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  2. somersetspur

    Clubs you hate/dislike very strongly

    Arsenal,Chelsea,W.Ham, and Celtic.
  3. Still using the Club facilities.Bar open.Grass still being cut, and pitch being maintained.??????????????????
  4. Godolphin Atlantic 2 4 Falmouth Town Helston 2 1 Newquay Saltash Utd 4 0 Camelford
  5. PREMIER DIVISION (7.30pm) Elburton Villa 2 1 Callington Town Launceston 1 3 St Austell Millbrook 3 1 Sticker Plymouth Argyle 2 Exmouth 3
  6. Richard Rundle

    Clubs you hate/dislike very strongly

    The top teams I dislike are Barnstaple Town and Yeovil Town, plus whoever happens to be employing Luke McCormack at the time.
  7. The Cornish boys did their county, themselves and their coaches proud
  8. Rob-Hoare

    Clubs you hate/dislike very strongly

    Man utd, Chelsea
  9. Could it be that only 7 first round ties. All the others have byes into the Second Round - 9 teams then joined by the 7 winners = 16 teams to play 8 ties
  10. WEDNESDAY 26th SEPTEMBER SWPL PREMIER DIVISION (7.30pm) Godolphin Atlantic v Falmouth Town Helston Athletic v Newquay Saltash United v Camelford
  11. TUESDAY 25th SEPTEMBER SWPL PREMIER DIVISION (7.30pm) Elburton Villa v Callington Town Launceston v St Austell Millbrook v Sticker Plymouth Argyle v Exmouth Town
  12. Today
  13. Elephant

    Clubs you hate/dislike very strongly

    Any team that's won the SWPL and never taken promotion, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal, Wet Spam, Exeter City
  14. From the Truro City website:- Your chance to ask any questions on October 10th... THERE will be a meeting in the Club House at Treyew Road on Wednesday, October 10th to provide an update on various matters concerning the future of Truro City FC. It will commence at 7.00pm and in attendance will be: Chairman, Peter Masters, Vice-Chairman, Philip Perryman, first-team manager, Leigh Robinson, and Supporters Club Chairman, Ron Ratchford. The meeting is open to all supporters and other interested parties. This is YOUR opportunity to ask any questions on past, present and future matters concerning the club. On the agenda will be: • Treyew Road • Stadium for Cornwall • First team • Supporters Club • Any other business A licensed bar will be in operation throughout the evening.
  15. Keith B

    Clubs you hate/dislike very strongly

    Artherton LR - not an appropriate subject to introduce on the forum sir - what good does it do ?!
  16. Keith B

    St Just

    rougvie - I believe Ben Waye is the club secretary - tel 07411942795.
  17. GR1986

    Keeper looking for club

    Still looking for a club any help will be much appreciated ⚽️
  18. TheolderIgetthebetterIwas

    Clubs you hate/dislike very strongly

    It's only football, so hate is too strong a word!!!!! I don't hate or strongly despise any club, but am not adverse to smiling when Arse....nal lose. COYS.
  19. Does anyone have contact details for the St Just chair / secretary please?
  20. sportsman10

    Plymstock v ivybridge

    what wrong with 3 G pitches anyway ? at least you know your going get a game on it all season most of the time you get a weeks worth of rain down here and the pitches get put out of bounds till about march
  21. Perhaps ECPL can answer that question
  22. Why are they not playing at deans cross if they’re Plymstock United
  23. People must realise that if Bodmin hadn’t won all those trophies in recent years this topic wouldn’t exist now !!! And the Bodmin manager can’t be the only one who swears at people etc....it’s impossible I took my boy to watch an evening game recently and left after 20 minutes because the language from both sides and managers was not great. Swearing is rife from the premier league all the way down to the lowest tier and the only ones that can eradicate it are the FA!! Just send them off for bad language....it would take a while but players would soon get the message when they start missing 8 games a season !!!
  24. Rangers - due to being from a strong Irish family. man u - grew up in Salford which is strong man u country. However, like most man u fans world wide, they are non-actual supporting guttersnipe's. Tranmere Rovers - The Wirral is like a cesspit of those even too bad to live in the land of Scouse. They hated Bolton in the 90s, but like Bury, Stockport, and Blackpool before them. They are now in the land of nowhere near. MK - obvious reasons. Bodmin Town - for not having the balls to test themselves at a higher level.
  25. Has any teams have any availability for a friendly this Saturday for St Dennis 3rds we currently play in Duchy 3. We haven't got a game until the 6th of October and haven't played a league game since the 5th of September. We are happy pay towards the game but just need a run out for all the team. Neil White - 07977627678 - neil@hewaswater.co.uk.
  26. Dave Deacon

    Bedfordshire 0, Cornwall 5

    Match report from CORNISH SOCCER
  27. karaoke

    Royal Par win again

    I believe next Sunday is at Saltash
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