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18 months from now????? A warning

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The County Council has provisionally agreed for some London Company to take over the running of it's leisure centers and facilities.

If you read the article below the new people have said they will, and I quote " The firm has promised that all existing club bookings will be honoured for the next 18 months at least."

Now this firm is going to invest £7.5M plus run the centers for £3.5M less per year than the council so what will happen in 18 months? Clubs might suddenly find that to use grounds at these centers become very expensive indeed.

If I were a football club, in fact any club I would contact this new company now to find out what the future holds.


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GLL run facilities across the UK - if you research how they deal with grass and 3G pitch hire in areas they have taken over - it may worry some clubs.  The below is an exert from the Bath Chronicle concerning Odd Down grass pitches

In a letter sent to clubs on April 5, GLL revealed prices to use a grass pitch for an 11-a-side match were to rise 81 per cent from £42 to £76.

They climbed down on the 81% to a mere 40% rise on grass but maintained the increase on 3G. 

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