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  2. There you go Older. Yet again when JM posts it pretty much shuts down the thread. Once you have a definitive answer there’s not much left to debate! Please note: I’m not complaining. I do like a proper conclusion, who done it and all that!
  3. I've not done any ground grading at Truro Dave but I have been involved with advisory inspections at 2 alternative venues which Truro have considered in recent years.
  4. I have the perfect son. He does not smoke. He does not drink. He never comes home late. He is six months old.
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  6. Fan segregation, each with access to their own toilets and refreshment areas, two stands, proper turnstiles, pitch-side infill to stop balls etc. etc. Nowhere in Cornwall could easily qualify, by 31st March, for a ground share!
  7. Well not a bad prediction in June ! The FA Vase has been a farce this season with plenty of Clubs having to withdraw due to Covid (Including Town), The League suspension now could go until March by the looks of it. Last season the league was declared null and void in March ,Town had 14 games left ,this season its 29 !!! It will be interesting to see what the FA come up with. UTT
  8. Very wise Bruegel - goes for me too 😊. Thinks . . . did I hand it in ? ? ?
  9. I try not to get annoyed with people who have truncheons, even after they’ve handed them in👮‍♂️❗️
  10. I seem to remember that Truro played at Blaise Park a few seasons ago when their ground was rutted by lorries. That might also solve a problem for St. Blazey who may also find themselves without a first team next season. They could always rebrand as Truro St. Blazey United!
  11. Bickland would be one of my three but would have to spend a lot on the pitch for sure. You'd still have the problem of Truro having precedent on fixtures and I don't think the hooligans known as F troop would be happy playing second fiddle to the second most successful club in Cornwall!
  12. They could always plough some money into Bickland Park for a few years until the Stadium for Cornwall happens (if ever!) Or if not, until it all collapses and they end up at Malpas! Hope for the original TCFC supporters that it doesn't all fall apart. I bet they are upset to hear rumours of going back to playing in Devon. Are the owners bothered about these supporters or the history of the club I wonder or is it all about the SFC?
  13. I would have thought there are two or three grounds that could be adapted quite quickly but the problem would always be the pitch, two senior teams would mean big pressure on the playing surface. Can't think of a pitch that could take it. Plus because of Truro's league status they would have precedent on fixtures I believe. That would make home supporters really happy!
  14. See the following article from cornishstuff.com earlier today. This however does not mention where Truro will be playing. https://cornishstuff.com/2021/01/14/football-ground-deal-could-mean-stadium-breakthrough/
  15. Apparently when you drink a pint of beer you shorten your lifespan by 9 minutes. According to my calculations I died sometime in 1644.
  16. To me, for Truro City FC to even consider playing their home games in Devon, is both bizarre and ridiculous. Surely they ought to be able to find somewhere in the Duchy at the very least to play their matches.
  17. What date/dates would that have been approximately WOTP ? I was based at City Road nick from 1972 until 79, when I was transferred into Central London. I married a young lady who was a missionary working in a Christian Youth Club in Ivy Street, just off Hoxton Street in 1976 (first time I saw this young lady she was playing football with some lads in a school playground just north of Hoxton Street). We then moved out to Enfield.
  18. Was speaking to somebody at work a few weeks who was born and raised in the Hoxton area, and remembered your old stomping ground of City Road nick. He doesn't remember an officer Keith, although he admitted to having "acquaintances" with several of the Queens's constabulary of that parish (we left it at that 🙄).
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