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  2. I personally can't understand their decision to go here. Without being critical or detrimental of St Austell and the South West Peninsula League, surely they have the ability to manage at a higher level?!
  3. The wait I understand is very soon to be over as AFC St Austell are about to announce Lee Hodges and Chris Todd as their new management team for 2019-20!
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  5. I believe the rules are a top 4 finish. This happened to Holmans a couple of seasons ago.
  6. Didn't watch the highlights, just read the report on Falmouth Packet. Wouldn't happen to know if any other subs were made apart from Eddy and H. Turner? I've done my best to keep this up to date, it's still a draft as it's awaiting approval from Wikipedia mods: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draft:Kernow_football_team
  7. Yes. Good 5-0 win for Kernow. Great saves at the end from the Barawa keeper. Hope the person who was taken ill in the stand is ok.
  8. Are Penryn Res in an automatic promotion place as they finished 3rd behind Exiles and Illogan Res ?
  9. What an absolute farce complete shambles #ripcornishfootball
  10. The alternative to a promotion/relegation arrangement - teams being voted in and out - certainly didn't work in West Cornwall. The "old pals act" was frequently used to save bottom 2 teams at the expense of applicants who deserved to get elected, making the Combo (and SWL) almost a closed shop. Rightly or wrongly, there is a recognised "pecking order" of the recreational Leagues in the County
  11. So your saying a team from trelawny division 4 be promoted to combo subject to ground grading if only 8 other teams applied?
  12. Enough to outclass truro city in the Aubrey WIlkes cup raymondo ! ๐Ÿ˜
  13. This goes back to the idea of youth status and senior status and leagues drawing up rules between themselves on promotion and relegation when not even on a FA pyramid... personally ive always found it odd as dont see it anywhere else in the country (quoted to me by a reliable source ๐Ÿ˜‚)... do away with it as it just makes things more difficult than it has to be... recrational league then into Step 7, simples! St Piran took a common sense approach and got more than 32 applications within 2 weeks, im sure it can be done with the leagues underneath for the best of all Cornish teams (and Devon ๐Ÿ˜‰)๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿปโšฝ๏ธ
  14. Combo and ECPL were to be the feeder leagues for promotions to the original plan of St Piran (as they were for SWPL1W) and I donโ€™t think there has been any arrangement to supersede that. Who knows what will happen at the St Piran, Combo and ECPL AGMs mind.
  15. Trelawney, Combo, Dutchy, ECPL, PW&D, South Devon, Devon & Exeter, North Devon - they are all recreational leagues (not on the pyramid system) and feeders leagues to the new 4 x Step 7 divisions in Devon & Cornwall... this means they are all on level par and no one league is higher up the pecking order than the other... Therefore pick your league and play... If cornwall cant sustain 4 feeder leagues due to the recent changes above then maybe it should merge to create 2 (like East & West)... only promotion and relegations should be between each league and the Step 7s... i havent heard about Devon leagues merging but i think they may have more within their divisions to cope with the recent losses to Step 7?
  16. Thanks Steve, Good idea to have midweek and Friday fixtures as most clubs have floodlights. Earlier kick offs are good for the Referee shortages and also allow for people to watch two matches and for Clubs avoiding local clashes (Newquay/Godolphin or St Austell/StBlazey).
  17. Yes! These are vacancies now in the Combination League. The promotion teams are in automatically meaning 7 places filled. That means there are 9 vacancies who could be filled by any team that applies from the Trelawney, ECPL or even Duchy. Obviously it depends on some basic ground grading plus I should think on which Divisions in the Trelawny the sides are in.
  18. Thanks, John. What an interesting prospect that would be, as they say in Monty Python, " um ein billiger Lacher zu bekommen." Well, one day somebody's got to challenge those records set by Carharrack, Marazion and Ludgvan when they were at their lowest ebbs !
  19. With support from our neighbours Mousehole, could Penzance Reserves apply! The above comment was written with tongue in cheek!
  20. Penryn Reserves will be in the Combo League next season as they have officially applied for promotion from Trelawny Prem; as have Penwith Exiles who also applied for automatic promotion. Helston 3rds have also applied but are not automatic promotion candidates. Room for up to 7 more teams by my reconning!
  21. There will be no fines for the scenario you highlight Rod. Since the formal introduction of promotion/relegation with both the SWPL and Trelawny Leagues, it's Teams, not Clubs, which are members of the Leagues. St Just Reserves could still apply for membership though!
  22. ECPL bangs on here about letting in Devon sides.. but they would not be able to promote upwards ... unless the East Cornwall League now wants to link with the Devon Step 7...... nor would they surely be relegated to the Duchy... in which case theyd probably just decide to sidestep back into a Devon league .... so what would they gain by this???? Sorry to say but should the Combo fold.as seems likely... then parity across the county should surely see the ECPL folded and merged into an expanded Duchy. If not, then Trelawney Prem sides would have a direct promotion route to Step 7, whereas Duchy Prem sides would not .....
  23. Does anyone know Whoโ€™s applied from the duchy league
  24. Given that it had always been emphasised in the past that clubs rather than teams were members if the LCP Drinks Cornwall Combination Football League, it should follow that reserve (or third) teams of existing members automatically qualify for membership next season, unless those clubs withdraw ? Given that Rule 14 indicates the withdrawal date as 31 March, will all clubs decamping to the St Piran League without including a team in the LCPDCCL be fined ? Or will common sense excuse them from such a punitive measure, given the timing of league restructurings superimposed by the FA ? John Mead ? Anybody know ?
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