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  2. Roy Johns, Saltash 1949-51, Allen Johns 1965-onwards and onwards !
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  4. The Falmouth Town Father & Son (s) Listing FIRST TEAM ONLY
  5. A few years ago when Prince Charles came down following the St Blazey floods it was far worse/deeper, with ducks swimming around on it. The first team played on it less than a week later and despite the groundsman’s concerns it hardly cut up at all.⚽️🦆 Of course may well be different this year depending on the ongoing weather situation.
  6. How about the pitch at St. Blazey surely that is out of bounds for the season.
  7. Wouldn't want to be a league fixtures sec at the minute in any league in the south west. I'm sure all clubs will be doing their best to make the right decisions at the time.
  8. Alan ,Mark and Stewart Lenton sure they played together in a friendly
  9. Don't have to of played together! That's a great stat though!
  10. Don’t know if Mark and Jack played together though -apart from anything else they both play(ed) the same position. Last season Phil and Sam Brown both played together for Camelford, against Exmouth and possibly a couple of cameos. I believe, Sam at 16 just starting his men’s senior football and Phil probably towards the end of his playing days.
  11. The commentator and the pundits gave the impression that it had been referred to VAR - so we have to assume that it was. Still don't like it Jacob. How did we arrive at a situation where the spectators don't know if it's a goal or not ? Spoils enjoyment of the game. That instant joy when your team has scored has been removed and that for me ruins watching a match. The only thing at stake is somebodies money Jacob. We shouldn't keep knocking our match officials, for me they do a very difficult job, very well.
  12. A third cup was mentioned in the opening post and will only come about if the Senior Cup becomes Step 5 & 6 only.
  13. Can anyone name any father and son combinations who played south western league/peninsula league? My two favourites... Al Watts and Martin Watts Jack Rapsey and Mark Rapsey Got any others?
  14. Unfortunately the poll at the top of this thread makes no mention of an intermediate cup, in fact there’s no detail at all. Perhaps it should be rerun with all the viable options available.
  15. I didn't see the incident in real time as I was out. However, having watched the replay, I can't understand how it wasn't given as a red card. Did the incident get reviewed to VAR? Like I've said previously, we need VAR. That is fact. It already needs a revamp though and really does need to be polished up. Whether people like it or not, our referees aren't good enough to get the tough decisions right every time. And the saying 'everyone makes mistakes' isn't good enough anymore. There is far too much at stake in the modern day. I agree when you say players should be booked for dissent. I think most, if not all, would also agree. However, I can't see the Premier League, FA or PGMOL (whoever is responsible) putting that in place. Quite simply because they don't have the balls to do it. I'd quite happily be proved wrong on that though.
  16. This isn’t what the working party have been discussing however. It’s whether you have a Step 5 & 6 only Senior Cup and if so then an Intermediate Cup.
  17. Dave, I'm currently having trouble sending the funds over to your account. It seems my laptop won't let me do it. Bare with me and I'll transfer the money over to you ASAP!
  18. I don't think you should put your hand on a female colleague though CTB. I agree with what you say but, touching a female colleague is always a no go in my book. Unless it's after work and behind the bike shed of course ☺️.
  19. You’d also get some teams and a lot of (senior players) that certainly wouldn’t FANCY it , on some of the small fields for pitches it would be difficult to play football and a lot of it would come down to heart. Yep there may be a hammering or two but I’d expect there would be a lot more really difficult/interesting ties. it would make for real interest in a full county cup .
  20. Yes the kick out should have been red carded. I keep saying the same thing - keep the goal line tech, keep the on pitch officials but get rid of VAR. Also, I would like to see more players booked for dissent. The amount of time players surround the referee and he has to suffer 'in the face' outrage, amounts to blatant intimidation and at times must come close to assault by threatening behaviour. Officials should not have to tolerate this sort of attack. Lets face it, if players are booked more frequently for dissent - another yellow for a foul will result in red cards. So, booking for dissent more frequently could well result in less intimidation of officials and therefore a more peaceable game. Hopefully.
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  22. The reality is...no-one can beat the weather! Force one game on and potentially lose the the next one, two, or sometimes three. Also severe damage can run into a couple of thousand to put right at the end of the season - who pays for that(?) Exactly.
  23. Phil is looking to use Monday's and Wednesday's and I'll be using Tuesday's and Thursday's. Or at least that's the plan. One of the problems though is that we share clubs where both the firsts and reserves are in the same boat - no pun intended!
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