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  1. Holmans 5-1 Redruth Utd Thank goodness for that . Wont mean a thing if we don’t produce the same result next week though 🤪
  2. 😄🤪😀😘😘😘there for you dave a smile and a kiss😜
  3. Yes matey last night and this morning. But as far as I’m aware can’t call it off night before. Probably wrong though.
  4. Holmans v Perranporth Off pitch unplayable.
  5. Yes bud Franco was missing some today but take nothing away from the Saints thoroughly deserved win all round. Nearly fell over when Terry turned up with his bag I could feel my bruises coming back from years gone by. 53 superb take my hat off to him and also told me he’s up st Dennis for an 11 am ko with the vets team tomorrow 😂wow. Our game well reffed by Luke Wilkes & just a shame no points but credit to our reserves so far this season there doing great ( apart from today)😂ps disagreement ME never. 😂.
  6. I watched the game and stood to the left of the stand there was not anymore swearing from any particular individual than you would get at any ground at any level. As for the radio commentator listening to him after it was as if he’d never heard a swear word before. As for the keeper Barry is still looking for the bit where he should stay in his box 📦😂 unlike other keepers he likes playing outfield. Lino did have him with a great little come back after they were discussing the weather together he said as Barry was half way up the pitch when Helston were attacking (get back in your hutch and stop rabbitting 😂😂
  7. Holmans v carharrack res off waterlogged
  8. I watched Tuesday evening & have to say the Ref didn't have a brilliant game but gave what he could see. Agree Newquay better side slightly first half although if I’m honest poor goals to concede which is Helston’s downfall and has been so far this season in games. Si James is defo not a regular supporter Dan if he thinks Barry is the reserve keeper 😂😂 ( Barry will love that) he’s clearly seen him playing for the Reserves in the last few weeks when the 1st team haven’t played. Nice to see Dan O picking up the young lad Kai from Helston after a great tackle by him with just minutes remaining ( gentleman) three on the bounce for Helston and an away trip to the leaders this sat. Tough game be nice to see them compete ( ps agree with baldy great corners taken that’s 4 like that this season) 😂😂 glad I’m not biased👍Just a mention to both Harries from Newquay as well well done lads great stuff👍👍
  9. 😂😂behave tempo not a chance it’s all coming at 12 Brian, the rain, even my mother can’t stop this and she’s a witch she’d come straight off her broomstick🤣
  10. Manager Required

    Big bad Barry you seem to know a lot maybe you should apply. No return for myself Martin not at this stage anyway👍Finally Franco won't be asked to step up he's just arrived and doing very well playing some great football with our reserves which we are all delighted with. We already have a team running the firsts as in gk coach assistant manager & plenty of help. We want a manager who can step in with a few players now or later down the line. We have had interest & will see how it goes hopefully if the right man doesn't come for now we can continue as we are. Enough on this subject now.
  11. Manager Required

    😂😂brilliant known steve for many years and he won't be joining Holmans as 1st team manager.
  12. Holmans 1st team require a manager for there combination side. Any applicants can contact myself on here .