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Steve Massey

"MY" Mutterings!

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Really excited about the return very shortly today of "Masseys' Mutterings" after the Christmas and New Year break.

A huge thanks to nearly a thousand of you each week who enjoyed reading the Mutterings. I do hope that they continue to interest, stimulate, intrigue, engage and even amuse etc you all.

BUT, reason for Pre Mutterings posting.

It seems that for a small handful of you, who are only able to make personal abusive comments against myself or the forum and would like me burnt at the stake, among other hostilities! Can I offer a little bit of helpful advice!

The clue is in the title, Its called MASSEYS MUTTERINGS! If it is so opinionated, boring and crass, then PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT COME ON TO THE PAGE. Do not make your day any worse by clicking on to the ever popular Mutterings.

I would love, in fact encourage any form of "constructive" feed back whether good or bad to the writings. My weekly scribbles are just that, MY WRITINGS, MY OPINIONS AND MY THOUGHTS.

So not wanting to offend anyone, and you want to comment about the CONTENT, Great I look forward to the debate, BUT if you are upset that Steve Massey is writing each week irrelevant of content etc, Please, could I respectfully ask you take your Massey PHOBIA to another site!



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I'd like to endorse Steve's remarks as his contribution to debate is always welcome, enlightening and generally giving it how it is.

We are lucky he bothers to contribute because he can speak from far better experience than probably just about everyone down here in Cornwall.


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Please no more self pitying about your sacking from Buckland. Time to move on, water under the bridge, etc.

More antidotes and stories about your time in professional football. In today's climate we all need a good laugh and love to hear footballers are human like the rest of us.

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