them to do? That onus is on the League/Competition organisers to get sanctioned and affiliated with the FA. Until that happens, the FA have no need to talk about or respond to emails about it. By my recent experience over the past three years, Cornwall FA will always email back and always pick up the phone. Want a quick answer - give them a call. Simple.
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  6. Bruegel the Elder


    Not sure that they could afford an hour of Nigel Martins time!
  7. I am a supporter of local football and like to think my views on various topics are relevant and thought out.I have no affiliation to any club CCFA SWPL the fa or any other organisation ( except the rnli) It would be good to come on this forum and see you have written something constructive rather than your continuous negative remarks. However I can live in hope
  8. I thought as much but was unsure what the CONIFA ruling is for players to be eligible for the Kernow side? Place of birth? Where you live? Where the team you currently play for is situated? The league you are currently in?
  9. Most of Truro’s players are from Devon The Conifa World Cup was held at London’s senior non-league grounds. None of these clubs have been banned. Whilst not official, it is not an outcast competition. The Fa and FIFA have turned a blind eye. A great opportunity for local players.
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    Can it be downloaded as a podcast?
  11. Bodmin Town 5-0 Callington Town Exmouth Town 3-0 Elburton Villa
  12. How about another suggestion...... How about completely ignoring the idiots on here. Big Al for example, how about not even responding to a single thing he/she posts? Soon enough if not a single soul responds to their comments, they will soon stop posting. It really is as easy as that. I stopped responding and even reading Big Als posts long time ago. My suggestion is everyone else follow suit.
  13. Just use your real names
  14. Another CFAsupporter I presume !
  15. Keith B

    Wendron Utd FC floodlight appeal

    Great club, good facilities, nice people. Great advert for the game.
  16. I think many will agree with these comments. Yes a forum is for debate and comment, but some folk do abuse the freedom offered. I don't think the forum has become a farce, but I think it is giving opportunity to some individuals to introduce a nasty element that we could well do without. Food for thought Dave. Consideration should be given as to how to proceed from here. It would be a great pity if we lost the forum. I have enjoyed and indeed still do, coming on and reading, smiling and laughing at some of the banter. It's a great forum Dave and thank you and all the administrators for it. Let's hope it continues, but with less nasty and provocative content.
  17. Just a scenario. What if Penzance drew Saltash orTorpoint and the game is off on the Saturday. Torpoint /Saltash travel midweek to play. You would then be moaning on here that CCFA are stupid to make teams travel so far for a midweek fixture. You can't have it both ways!
  18. TheolderIgetthebetterIwas

    Is this forum becoming a farce?

    The forum is no different to being at a football match. Fans, supporters, wind up merchants, idiots, dozens of referee's and so on. As others have posted, don't feed the trolls if you don't want to. Certainly no problem with the "management" verifying ID's.
  19. If not sanctioned, surely any player player that takes part will not be able to take part in future CFA/FA competitions. You can't have dual registration with this CONIFA and the FA, can you? There are not enough players to go around in Cornwall as it is now. It's OK for Yorkshire, their version of the CONIFA have the choice of thousands of players, many willing to become FA "Outcasts" but can the few in Cornwall, up to the standard, be willing to lose out on FA santioned leagues and cup competitions?
  20. Rest assured we are being watched by more than just the Cornwall FA! 🤭
  21. mattelot


    And kevin miller and nigel martin
  22. Im pretty sure the ccfa must monitor this forum in some way ,and therefore must now be aware of peoples interest in CONIFA , Surely its not too much to ask for the media / P.R. person to now release a statement regarding their position on it
  23. can you really see many SWPL players playing if the eligibility spreads to as far as Truro's level? you'd just take the whole of the truro team surely?
  24. Leaders or Administrators on behalf of the FA?
  25. As a new feature, Parkways very own Mike Parrish will be hosting a regular radio show as part of his media studies. The Parkway Hour will be broadcast today between 11am and 12 and will feature Mark Blackwell, head of Parkways Academy and live interviews from supporters and other Parkway Staff. I you would like to interact, tune into the link below http://webcast-connect.net/value/usa5/8088/flash.html RVP
  26. Quite agree with all points.
  27. Ok. The Conifa World Cup held last summer achieved a high level of publicity in this country. Match reports appeared in national newspapers, the competition was discussed on popular podcasts. Yorkshire’s team is made up of the best nonleague players from the county. Now imagine a Kernow team playing Tibet, Northern Cyprus etc in a World Cup with swpl/Truro players. In terms of local football it would be massive. Look at the amount of interest/shirt sales generated by the rugby team from playing in a third tier county cup!! Perhaps there is no way the CFA can have involvement, but the current response is to bury its head in the sand, not respond to emails and pretend the whole isn’t happening. Is this really your idea of leadership?
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